Abanu and Claire

(Part 1 from 1)

I have been fucking a 22 year old, blonde female, I met not long ago. We met on a swingers site on the internet and, after a few chats, we arranged to meet at a hotel.

I arrived at the hotel and waited. It did not take long for her to arrive and she introduced herself to me at the bar. Her name was Claire, and she was very confident and sexy. I ordered some drinks and we sat down at a table to talk. Claire was very talkative and told me about what she wanted. My cock was hard by now and we quickly finished our drinks and went to the room that I had booked.

In the room Claire began to unbutton my shirt, she was very confident and she told me she had fucked many men and I was to become her latest conquest. I then realized that she had never fucked a black cock before and she seemed very desperate to get mine inside her sweet hole. I have fucked many couples before and I am very dominant so I was not going to have this dirty blonde slut pushing me around. As Claire unbuttoned my shirt I pushed her back and she fell onto the bed. Then I moved towards her and pulled her skirt and knickers down and pushed her legs apart to reveal her bald cunt. I knelt between her thighs and began to suck at her tasty mound, flicking my tongue into her wet slit. Claire bucked her hips and groaned as I continued to tongue fuck her. She grabbed my head and pushed my face hard between her legs and almost reached an orgasm until I pulled away.

I stood up and told her to take the rest of her clothes off, and as she did I began to remove mine until we were both fully naked. As Claire sat on the bed I move closer again and put big hard black cock near her mouth. She took my cock in her mouth and greedily began to suck the tip, frightened to take my complete length. I grabbed her head and pushed my cock further down her throat until she began to gag. I took full control of her warm mouth and fucked it for a few minutes until she could not take it anymore. She told me her jaw ached so I made her flick her tongue over the tip while I pulled my foreskin back and wanked my pre cum over her tongue.

Then I asked her to lay on the bed and spread her legs. She began to get feisty and I knew she was trying to take back control, but I wasn't going to let that happen. I pushed her back down and forcefully parted her legs. She giggled as I did it and I knew she really wanted to be dominated. I reached for a condom and put it on my hard aching cock. Then I pushed myself into her tight wet hole. Claire was going to feel a big African cock in her gash. I did not start slow, I pushed into her hard and fast and stretched her tight pussy and she let out a scream. I began to pound the dirty slut and put my hand over her mouth to stop her noise. I continued to fuck her hard until she begged me to stop, and I did. I pulled my cock from her pussy and got off the bed. Claire wanted to stop for now so I removed my condom and placed it in the bin.

It turns out Claire was not as eager taking a big black cock as I thought. She was used to puny white cocks, and she had only fucked a few. Her tight pussy could not handle my 10 inch member but she did agree to try again another time. Instead I moved forward and told her to open her mouth and she let me wank my cock as she put her tongue out. I wanked my cock as her tongue flicked the tip of it until I was ready to cum. My other hand fondled her tits as I shot my spunk over her warm tongue and lips. I emptied my balls as she licked and at my spunk and it dribbled down her chin.

As we got cleaned up and dressed, we sat on the bed for a while and spoke. We arranged to meet again and I promised I would be slower and go easy on her pussy. I knew Claire wanted me and I knew it would be the start of a sexual based relationship only. I intended to take her swinging with me and introduce her to others I have met.

A few weeks had past and I met Claire a few times. I fucked her slowly and she went on the pill so I could fuck her without a condom and fill her pussy up with spunk.

We spoke about a lot of things and I found out her parents were swingers too. I looked on her profile and noticed her friends list, a couple were on it and the woman looked just like Claire. I knew Claire did not show face pictures so her parents did not know she was their daughter but I saw this couple so I looked further into it. Claire had been secretly keeping an eye on her parents swinging photos and was masturbating to them. I then created a different account and made contact with them. I will not tell Claire, but next week I have arranged to meet her parents, I can't wait to see if her mother can take my big black cock.

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