The Darkness Hotel

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 The Darkness Hotel was a small and unimportant hotel somewhere in the Underworld. It was known a bit for its unique services and memorable establishment. This was especially the case with the two receptionists named Lucy and Jade. Lucy was a zombie who had white hair, green skin, and had both a yellow and green eye due to Heterochromia. She always wore her assigned outfit of a gothic dress, blue stockings and brown work shoes. While Jade was a vampire who had red eyes, black hair and skin as pale as paper. This female wore her uniform of red high heels, black pants and a white suit with a blue tie. These two monster girls had totally different outfits due to the artistic variety which the hotel had for show.

The hotel’s variety was shown with having everything from multi colored rooms, floors of different themes to a seemingly equal mix of both a fancy and casual setting. The last aspect was shown to be incredibly obvious with the two receptionists recently discussed. While Lucy kindly greeted customers with smiles and a polite attitude, Jade would be best described as an airhead who many were unsure with how she even qualified for her position. Lucy sometimes described her as “A vampire who seems to have trouble remembering to drink blood” and thought the only reason she got in, was due to management taking extreme procussions in order to get the place to be more casual.

A normal scenario would happen with a couple of werewolves having gone in and asked the receptionists for a room. They seemed like ordinary customers with one being a feminine male while the other being a ladylike female. They both wore comfy clothes and collars, with it being unclear if they arrived as a couple or if they were simply friends. Jade had quite an imagination, so when she saw them arrived, she imagined them in bed as the couple they could have been. In her mind they were hugging, holding hands, snuggling and doing all sorts of other intimate actions. This would only last for the few seconds until Lucy said “Greetings and welcome to The Darkness Hotel. How can we be of service today?”

“Oh we would like to book a room and make sure there are two beds there heh.” One of the feminine male said in a relaxed tone.

After the payment and important information was calculated, the zombie was about to write all this down. However, the proper papers were nowhere to be found when she looked in the filing cabinet. Lucy glared at the vampire who responded with “Chill dude. It’s not the end of the world. Let’s just have it written on some scrap paper for now.”


Jade proceed to uncrumple a piece a paper and hand it to the werewolves along with a pen she had. The guests soon wrote the information down there with a sigh and went up to their room. However Lucy was not happy at all with this, so when it was time to leave for the day she said “Hold it right there! You’re not going anywhere. An air headed monster like you need to learn to listen to some capable people.”

“Oh, so what are you going to do?”

“I have complied video evidence of some of the many times you slacked off. I got way more than enough footage to make you unemployed. You don’t know how to use the cameras and others won’t find anything unless they knew about where to look, so you appear to be at a disadvantage. Do you want to be fired?”

This airhead soon saw the evidence that was talked about and felt defeated. She then submitted with a sigh as she said “So now what?”

“Lie down.”

“If I must.”


Soon after Lucy proceeded to sit on the face of Jade, who could both feel the painful weight and stink coming from the backside on top of her. The zombie would play around with her bottom and this vampire felt all of that. The black haired girl felt trapped as she did not want to get fired, so she continued to take in the pain and not do anything else. However, the white haired female cared not for her tortured subject’s feelings as she would just relax while being on her phone. This would go on for over an hour until the dominated individual could finally get up, but it felt much longer for her.

The sadistic lady proceeded to take off her nasty shoes in order to reveal the even more disgusting odor hidden within. It was even more unexpected what happened next as Jade was forced back onto the floor with a hard kick right on her left side. She started to scream in pain from the mark she got from this, but she would have no time to recover. Soon after that, Lucy commanded the vampire to lick her putrid socks. The given up monster did just that, and felt like vomiting after having spent time tasting the fabric and pieces of decayed skin. The airhead had a look of horror in her eyes after seeing the skin fall off, but this sadist did not feel like being too cruel as she said “It will grow back. This is a natural process.”


The punishment went on for so long, that the tormented woman lost track of time during it all. What upset this defeated employee the most was not the pain or the horrific smell, but the embarrassment that came with this intense humiliation. Once the dominant monster told her coworker to stop, she had close to no time to get prepared for the absolutely, disgusting bad breath headed right into her nose. Jade then felt forced to swallow her own vomit as Lucy sat right on her lap. The sadist giggled cruelty as she asked the redundant question of “Oh, do I have bad breath?”

Thankfully the zombie was somewhat honest with the fact that her breath was about to get better. This was shown as she proceeded to take out a packet of gum from her purse, unwrap a piece and put it in her mouth. The white haired female continued to chew throughout her mouth at different speeds as she annoyingly made clicking sounds. After a few minutes of this, she started to make quick and tiny bubbles with her gum that would annoyingly pop quickly. She then made a huge bubble and a little one inside as she was showing off and popped one right into the vampire hair.

After the torture of chewing gum and then getting some stuck in that defeated woman’s hair, Lucy proceed to try to rip the gum out of hair. It hurt an insane amount as a bunch of the victim’s hair was taken out as well and thrown away. The sadist leaned into the defenseless lady’s nose once again as she made a loud burp. This burp had the gum flavor inside and did not smell too awful. However, it had the effect of making Jade want to eat but having nothing she could even chew on that was tasty. Lastly, the sadistic woman leaned down and let out a horridus fart into the black haired girl’s nose. She tried to get out the smell, but instead felt forced to swallow even more vomit.

Lucy continued to do these kind of actions and many more similar ones like using her own dirty clothing, a used lolipop and even having ripped off her arms and played around with them. All throughout these actions, she was saying degrading words such as “How does it feel to finally learn your place as my slave?” Finally, it was working the way this zombie wanted and the vampire felt she really was this inferior person who should manage everything to perfection. At least that was what Lucy thought as they went home in the pitch dark.


In actuality, Jade was actually schemicing a revenge plan of her own. This finally came into effect when their boss came in after a few days and proceeded to fire this zombie for the sexual harassment she did on her coworker. After that, Lucy was dumbfounded and furious as she said “How were you able to know how to do all this? You can barely work a computer!”

“You are right about that, but I made sure to remember what you said earlier. I was able to tell the real experts what day and time to look for. With me working alone I would have never do it like you thought. But remember there is a whole hotel management. Guess I am not as much an airhead as you might have thought.”

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