Loose Sarah. Part One

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Sarah Kerrigan knew exactly what lay ahead of her as she entered the office that morning. Figures and more figures to pore over, ad infinitum it seemed. That was her job, her money earner, and it was fairly lucrative. Being an up-market accountant, she was always in demand.

What she was less certain of, on this bright summer morning, were the demands that would be made on that secret part of her psyche. That would only become clear when Brad, the permanent manager of this company, who had quickly defined the real requirements of that part of her mind.

As usual, her trim figure was clad in what she considered her work clothes. A white blouse which was of the perfect tension to favor her shapely breasts, and a tight black skirt, which was buttoned from below to permit a wayward hand to reach her inner thigh and beyond. But when she really entered her other mode there was a wardrobe where she kept an array of changes, so she could attire herself according to demand.

Just as she settled behind her desk there was a knock at her door and Jenny, the junior clerk, came in clutching a number of files. After a greeting she said, “Seems like a load of work this morning.”
“Just lay them on the desk there,” Sarah told her, noticing that Brad, wearing his usual dark shirt, and supercilious grin had appeared in the doorway.
“Morning, Sarah. Morning Jenny.” He nodded at the pile of files, “Looks like a busy day.”

“That’s what I said, Mr. Bradford.” With a shy smile in Sarah’s direction, she went out and Brad Bradford closed the door. Then, his grin widening, he ambled casually to where Sarah was sitting, already she had a fair idea of what was coming.

Leaning over her, Brad licked along her cheek, before whispering, “How many times last night, you fucking whore?”
Oh, yes, early signs of something. Brad’s hand had slipped inside the neckline of her blouse and was groping for her breast. “Ugh, a bra? They’re not drooping, are they?”
Sarah’s breath shuddered in her throat, as his fingers probed beneath the bra and squeezed a nipple. “You know they’re not,” she told him, adding, “I’ve got a load of work to get on with.”
“You fucking cow, you’re going to need all your energy for tonight. You’re giving a special, so expect to be home late, harlot.”

“All new. If you made money from your—er—skills, you’d make a fortune tonight. This client is in the super rich class. But is always seeking publicity.”
“I’m not a prostitute,” Sarah said coldly, hating that implication, despite his crude way of addressing her. She needed his abusive name-calling. The needs that teemed through her mind went far beyond that. “What have you told this guy?”

“Just that you’re hot and willing and love an audience.” He was staring at her, his lips parted, his eyes clouded. “God, I could fuck you right now.” He paused and moved in close, “That can wait. Are you wet?”
“You know I will be,” Sarah told him. All of this was standard to their relationship, although Sarah did not see it as a relationship.
“Turn your seat,” Brad commanded, when she had swiveled round, he flicked at two lower buttons. “Just a quick feel to warm you up.”

Within seconds, his fingers had slid up her bare inner thigh to flutter inside her panty line, from clit to the wet entry where they poked as deeply as possible in the constrained circumstances. Her major sensation was one of being prepared. All part of the build-up.

Brad drew back his fingers, sniffed at them and gave an appreciative moan, before walking to the door, “I think the guys would appreciate a lunchtime practice.”
Sarah was not surprised. Evening seemed a long way off. “The conference room?” she asked, knowing it always was.
Brad nodded, “As usual, Madam Cunt.”
“You going to be number one?”
His lewd grin said it all, “Can’t you tell?”

Of course, she could tell. Sarah knew that whatever humiliations were piled on her at lunchtime, the ultimate would go to Brad, and whatever depravity he chose to inflict upon her. She would end up being salaciously wanton, brought on by all that had gone before.

When he was gone, Sarah collected her thoughts, and tried to settle to what was her vocation. Not easy. Her pulse had quickened, her breathing was faster and came in shorter gasps. There was a prickling on her skin and nausea and butterflies fought in her stomach. All of this because of Brad’s touch and promise of lunchtime, which seemed a long time distant. Still that wouldn’t be a new situation. She had performed there at the whim of a select band of three male staff and one woman, Rita, who was off sick at the moment. Sarah adored being an exhibitionist and absorbing the delights of sexual degradation that went with it.

