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    Robin's oral gang-bang


    Abby's Swingin' Good Time

    My friend Abigail calls me over to take photos as she and her sexy lover Pete discipline her lazy hubby for neglecting her. Pete turns him everyway but loose and punishes him in a hot, funny and creative way! Finally, he gives Abby a royal fucking and makes her poor hubby watch. I get rewarded for my pics with a heavenly cunt-licking. (cuckold, M-dom/F-dom, spanking, bi, rom.)

    Aaron Over the Barrel

    This is an email from me to my friend Lola, telling her the hot and funny story of how my boyfriend Pete disciplined my lecherous husband Aaron for spanking our college-girl houseguest. All characters over 19 MM, MF, bi, spank, bi(nc), rom...

    Wood panneling

    Sex funny humor...

    Funny small white dicks

    I get caught masturbating my 2 inch dick by my black friend who fucks me like crazy!!!

    Sex Comics N2

    New funny ... comics N2.

    Sex Comics N3

    New funny ... comics N3.

    How It all started, the road to being a slut

    From a housewife, to a fuck toy, now to a porn site slut... Funny one event in life changes everything.

    Roommate revenge sex

    I thought I'd play a funny prank on my gorgeous roommate, but I didn't take her retaliation into consideration...

    Claire #6: close shave

    Looking down at her pussy, Vera took the bottle from Claire and 'jammed it deep into her vagina, and as it slid all the way in, Vera let out with a low 'animal moan!...


    Turning around slowly, Carl got 'his first look at Quin's clean shaven lips, above which was a small patch of dark brown 'pubic hair!...

    Claire # 4: the babysitter

    With her hands 'sahiking, she started to undress in front of the rapt youngster, and as her clothes hit the 'floor Becky never let her eyes move from Claire's now naked form...

    The incubus

    Her dictionary described an incubus as a demon who has sexual 'relations with sleeping women, the resulting offspring becoming witches, warlocks, or 'sorcerers...

    The initiation

    Carla leaned over and kissed Jill full on 'the lips, while Kim got down between Jill's legs and slowly began tonguing her pussy...

    The principal's office

    Mr. Wilkins was dizzy with desire, and he couldn't 'believe that he was getting his cock sucked by a cute little eighteen year old high school 'junior, and looking down and seeing his dick in her mouth caused his nuts to tighten up 'and his cock to spurt a huge load of cum into her pretty mouth!...

    Caught in the act 1

    Tara shuddered uncontrollably while eyeing Art's full erection, but the 'need to be filled with hard cock over took her trepidation as she spread her legs and 'offered her tiny cunt for his own personal use!...

    Mother and daughter

    David gave Jill a little while longer at her mother's hairy slit before plopping down next to her on the sofa and shoving her out of the way...

    Toy for two

    Her own nips were hyper sensitive but could never have accepted the kind of torturous punishment that Bobbi seemed to relish!!!...

    Diary of a housemother: part one

    My whole body was in the middle of a sensory overload while she ate my fat cunt for all it was 'worth, but what really got to me was when Eric dropped his pants, and without any warning to Emily took 'her violently from the rear, bringing her to a cunt crushing climax on the first stroke!!!...

    Official duties

    David's legs already a little rubbery, finally gave out as he collapsed on her belly and chest gasping for 'breath while nuzzling her massive mammaries to his cheek!!!...

    Addicted 1

    'Wow, you must be reading my mind, Judith, cuz in my 'house, ... always hangs in the air like a heavy blanket,' Sue opined, 'and I wouldn't have 'it any other way, the tension always keeps me damp and ready!!!'...

    Dear diary: october

    Another thing, diary, both Ems and I reached in and started doing our clits!!! All 'the time, Gary had this little smirk on his face, the kind ya just wanna slap off, but you 'don't, cuz you're afraid if you do that he won't let you take a turn with his cock!!!...

    Dear diary: september

    The next thing I know is, that that knuckle head is pushing it 'slowly into her pussy, and pretending it was a cock!!!...


    Just seeing her daughter so satisfied was all it took for Tara go over the edge 'once more, leaving her a limp and shaking from another powerful climax!!!...

    Full service

    Jill didn't look like a ... pot, but if he had ever had a better suck he couldn't remember when, so when he felt his nut bag beginning to tighten, he knew that it would be only a few moments wait until he filled the old biddy's mouth with a hot load of cum!!!...

    Nancy's summer diary: august

    Amy came over to spend the afternoon and we spent some time trying on bras and panties!!! The lucky bitch has such a big chest and she kept trying on my bras and watching her big boobs spill out over the top of the too small cups!!...


