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*** Please read chapters 1 - 13 as a prelude for this story in order to grasp the personalities of my friends and myself as well as understand the plots up to this point. My caution, especially for the earlier stories, is to please overlook my typos and logic errors. I have re-edited the early stories, but the originals are the only ones available online. Use the search feature for "The Game" to find the previous 13 stories to read in chronological order (or just click on my author name to see all my stories list). Please accept my continued sincere thanks in advance for reading and leaving any feedback. To answer a few questions that continue in emails, my friends have not read the story, and I will continue to remain anonymous even if you email me. Enjoy.

So, after the New Year's weekend, we are all back in school. Our gifts for Donna and Tonya are sitting and waiting to be used. Let me say that the webcam is a great present but not a substitute for the real thing. The cams are a lot better than the ones on a laptop because there is no blurring or lagging during fast movements. Although Donna had a laptop with a webcam during the first year that she and I were together, we never thought about using it in the evenings.

Laptop webcams are for amateurs, and our group demands more, lol. By the way, if you are broadcasting yourself, make sure you have a secure connection if you use WiFi. You don't want your neighbors watching you, or in my case, I don't want my dad watching me. My dad is very tech savvy. I am connected through a cat-6 cable connection because there are a lot of tech savvy people around my neck of the woods, and I'm not taking any chances of someone tapping into my wireless connection. If you want to win at life, just pretend that everyone is smarter than you whether or not they are. In this case, with my best knowledge of secure connections, I will at least pretend that there is someone who can circumvent any security measures that I use. Consequently, I don't use wireless.

Tonya hadn't set up her webcam since I gave it to her a couple of weeks ago. We got to see each other so much during the holidays that it wasn't necessary. So, on Tuesday evening after New Years weekend, I call and walk her through setting up Skype to use for the webcam. Afterwards we talk. After a while Donna and Marcus join us and all four of us talk. Since my father and I are attending the CES show in Las Vegas starting Thursday, I will be leaving tomorrow, Wednesday, and won't get together will Tonya this weekend. It will be pure torture not seeing her even though the Las Vegas trip will be exciting.

"Well, the good news is that Tonya wouldn't be in fully available this weekend anyway," announces Donna.

"And why not?" I ask.

"It's that time of the month," says Tonya who evidently already cued Donna about her status before we talked.

"I will sit this weekend out although the three of us could have plenty of fun without you," Tonya laughs at me.

"Hey, you know I'm not jealous, but I would be very envious thinking about you guys." Envious hell. Marcus would probably fuck Tonya's rear anytime he gets a chance. Hell, I haven't done it to her there much. Tonya doesn't mind Marcus' curiosity, but I'm a little glad she won't be participating in the weekend without me. I guess that's selfish of me, but I want her hot and ready for me when we get together next.

"Are we going anywhere?" Marcus asks Donna while worrying about his dick workout for the weekend.

"Oh. You expect me to come over just for you?" Donna teases.

Marcus catches on to Donna's tease for once and says, "Well, since I can't have both of you, I can wait."

"Don't push it, or I might not show up," admonishes Donna playfully.

"You know you can't stand being without me anymore than I can hold my feelings when I'm not with you," recoils Marcus.

"Well put, Marcus. Nice save there after going out on the limb," I compliment him.

"Well, I'll pick you up. You know we have never been alone together since the first time, so this will be a special weekend for us," says Donna sounding very romantic.

"Well damn, I'm feeling guilty that I haven't been alone with Tonya either," I say somewhat remorsefully.

Donna consoles me, "Hey, not to worry. I'll make sure that you and Tonya have a night alone too in the future."

"It's Ok. We don't worry about your guys once we start snuggling in the back seat," says Tonya.

"Except when Donna watches us over the backseat," I laugh.

"Or when you throw Tonya's panties at Marcus or when you watch Marcus do his specialty on me," Donna laughs back referring to when Marcus lies on his back face up while Donna squats on his face to get her pussy sucked.

"Touché," I say.

We offer the light banter back and forth for awhile longer and say our goodbyes since I am leaving tomorrow after school for Las Vegas.

The next evening my dad and I are in Las Vegas. The next three days are really spectacular. The Consumer Electronics Show is full of new electronics every year and innovations of stuff that is hot on the market now. You have to be affiliated with a company in the industry and 18 to get in. Well, I made up my own cards and I.D. along with using an advanced registration and am able to get in without any hassle. The show just doesn't want a bunch of brats running around at such an important event where literally billions of dollars in profits, jobs, and stock prices are on the line. I think I'm a good ambassador for the products, so no harm done.

I don't swipe my card at any of the booths which would provide false leads to the vendors, but I watch a lot of demonstrations. I make sure I find the companies that use gorgeous models with legs all the way up to their necks using an old, old Rod Stewart quote. I'm sure the models are getting fucked in the rooms of the bigwigs at night. There is too much money and there are too many hot girls not to know that, so I had a lot of material for my fantasies.