Now, approaching the age of thirty, it had taken Sarah some time to evaluate her own attitude to sex. She got through a full year at university without succumbing to the lusts of male students, although their constant nudges and lustful gazes stirred her. She had usually resolved her perverse feelings by finding some pleasure in touching herself.

When she was almost nineteen, already aware that this was never going to be enough, she had the company of her two cousins staying at her parent’s home. Connie, was Sarah’s age, and Vince was nineteen. Connie had shared Sarah’s room. One night, they were having an intimate discussion about their sensual feelings, and, when they each admitted fingering their own clit, it was a small step to finding extra pleasure in huddling on Sarah’s bed, groping each other under their wide summer skirts.

They even kissed, and Sarah was wondering whether this might be a path to lesbianism, when the bedroom door was flung open and big, muscular Vince was standing there, his eyes wide, first with surprise, but soon with something else.

“Well, well, how about that?” He looked at his sister, and said, “I only came to tell you, Mom wants to see you.”
All shame-faced, Connie raced out of the room, while Vince quietly closed the door, and turned to face Sarah, a lop-sided grin on his face.
Sarah, worried at first, had decided to brazen it out. “You won’t split on her, will you?”
She soon learned the price for his silence, when he ordered her to remove her blouse. “Come on. I want to see them.”

There was a vague fluttering in her chest, which she wasn’t sure was fear or something else. Vince’s eyes had strayed over her body, and his request suddenly seemed quite logical. “Now the bra.”
He would see her bare breasts. Shouldn’t she feel resistant? But having felt a surprising reaction to his eyes on her bra, she hardly hesitated and the bra dropped to the floor.
God, what a warm feeling, as his eyes stroked over her breasts, like lasers into her very being, making her wet between her thighs. Immediately, Sarah realized that those eyes on her breasts could be opening a new era of her life.

How was she going to feel when he viewed her total nakedness? When his demand came, she promptly pushed down her skirt and panties. Vince’s eyes burned over her skin. She loved being looked at. It was like being caressed from a distance. But he didn’t try to touch her, and Sarah was chiding herself for being slightly disappointed.

Learning about herself was swift from that point. The delight in displaying herself grew stronger. But she had known that eyes were not enough. Slowly she began to find that she needed a sense of degradation, of humiliation to add to her total absorption in any sexual activity. Randy university students were not slow in obliging her on that score. Much of her pleasure seemed to be centered in her mind rather than in the sheer physical joys that ensued.

Now, here she was, behind her office desk hotly awaiting another session at lunchtime. Sarah was always excited about what demands would be made upon her. On a slowly building high, she managed to get through her paid work.

As the clock on the wall neared midday, Sarah’s inner heat increased, as it always did. Mad anticipation of having her body viewed, fingered, and explored, had her juices soaking her panties. They needed replacing before any activity, so she went through to the small toilet, and opened the cupboard where she kept a week’s supply.

After changing, she had to smile, as she knew that unless Brad turned up soon, she’d have soaked another pair. Then, on impulse, she decided to remove her bra before she became the centre of attention---her favorite position!

Sarah had just returned to her desk when Brad entered. He had removed his jacket and wore a brown shirt and matching pants. Looking quite attractive he leered at her with a standard greeting, “You ready, cock-sucking bitch? The lusty three have been given their instructions.”

Sarah stepped out from her desk and asked, “Instructions?” Already, given Brad’s attitude, the glow was starting inside her.
“Today, you are my toy, strictly my shameless bitch.”

Sarah knew what that meant. The others could do whatever they liked with her, but they could not fuck her, not even orally. Not an order of things that she particularly liked, but Brad was her master, and called the tune,

As she stood before him, he reached out a hand, squeezed a breast, and his lips twisted in surprise, “No bra? Speeding things up, are you? Just as well they don’t want you to take your clothes off today.”
Her disappointment must have shown. Being totally naked was always part of her own need. Having her body caressed by many pairs of eyes was always one of her biggest thrills. And it was a relief to see Brad’s smirking face as he told her, “No, they want to strip you themselves. I guess they’ll have had a discussion about how they want this session to go. Just one more tit squeeze, and then you’re theirs.”
Sarah said nothing as, after his seconds touch, her breathing was becoming difficult. Oh, yes, the temperature was rising. Sarah knew that by the time Alan, Jack and Phil had heated her up, she would be craving whatever Brad wanted to do with his cherry-capped cock.