    Winnie was now gritting her teeth as she tried desperately to control her rapidly filling bladder, and her head began to swim as the sexual aura of the situation over took her!!!...

    Parent-teacher meeting

    Even though she was totally flustered by the nasty turn of events, she managed to half stand up while leaning on the table with both hands and replying, 'If you don't leave this instant I'm going to get the principal and have you arrested!!!'...

    Sorority sister's diary: part one

    Go figure, I never woulda thought that my mom would have ever thought having ... with another woman was a good plan, I guess it's the times we live in, diary!!!...

    The stock boy

    'My goodness,' she gasped, 'eight and a quarter inches, I've never seen one this large, it's fantastic!!!' 'Are you a virgin,' she asked softly?!? 'Y-yes,' he replied with a shaky voice, 'I'm ashamed to say!!!'...

    The trainer

    'Yeah,' she sighed, 'I think every muscle in my body is screaming for mercy, even my eyelids hurt!!!' He playfully reached down into the water and grabbed a handful of her pussy and asked kiddingly, 'Even this muscle!?!'...

    A bad habit

    'What are we going to do with that girl,' a very frustrated Marie Downs asked her husband, 'she's eighteen years old and still can't stop touching herself in public!?!'...

    Ball breaker

    'These bitches are fuckin' slobs,' Hank Edmonds mumbled while dumping another trash can containing a half full cup of coffee, 'but I guess they could give a rats ass about a working stiff like me!!!'...

    A friend in needs 2

    Molly giggled a little before replying, 'So tell me, how was it, did you let him cum in your mouth!?!'...

    Dominant wife

    'Harold, get in here right now, I haven't got all day,' Miranda Davis snapped as she sat in front of her dressing table while preparing to go out for the evening with several of her female friends, 'do you hear me, you insignificant piece of crap, I said get your ass in here!!!'...

    Caught in the act : Mickey

    Mickey half stumbled and half climbed down the ladder while at the same time trying to shove his hard cock back into his jeans, but it was too late for that as he landed right at the feet of the meanest teacher in the whole school, Gwendolyn Hooks!!!...

    Like mother, like daughter

    Y-you're just not gonna believe it mom,' Wendy said sadly, 'but he pulled out his penis and asked me to suck it for him!!!'...


    After a few more minutes, Taylor lifted Marion's head from her nipple and whispered, 'You're so beautiful, now it's your turn, let me help you take off your dress!!!'...

    Shower boys

    'I-I know it was,' Jimmy stammered, 'but I didn't think you guys wanted me showing up at your parties!!!' Jake stopped up short lathering his body at that remark and strode over to where Jimmy and asked harshly, 'Who ever told you that, kid!!!'...

    The voyeur

    By now Marie had lost all of her inhibitions, and without even thinking, she slid her panties down and hiked up her skirt, exposing her dark muffy to her voyeuristic admirer!!! Ohhhhhhhhh,' he moaned, 'you have a very hairy pussy, it looks fucking incredible!!!'...

    Weekend guest : part two

    'Yes, dear,' Audra replied, 'but believe me, you'll feel much better when I'm finished, so now please lean back and spread your pretty legs for mama!!!...

    The wish

    'Are you all right, ma'am,' he asked softly, 'you seem to be having a problem, is there anything I can do to help!?!'...

    T*Girl at the Bus Stop

    She looked so beautiful sitting there at the bus stop.I remember her legs, they were long and tan and clad in silky smooth thigh highs...


    He got all whispery and pointed down to his crotch. I almost giggled. Then he goes 'Is it true you have a dick?'...


    It was a friend of mine called Perdita who first introduced me to Chris. Apparently they'd been involved in some kind of a betting thing at their office and Perdita had won a lot of money. But in return she'd rashly agreed to do whatever Chris wanted her to do...


    She was always 'dressed in either a just above the knee dress with hosiery and high heels, or nice fitting slacks with hose 'and high heels...

    In need

    With one hard stroke Dave Richards' nine 'inch cock buried itself deep into his daughter's delicate pussy, causing her to have an 'orgasm before he could pull it out and do it again!...

    Caught in the act

    'Your father is a wonderful man, and very talented in the love 'making department, but he's on the road at least three nights a week, so I still masturbate 'on the nights he's not a home.'...

    Mail room boy

    'Here's your mail, Mz. Owens,' Stevie said while dropping a thick bundle of envelopes on the corner of the senior vice president's desk, 'I think you get more stuff than anyone, you must have a lot of friends!!!'...

    Tattoo -Part One

    This short story is told by those who take part in it. Four people give their viewpoints focusing on an event which three of them experienced. 'The story contains forced lesbian ... involving teenagers and older women.


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