The models that I see aren't interested in guys like me anyway. They go after the money. I mean with the lights down low, you might as well have a dick that is attached to a guy with a lot of money in your pussy instead of fucking a guy in high school, so all I can do is look. If I did work up an offer, I couldn't act on it since I am with my dad. Oh well, my fantasies will build up my urge even more to be with Tonya when I get back.

This year the show highlights 3-D televisions once again, Apple Ipads and Iphones, and 4G connectivity for speedy connections of phones to the internet. Companies are touting the LED passive 3-D for television which by-passes the need to wear glasses for a 3-D effect on your TV. The pictures look great although Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I use our phones more than watching TV. I am going to get an Ipad or an Android equivalent to download my textbooks before school starts next year. The idea of not carrying books around in a backpack is one of the best ideas that I see at the show for me.

I spend a lot of time in the LVCC North Hall where the gamers are set up. Microsoft shows an Avatar Kinect where your avatar can talk to other avatars which are supposed to be your friends. What is different is that the program can pick up your body motions and facial expressions. That's OK, I guess, but if you are going to do that, why not just use a webcam and see the real you? Geezus, I guess an Avatar is OK if you want to talk to people anonymously on the web, but I don't see talking to Donna, Tonya, and Marcus using an avatar. On the other hand, who am I go second guess Microsoft when they have sold nearly 2 million of these things?

We have tickets to "O" a Cirque Du Soleil production which produces the absolute best entertainment that the world has to offer. In "O" the music and performers do a lot of acrobatics with a water theme with costumes that are so visual that the memory of the show will be implanted in my mind for years. Entertainment like that is absolutely the best the world has to offer, and it's not that expensive. I had previously seen Mystere which is my still my favorite.

Well, Las Vegas is great for entertainment, but I'm not 21, so it leaves a lot to be desired because after the shows, I can't stay in the casinos or drink at the bars. My favorite restaurant is at the Mirage, but I can't drink one of the fabulous looking margaritas at Sambas. There are more expensive restaurants, but my dad watches his money.

I am on my own Friday night because my dad is has a business dinner, so I walk to the Chris Angel shop in the Luxor. I am taking it all in so that when Donna, Marcus, Tonya, and I come here someday, we will be seasoned enough to find the best places. It just doesn't get any better than Las Vegas for fun, entertainment, and romance.

We fly back Sunday evening. I have been talking with Tonya each night but not to the extent that we normally do, so I call her as soon as I get my junk unpacked in my room.

"It was a long day and weekend without you," says Tonya.

"It's gonna be another long week since I wont get to see you until next Friday," I say.

Dang, I wish Tonya lived closer to me.

"You can see me every night now," she says.

"Yeah, but I want to touch you too," I say.

"Same here," she reassures me.

"I didn't think you wanted to just see my face when I opened your present," she teases.

"How could that even cross your mind?" I quip back in order to let her take the lead.

"If I stand up, you can see more than my face," she continues to tease.

"I thought we were going to just talk about school," I tease back allowing her to continue the erotic gesture.

"OK, then we'll just talk," she says forcing me to beg.

I lose the tease-talk and laugh, "Stand."

Tonya stands, and I see her from the waist down. I see her sheer negligee at the top of her knees creeping up her thighs, but it stops short.

"Did you expect to see more?" she whispers, her face still off-camera as I gape at her from the waist down. The sight of her panties covering her pussy turns me on, and I want to see them badly.

I decide not to be comical at this point and say, "please, more."

As my shoulders lean back against my seat and I stare at my monitor, Tonya's negligee creeps up further exposing white, lacey panties. Through the lace, I can faintly make out her darkish hair between her legs. As my excitement grows so does my dick. It is pointed down, and I adjust it so it can expand upward.

Suddenly the camera goes blank, and I see a black screen.

Tonya announces matter-of-factly, "One moment. There seems to be a technical difficulty."

I'm thinking, gawd damn. This is innovative and unexpected and wonder if she planned this all day or just did it spontaneously. If I had been underestimating Marcus, I am surely overlooking Tonya's abilities to be innovative and tease me.

The camera comes on, and I see Tonya from the waist down once again. Her negligee is creeping up her thighs until I notice that there are no panties covering up what I want to see. Tonya stands innocently naked from the waist down like Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Tonya pulls her negligee over her head and steps back so that I can see her fully naked on my 24" screen. Geezus, she is beautiful on camera, and I wish it was 3D. Next, Tonya sits down in her chair with her knees spread wide apart. Using the tips of her fingers she opens up her pussy for me.

Oh geezus, I thought I would like the webcam, but it is just one big tease. It hasn't been five minutes, and I'm already aching to lick the open lips of Tonya's pussy and stick my tongue into her. I want to put my dick into that open pussy. I'm not sure if l like or hate this webcam. My dick is hard and pushing on my pants. So now what do I do?

