Watching each other masturbate

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This is a true happened when Craigslist started to become popular for hooking up with people who had mutual interests. I posted a personal ad...looking for someone who wanted to engage in mutual masturbation. Tom answered my posting and we started sharing pictures. He had a great looking cock. Longer...but skinnier than mine. His balls, however, were huge and hung low. I would masturbate and shoot big loads looking at his pics, all the while hoping we would connect.

The day finally arrived when Tom invited me over to his apartment. His wife was going to be gone for the weekend, and he wanted to see my cock first hand...and of course, I wanted to reciprocate. What I didn't know was that Tom was a big and multiple cummer...something that I was going to experience a few times.

I arrived at Tom's home and knocked on his door. Tom answered in a t-shirt and boxer underwear, so I knew there was going to be some fun in the immediate future. Tom invited me to sit on the couch and he offered me an adult beverage. Small talk ensued and we starting discussing our favorite masturbation scenarios. I stated that I enjoyed watching porn and timing my climaxes to the porn actors shooting their load. Tom smiled and said he liked to do the same.

Tom got up and left the room without saying a word, which left me wondering what was coming next. I sat there sipping my beer wondering when he'd return. To my enjoyment, Tom came back with a stack of porn DVD's and set them on the coffee table. He asked me to pick one and we could watch it together. As I was shuffling through the stack of DVD's, I notice that they were all bisexual. "These are hot", I stated. I picked one that was entirely oral since anal was (and continues to be) of no interest to me.

Tom took the DVD from me and fired up the entertainment center. He hit the play button and the porn video started with two guys in a 69 position sucking each other's cock. There wasn't any plot, but rather a compilation of bisexual cock sucking. I looked over at Tom and he relaxed into the corner of the couch. One of his legs was on the couch...the other on the floor and his loose underwear was providing me with a partial view of his package...a good looking package at that! I found myself glancing between Tom's package and the video and it wasn't too long before I was staring at his package full time. Tom said, "do you like what you see"? I said, "uh-huh" and started rubbing my cock through my pants.

Tom stood up and dropped his shorts to the floor. He returned to the same position on the couch, giving me a full view of his cock and balls. Tom sat there, staring at his own package...exercising his kegel muscles with each throbbing making his balls bounce and his cock grow harder and harder. Precum was oozing from his mushroom head. I watched in amazement.

I said, "my turn" and stood up, dropped my pants and exposed my semi-hard. I was going commando so I quickly shed the clothes and sat on the corner of the couch opposite from Tom and spread my legs to give him a full view. I started stroking and enjoying the moment all the while watching Tom's cock. He wasn't touching himself, but he was still exercising his kegel...thereby raising his big balls off the couch and throbbing / bouncing his cock up and down.

As it turns out, not only was Tom a multiple cummer, but also a quick cummer. My cock was barely at full attention when Tom started to cum...without touching his cock! I didn't count, but it must have been a dozen big squirts...with the first ones going splat on the coffee table. It was so hot! I was worried that might be the end of the fun, but it turned out it was only the beginning.

I continued to stroke my cock and boy, did it feel good! Exposing myself to others always gets me hot and I love to keep myself on the edge as long as possible. After Tom squirted from hands-free, he started stroking himself without cleaning up. He didn't go soft, but rather remained rock hard.

He slowly moved his right hand up and down his shaft while using his left hand to cup his balls. I stroked and he stroked for at least 10 minutes...but Tom came two more times before I finally let my load go. Now...Tom didn't release the same load on #2 and #3 as he did on #1, but it was still respectable. He left quite mess on the couch and the coffee table.

The second time we met up, it was much the same scenario. Tom would sit there watching me stroke, not touching himself and cumming like an elephant. He would then start stroking, making himself cum a second and third time.

On the third and last visit (Tom moved away after that), I wanted to spice things up. We started by watching bisexual DVD's, but this time we became totally naked . I had Tom stand in front of me...just a few feet away, facing me while he exercised his kegel. I stroked while I watched his balls rise and fall and his cock bounce up and down. I wanted him to cum my direction and so he did, with the first few hands-free cum shots hitting me in the chest and my own groin area.

I scooped up his cum and used it for lubrication on my own cock. I asked Tom to step forward when he started stroking. Tom was inches away from my face and I leaned forward to take his cock in my mouth. I sucked on his mushroom head while he stroked his shaft. I was using my right hand to stroke myself while my left hand massaged his balls. Twice, he unloaded into my mouth before I came all over his legs and his feet. It was HOT!

As I mentioned before, Tom moved away shortly after our third encounter...and I miss our time together. There has been many a time where I have lubed my cock and stroked off fantasizing about doing it again.

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