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Some time ago my wife and I got invited to a dinner party by some friends – unbeknown to me, this party turned out to be a wife swapping night. I guess my wife kind of knew about it as she didn’t look so surprised when things took this unexpected turn. Besides the host is one of her best friends and they hardly have any secrets for each other.

Four couples (including us) came to this party and we all ended up drinking more than we should have. Once dinner was over and it dawned on me that the real party had yet to begin, I tried not to look shocked. Also seeing that my other half was having a jolly good time with her friends and seemed to be past caring about what was going to happen made me feel more relaxed. As luck would have it, I was paired with the host – quite a cracker, rather petite but with a smile (and an arse) to die for.

y wife was coupled with a Swedish guy (mid-fifties, about 185cm, average build, maybe a bit overweight) and they were the first to take advantage of the only bedroom in the house. I had agreed to all this on the condition of being allowed to watch if I wanted to. This bloke said to me “Ok… but no pictures”. As he didn’t say anything about recording their love noises, I agreed not to take any pictures :)

I went to the kitchen to get myself another drink (and get my recording app ready), thus giving my wife and this Swedish guy a few precious minutes to get acquainted with each other in the bedroom. When I quietly entered the bedroom, I was expecting to see them engaged in flirty conversation on the bed, probably whilst taking their clothes off. I couldn’t have been more wrong – in hindsight I’m not even sure they took any notice of me coming in.

The room was strangely quiet and I was presented with this sight – my wife was fully naked, lying down on the bed with her open legs hanging off the side, clutching this guy’s head and keeping it firmly on her crotch. The guy was also fully naked, knees on the floor, very busy eating my wife’s pussy. WTF??

I had only left them alone for five minutes and my wife was literally seconds away from an orgasm! In fact, as she started moaning, I didn’t even have enough time to get the armchair and turn on my recording app that she let it go big time, writhing about with pleasure but still clutching this Swede’s head on her pussy until the very end of her long climax. I was shocked but massively aroused at the same time. I sat there quietly for a few seconds, giving them some time to regain a bit of composure, just thinking about what I had just witnessed.

After a couple of minutes, both of them lying on the bed, they started whispering to each other. When they had finished, he turned to me and said words to this effect: “Your wife has had her bit of fun… now I’d like to have mine. Is that ok with you?”. I wasn’t sure so I turned to my wife and asked her if she was ok with it. Without hesitation she nodded and said ‘yes’, basically giving this bloke the green light to shag her. At this very moment, most probably due to the alcohol intake and the loss of inhibitions, I got a huge hard-on…

Before they started having sex (again), this guy looked at my phone and said “no pictures please” – so I reassured him that I was only going to record their noises. He didn’t seem particularly pleased about it but… hey ho.

As they started fondling each other, I couldn’t help giving a furtive look at this guy’s nether regions. I’d say his length was average, however the girth was pretty impressive. Admittedly I haven’t seen many cocks in my life (!!!) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thicker cock than his. Before penetration, he switched between fingering her and giving her head a couple of times. Her pussy, still wet from her first orgasm, got even wetter (as you can hear in the audio clip). Then he got her on her knees and teased her from behind with the tip of his cock. First he made a cheeky attempt at fucking her up the arse, which she promptly refused. And thank God she did… If he had had his way, probably he’d have destroyed her back entrance.

So he started penetrating her doggie style – my wife started moaning almost immediately. She was clearly aware of my presence but made no attempt at disguising her pleasure for having sex with another man. I was quite intrigued by his ‘style’ as he didn’t go for any thrusting – instead he preferred to slide his cock in and out, slowly but incessantly. I must admit that being new to the wife swapping scene this was massively arousing for me, even though I was a mere spectator. I started masturbating in front of them and it was quite reassuring as a novice to get his ‘blessing’ as he gave me a big thumbs up.
Probably sensing that he was close to the point of no return, he upped his pace.

Then he reached for her pussy with his right hand and started flicking her clit. As my wife’s moans got louder and more frequent, I was inclined to think that she was exaggerating it for his pleasure. After all, she had already climaxed less than half an hour earlier… was she really going to cum again? I got the answer that I was looking for only a few moments later. Still on her knees, she lifted her elbows from the pillows and firmly clutched the bed headboard with both hands, before signaling to him to push deep into her. The sight of this thick cock slipping in and out of my wife at robust pace was too much for me to resist and that’s when I cummed.

As she approached her second orgasm of the night, she started scratching the wooden headboard. By now he was slamming into her and her cries of ecstasy were clearly heard by all the guests in the house (it was confirmed to me later that night). Even more surprisingly, her second orgasm was more intense than the first one. By contrast his orgasm was virtually silent. His face was contorted with pleasure but somewhat disappointingly he barely let out any noise. Later on he admitted that whilst he was not new to the wife swapping scene, he’d never had his love sounds recorded and that made him very self-conscious about it.

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