Looking after neighbour house

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I was looking after my neighbors house whilst away for four weeks. I was on my own at the time as wife was away for few days. I had forgotten to check neighbors until late evening and as I approached saw a person moving towards me. It was soon apparent that it was his daughter who lived a few streets away. Her name was Jane she was very good looking and as it was a warm night had on a tight top and mini skirt.

She told me she had a row with her husband and told him she was going to sleep at parents I said would he not come to look for her she replied no because he was pissed and that was why she had left him to sleep off he was asleep before she left. She said was I in a rush I said no wife is away. She smiled and suggested a glass of her dads wine and we soon had drunk the bottle. She really looked good and her nipples we’re very pert.. She sat opposite me and I was getting a good view up her skirt which she clearly noticed.

She said she was sorry to be hacked off but her husband had promised her a night out and she was ready for a heavy sex session then said sorry did not mean to embarrass me. I said I was surprised how he good have let her down and add when you look so good.. She smiled again and said was I offering to help her. By this time I was very hard and she was staring at my ample bulge. She then stood up and without any reply pulled her top off revealing a perfect pair of tits and nipples.

She then dropped her skirt revealing a super body she then said I was looking ready for some fun as she undid my zip and careful took out my fairly large dick. She let out a gasp as her fingers rubbed my dick. She then said I was to fuck her as she was about to cum and as I mounted her doggy style she started to moan and my fast strokes felt her explode as I unloaded my cum into her. She kissed me before working my cock back to full size and this time we fucked at a normal speed as she came of my erection. She was also squinting all over me I thought she would never stop.

We had one last fuck before I sent her home.

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