Megan and her Mom in the Kitchen

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Megan and her Mom in the Kitchen

Just a little warning. Some people might consider this a little weird, or different, not disgusting just different. I remind you that this isn't stuff I would like too do, just stuff I would like to see! But I think all should read it, even if its just to see what I am talking about in the warning. PLEASE try your best to be open-minded, and what I am warning you about REALLY isn't that bad, I just know of some people who might think otherwise.

Megan was a stunning 14 year old. She stood about 5'7, with beautiful green eyes, shoulder length light brown hair with blonde high lights, good sized breasts for her age (we'll say a big B cup), and the most perfect tightest virgin ass one has ever seen. Megan was a virgin, too. She had had many boys in her life but her pussy remained tight and her ass hole was too.

It was 11:30 on Saturday. Megan had just woken up. She walked out in the kitchen and saw her mother, Beth, working at the kitchen counter. Beth was pretty hot for a mom. She was in her late 30's. She was fairly thin, had a pretty face, brown hair, C sized breasts, and a nice plump round ass. She was wearing some plad pajama pants and a long sleeve white T Shirt.
"Hey Mom," Megan said, not quite awake. Megan was looking very sexy that morning. She had on baggy mesh sweatpants that sagged on her her hips pretty low, and a neon green, bright blue, and white bikini top.
"Good morning sweetheart" replied Beth.
"What are you making??" Megan asked.
"Oh, my famous banana and honey dessert" Beth smiled. She knew that was Megan's favorite.
"REALLY???? YES!!!!" exclaimed Megan with joy.
"Yeah, but I'm afraid its for the church banquet tomorrow, sorry baby" Beth said.
"Awh man! Darn it!" Megan frowned.
"Well don't be too upset. Pastor asked me to bring 6 of them this year! I guess people were upset last year because they didn't get any. But I have enough ingredients for 7, so I will make one for us too." reassured Beth.
"Yes! Thanks Mom! Speaking of our family, wheres Dad and Scotty?" asked Megan.
"Well, your Dad was going to St. Louis for the day to meet some of his college buddies, and I asked him to take Scotty for the day so I could bake these desserts without having to worry about Scotty. So he took him, and they are going to go see a movie together and do some shopping for me," answered Beth. Scotty was Megan's 1 1/2 year old little brother.
"Oh I see," Megan continued, "Do you need some help??"
"Well yeah it would be nice," Beth replied. With that Megan walked over and took her place beside her Mom.
"Jeez Mom! How much honey is that?!?" Megan said eyeing that 7 large containers.
"Well, I had 2 leftover gallons, and I bought 5 more on sale yesterday because honey never goes bad. So altogether that means we have 7 gallons of honey!" Beth laughed. Beth first layed down the batter for was would be the bottom crust of the dessert. Then Megan grabbed one of the gallons of honey, and began to slowly poor the honey into the trey, on top of the batter. Then all the sudden, she stopped paying attention, SPLAT!! A big glop of honey landed right on the right tit of her bikini top.
"Shoot!" she yelled.
"Hurry up and take it off, give it too me so I can throw it in the washer before the stain sets because if it does, it'll leave a crusty stain!! Take it off!" Beth told her.
This was Megan's favorite bikini and she didn't wanna lose it, so despite her unsure feelings of being topless around her mother, she undid the tie in the back, letting out those tender soft young titties. Beth jogged down the hall and threw the bikini right in the washers and turned it on. Megan was still topless.
"Man, I hope it cleans up," Megan said, forarms crossed over her tits. She started to walk down to her room when Beth stopped her.
"WAIT! Don't put a top on yet! I need your hands really quick! I promise I won't even look at those huge titties of yours" Beth joked around a little.
"Ha, my boobs aren't big mom, YOURS are big!" Megan laughed.
"Well I am your mother, so I would hope so! But I really need you to hold this up for me, come here," Beth said. Megan rolled her eyes a little bit. She walked over and picked up the trey and held it against her stomach, just a few inches below those beautiful virgin titties teenage titties. Her Mom grabbed one of the honey containers and carefully placed the honey around the edges. SPLAT!! Another gob of honey suspiciously landed right on Megan's nipple.
"Oops! I'm sorry honey! Here let me get it!" Beth said. She sat the gallon container on the counter. Beth grabbed a napkin. Megan looked down a little surprised when her mother got on her knees to whipe of the sticky substance. But then the real shock came. Instead of using the napkin, Beth opened her mouth, and sucked the honey off her own daughters nipple!
"Unh! Mom! What are you doing????" Megan asked, in a scared tone of voice.
"Mmmm..its ok Megan...just relax" Beth said devilishly. Then she crawled over and grabbed a handful of honey. She rubbed it all over her daughter's breasts. Megan's breasts looked better than ever under the shiny brown tint the honey provided. Megan looked down and and watched closely, as her Mother tongued her boobs and sucked her nipples. Megan began to let out soft moans. Her heart started beat even harder when she felt her mothers hands on her ass, then even harder again as she felt her pants slide down to her ankles. She moved the trey full of dessert and set it on the counter.

Megan was wearing a white, neon green, and bright blue thong, that matched the bikini she had on earlier. It was very skimp and the triangle pouch in the front was very very small. Megan watched as her mother pushed a honey-tipped finger into her little belly button, then used her tongue to take the honey out of it. Megan's virgin pussy began to get a little wet as she felt her mother eyes like lasers as they viewed her daughters shaven cunt. Beth grabbed another handul of honey and doused Megan's pussy lips with the thick sweet. Megan groaned a little louder when she felt some of the honey make its way into her pussy. Then Beth rested her hands on Megan's ass, and began to feast on her daugters honey coated pussy. Megan began to moan louder, "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNH! OOOOOOH! OOOOH! OH! OH! SHIT MOM!!! FUCK!!! YOUR EATING MY PUSSY!! MY MOMMY IS EATING MY PUSSY!! HOLY SHIT!!! UNNNNNNNNH!! DON'T STOP!!!" After a minute Megan had to lay down. She laid dowm, but that didn't stop her Mom from eating her cunt. Beth used her hands to slip down her pants, showing her motherly white cotton panties. After about 6 minutes of having her pussy munched on, Megan squaled and shaked as she had her first ever orgasm.

After she had totally finished eating her daughter's virgin pussy as a meal, Beth took off her shirt, bra, and panties, so that she too was totally naked. She grabbed Megan's hands, and pulled her up into a sitting position. Megan struggled to make eye to make eye contact and put her head down in a little bit of shame. Beth grabbed Megan by the face and forcibally made out with her. After a few seconds though Megan gave in and began to kiss her mother back. They continued making out for a few minutes, and Megan became increasingly more aggressive with her tongue and hands. She squeezed her mother's ass, and tits. Then Beth broke the kiss, "I want you to roll over for Mommy, ok?"
"Alright mommy" Megan abliged. Megan laid face down on the lanolium kitchen floor.
"Oh my sweetie, your ass is perfect," complimented Beth. She placed a hand on an ass cheek. Megan just giggled. Slowly Beth began to massage the ass from heaven. Megan gave several stress releaving sighs. "Your ass is just so nice! It looks good enough to eat! Hmmmm" Beth said, an idea in her head.

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Home : Incest Stories : Megan and her Mom in the Kitchen Click here to rate Megan and her Mom in the Kitchen sex story!

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