She followed him out of the office and along the short distance to the conference room door. Flinging it open, Brad stepped aside and declared to the three shirt-sleeved staff members standing there, “Gentlemen, meet the hottest cunt in town.”

Sarah entered the room, with her eyes already taking in how her heat was going to be dealt with. All three were immediately unbuttoning their shirts. Alan was a fair haired handsome young man, somewhere about mid-twenties. Phil was in his thirties, almost bald but Sarah knew, he was the best endowed of them all. Jack, she knew was nearly fifty, but he had the best staying power, a real fucking machine who had delighted Sarah a few times, especially since he liked to take her anally.

She saw that the settee which normally stood against the far wall had been pulled to the centre and had been opened out into a bed and covered with a white sheet. One of the rounded arms had been left up, and that gave Sarah some idea of what might be coming.

Other clues as to the lunchtime events were the fact the long table down the centre of the room had all ten chairs in place, so that wasn’t going to be part of the activities on this day. On past occasions, Sarah had been on that table, for several reasons; either performing a strip-tease, standing naked, with legs wide apart offering a view of heaven to eager eyes, or flat on her back or on all fours being soundly fucked.

Now Brad moved to one side, sat on a chair, and watched as the three men closed in around Sarah, each giving their own mumbled greeting.
“Hello, whore.” From Phil.
“Hi, harlot,” From Jack.
“Hey, shag-piece.” From Alan.

They knew exactly how degrading names turned her on. Three pairs of hands were exploring over her clothed body, every touch, every grope, warming the blood that coursed through her veins. Without too much delay, her blouse had been unbuttoned, and removed, and fingers and lips were pampering her tits.

Jack had unbuttoned the waist of her skirt, and quickly pushed it to the floor, where it was kicked to one side. In the haze of sensation that was creeping over her, Sarah was aware of Brad picking it up, and putting it on a chair.

When Alan pressed his face close to her, she allowed him to poke his tongue between her parted lips, but as their tongues tangled, Sarah felt hands moving inside the waist band of her panties, pushing them down. Her excitement increased.
“Ah, that lovely bush,” came Phil’s admiring voice.

Then, almost on a signal, the three of them stepped back, as Jack said, “Let’s just pause and drink in that voluptuous body.”
Sarah was all for that. Wasn’t this what she lived for? Having their hungry eyes bringing on that profound, strange rapture. Every part of her body tingled, and her cunt walls started their pulsing, as the three men lifted her bodily and placed her on the sheeted settee, with her legs spread.

She knew her wetness had increased, even before the hands and fingers began, and soon they would be finding that. Momentarily, she closed her eyes, trying to guess which fingers belonged to which man. She guessed the ones rubbing her nipples before stroking all around her right tit were Alan’s, confirmed when his lips closed around a nipple, after muttering, “Beautiful.”

Sarah was already close to orgasm by having those hot hands feeling her. The fingers trailing along her slit without breaking through into her pinkness were undoubtedly Jack’s, as they trickled way back beyond her cunt opening and on to probe around her other hole. That had to be him, he had a fixation with anal work. Another pair of lips closed on her left tit, so that could only be Phil.

Her skin tingling, her heart pounding, Sarah was longing to feel the plunge of a hot rigid cock reaching for her very soul. Then she gasped loudly as Jack’s finger probed into her anus.
Brad’s voice called out, “No, inserting! And time is pressing.”

Opening her eyes, she saw Jack lean back as he said, “Okay, we’d better make what we can.” He unzipped his pants, and to her right she heard another zipping noise and next second Alan’s long hard cock was pressing against her cheek. Normally she would have presented her open mouth for it, but once again Brad’s voice commanded, “She can kiss it, lick it but no entry.”

“God, you’re a hard task master.” Phil called out, as Sarah felt his hardness press against her breast. Instinctively, as her tongue ran along the length of Alan’s cock, she reached up to take Phil’s lovely shaft into her hand, where she commenced frigging it. Her breathing was coming in ever shorter gasps, but that became more difficult as she saw Jack’s head duck and the hot wetness of his tongue ploughed into the wetness of her slit.

When that tongue lingered on her quickly risen clit, her body spasmed. It wasn’t a full orgasm but, oh, God, it was close. Jack was superb with his tongue. But his actions had made her so want to do more with Alan’s cock than just lick it. She had her tongue linger over Alan’s smooth purple cock-head. Alan moaned. She looked to her left where Phil had leaned back, with his eyes closed, and his lips parted, as she continued her pull on his cock. Sarah had just thought about doing the same for Alan, when he called out, “Okay, to tit-fuck her?”

“If you can manage it,” Brad’s voice was teasing.

Sarah had been tit-fucked before, but usually by one person. It would be awkward with two others working on her body. She twisted her body towards Alan and heard Jack’s groan of complaint, as Alan eagerly pressed his cock between her tits which he pushed together. Sarah liked that feeling of having a hot hard rod like Alan’s between her tits.

Alan’s face had an ecstatic look as he flexed his cock in its warm smooth nest. She saw Jack loom around him as he said, “You’d better frig me like you’re doing to Phil.”
Sarah held out her right hand and took Jack’s generous solidity in her hand. Size did not make a lot of difference to Sarah. It all depended on what the man did with it. But there was no doubt that of the three, if they’d been prizing cucumbers, Jack’s would be number one.

She heard Alan’s rather frantic grunting as his cock pounded faster between her tits. On one of his forward pushes the fantastic purple head was right there and by bowing her head slightly she was able to give it a quick lick. That seemed to be too much for Alan as Sarah felt the first hot, wet splash under her chin, and then across her jaw, before Alan drew back and unloaded his remaining steaming cum across her tits.

Sarah loved it. There was a feeling of power in having that done. The feel of his cum, pulsing over her tits, was matched by Phil’s sudden grunting snarl as his shaft began showering cum which, since she had his cock in her hand, she was able to direct from her tits, down over her belly and bush.

Jack, seeing the activity all around him, and clearly enjoying the squeeze and pull of her hand, decided to join the party and with a mighty roar, he shot his cum, under the guidance of Sarah’s hand right across her tits. A criss-cross of cum looked stark across her tits. But the wet, warmth of it all had delighted her but increased her deeper needs. She sat up as the three men got to their feet, grabbing at convenient towels to wipe themselves down.

Brad was standing near them, his shirt already off, his lightly-haired chest looking broad and muscular, and as Sarah stood, she noticed that something equally muscular was pressing against his pants. God, she was ready for whatever that hidden implement was going to inflict on her.

Without speaking, Brad waved a hand towards the door in one corner of the room. This was the very convenient shower room, which Sarah used almost every day. The cubicle inside was large enough to accommodate two people and there had been times when she had been accompanied to perform certain activities in there.

Today though she was alone and, her hair covered, she savored the warm streams of water that quickly washed away the cum streams. Her hands felt wonderful as they scrubbed over her breasts behind which her heart pounded with raw anticipation. Rubbing between her thighs was always an extra thrill, but her mind was set on what experience was set for today.

As she quickly dried herself, she just could not contain her excitement. What the three men had done for her had been good but had only been the set-up for Brad to take his pleasure of her. Her insides were all aglow, a crazy mix of butterflies’ excitement and a sense of having hot embers waiting to be brought to a blaze.

Naked, she returned to the room, to see Alan sitting to one side, but the other two had gone. Brad was standing completely naked by the covered settee. “You took your time,” he complained. “You have a select audience of one today.” He nodded to where Alan sat, a grin on his boyish face. “Now, come and suck my cock for starters.”

Sarah was neither upset or surprised at his demands. She had noticed when she entered that his cock was only at half mast, and this demand was not new. Taking a half erect cock in her mouth might seem unpleasant to some women, but it gave Sarah much pleasure to have her sensitive tongue and cheeks aware of the surging pore growing in her mouth.

As he stood, she knelt and proceeded with a fairly common practice, one hand clutching his balls. Brad’s cock’s growth from tender to bone hard was rapid under Sarah’s expert ministrations. In no time his iron hard tool was being withdrawn from her lips as he lifted her to face him.

“What do you want now?” he demanded, his hand drifting lightly over her breast and down to feel between her thighs. She was in such a state of high-powered longing that she hardly needed such gentle caresses.

“I want to be fucked.” She told him. This was a standard question and answer session that often helped her to full stimulation.
“Exactly where?” His eyes dark eyes were fixed on her face, clearly enjoying this.
“Up my cunt.”
“In my arse.”
“And? Oh, well you’ve been there already—so what does that make you?”
“A slut.”
“My slut. And what else?”
“A fucking whore.”

His head nodded, “Who has a gaping what?”
“Cunt.” The humiliating questions were all part of her need and Brad knew that. Sarah sometimes thought he enjoyed that too much.
Brad now waved towards the settee, “Right, let’s see how gaping it is. Up, over the arm, doggy style.”

For Brad, it was nearly always doggy style, and in many ways, she preferred it herself. She always felt that penetration was deeper and more satisfying in that position. And, God, was she not in the mood for deep and satisfying right now.

Eagerly, she scrambled her body so that the settee arm was just below her rib-cage, and her slit was totally exposed. Her heart-beat already signaled her excitement, and what she was feeling along her cunt walls made it almost certain that the embers she had been aware of would soon be more than that.

She felt the settee move as Brad positioned himself behind her. Sarah held her breath at the moment his cock-head touched her entry. That breath exploded out of her as with exceptional ferocity Brad drove his piston rod hard into the depths of her cunt. Sarah’s climax was instant, as she knew it would be, but although immediately lost in her trance of magical sensations, of salacious elation, she was able to respond to his full hefty thrusts with backward hip movements of her own.

This was the moment of delirium, as Brad continued his vigorous thrust into the heart of her. This was when she was completely debased, depraved, and shamefully wanting even more. Two full orgasms came and went. Sarah was in some wonderful state, but there needed to be more. Brads driving his rod into her was pure delight so where did this extra craving come from?

Then there came that agonizing moment when she thought Brad had cum, although she hadn’t felt that. But his wonderful cock was slowly withdrawing from her grasping cunt. Sarah wanted to cry out her dismay.

But then, as he shuffled, she felt his cock being presented at her anus. This was not a new situation but usually she was more prepared for it. She looked back over her shoulder, to see Brad, all red-faced and open-mouthed.

“Lube?” he asked in a breathless whisper. “Think you’ll take it? Plenty of lube on my cock.” Then he licked his finger and pushed it into her anus. That really made her jerk, but she wanted nothing to stop the euphoria that had taken her this far and she nodded her head.

Unable to control her breathing, she waited tensely as Brad with thankfully gentle pressure eased his solid prong into her smallest orifice. There was a brief moment of stretching hurt, and then his cock was up into her rectum. Sarah sighed with the delight of it, as he it spread her open like an over-ripe fruit. His thrusts became firmer and harder, and Sarah was able to take them with a delight which she had found surprising on other occasions, but which this time felt extra special.

Was she really the whore of Babylon, being penetrated like this? There would have been a time when the very idea of being taken like this would have horrified her, but she was not that person any more.
Brad’s plunges became faster, his breathing became harsher, and Sarah knew he was going to cum. She wondered if she had another orgasm in her. It was then that she appreciated what a skilful lover Brad could be. His hand reached around her, and his fingers probed for her clit, and touching it was, for Sarah, like lighting another fuse.

She began to lunge back at his pressure, but was then, as the world seemed set to explode, he was gone, totally empty. Yet, almost immediately, his lovely cock was plunging back into her slavering cunt, and he came almost instantly, just as the surprise of his change brought Sarah to unexpected heights and the embers burst into wild flames that sent sparks shooting through her bloodstream.
They lay silent for a long while afterwards, until Brad said, “You were good.”

Despite all his words debasing her, in the immediate aftermath he was, well, almost grateful. “I’m glad I pleased you.”

They lay, and he told her about the evening arrangements, “You’re stepping into the realms of the multi-rich here. This guy, I’m so lucky to have his account.”

He went on to tell her that officially they were invited to a party in the penthouse of the -Maxim, which was the high-class hotel in town. “Be sure, you haven’t been invited for tea and cake if you get my drift.”

Sarah got his drift right enough, and the afternoon was a gradual build-up to the unknown.

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