"It's your turn," says Tonya breaking my concentration and fantasy about fucking her.

I stand and frame my waist into the camera. The focus is perfect and I drop my shorts showing my underwear being pushed out by my fully erect throbbing dick.

"More?" she asks in that sweet voice that always makes me melt.

I can't talk. My throat is tight, and I want to fuck her now. I need to fuck her now. This is fucking torture. I pull my dick out my pee hole and turn sideways so that she can see it in profile view. I pump a little pre-cum out the top not that it needed to be pumped. I am dripping already. OK, I'm dying. It's only been a couple more minutes, and I am sure that I hate the fucking webcam. Gawd damn, I need Tonya here now. If she were here, she would have my dick in her mouth and moving her tongue up and down the length of my shaft. Can someone die from the urges and desires built up for the one you love?

I turn back toward the camera and pull my underwear down and take off my t-shirt but don't take time to take off my socks. Tonya has her finger inserted into her pussy, and I am thinking that it could be my dick if I were with her. I know what I want to do, but I can't jack off until after our conversation for the night. Geezus, we haven't seen each other in a week, and the conversation could last a couple of hours. I hurt.

"I want to watch you," she says, and I react immediately to give her a show.

I rub my dick and pump it up and down slowly for her.

"I want more," she coaxes me on.

"How much more?" I ask really not sure how to proceed.

"Are you going to do it?" she asks.

Oh geezus, does she want me to cum in front of her?

"You mean shoot off?" I ask to make sure I am clear on her request, but I kind of know she wants me to.

"Yes, please," she whispers in a breathy voice close to the microphone.

"You want me to shoot off?" I kind of want to but suddenly feel a little shy on camera. Masturbating is kind of personal although everyone does it.

"If you don't do it now, you'll just do it later," she states the obvious.

"I'm gonna sit down then," I say as my urge to cum overcomes my inhibitions of which I don't have many.

Geezus, I can't believe I'm doing this on a webcam. Tonya is slowly moving her middle finger in and out of her pussy, and I'm thinking about my next move. Tonya spreads her legs wide for me and uses her thumbs and forefingers to massage her erect nipples. Oh geezus, I am so flushed that I am shaking a bit.

Suddenly, I stand up and announce, "Just a minute." I disappear off camera and get a tiny amount of oil, you know, the present that the girls gave us a couple weeks ago.

Back on camera, I drop a little on my dick as I lay back in my chair facing the camera. I adjust the camera and zoom in a little to put my dick in the frame.

"Am I in focus for you?" I ask.

"I can see the veins popping out on your dick as well as the hairs perfectly," she laughs.

Geezus, I suddenly feel self-conscious again and look for any imperfections from shaving my balls and base of my dick, but I seem to look OK tonight. I gently move my hand up and down my shaft feeling the oil as I watch Tonya finger-fuck herself. I play like the oil is Tonya's tongue. I am performing for Tonya and don't want to rush, but I am wanting to shoot off to relieve this urge. I am completely surprised that I am so turned on by seeing Tonya naked on a webcam with her fingers massaging and being inserted into her pussy. I guess the first time is always a surprise, and no one can predict what turns them on or how they will react. I'm surprised by my excitement for sure. Of course, not fucking Tonya in a week adds to my urges too.

Tonya thrusts her finger into her pussy harder and moves it in and out a little faster than before as I pump my oiled dick up and down while watching her, staring at her, fantasizing with her, and then feeling my body becoming rigid. My heels are pointed out, and I am sort of stretched out on my chair with my eyes fixed on Tonya. She is staring back at me. Slowly, I feel that familiar cold, numbing creeping up the backs of my calves and my temples going numb while my groin and dick feel the sensations of climax, and I shoot cum all over my chest. I mean all way up to my shoulder and neck. One shot hits my shoulder, the next my neck and the rest spew on my chest. I am covered with a week's worth of cum that has been begging to squirt out.

Tonya continues staring and moving her finger in and out. My strokes slow down as I continue to move my hand up and down my dick pumping all the cum out. As I slow down, I watch Tonya intently. I have never seen her masturbate, and I am fascinated. I know she has to do it, but I never asked the particulars. Finally, I stop pumping and continue watching her as she closes her eyes for at least a couple of minutes. I kinda want to clean up, but I continue lying back in my chair as Tonya opens her eyes to look at me and my cum filled chest.

As I watch her and feel like I am watching an angel. Although my urge and desire has tapered off to nothing, I enjoy seeing her lying backwards with her fingers in her pussy. Yes, she looks like an angel, behaves like an angel, and cums like an angel. Holy shit, she cums like an angel? Ok, let me explain. Angels are hot. Angels are always pictured in long, white robes. Come on, everyone knows angels are naked underneath. It is humans that invented underwear long after angels were created, so angels have no reason to be wearing anything under those robes.

Angels like to have sex too. There is a reference in Genesis that refers to angels as the sons of God who "came in the daughters of men and bore them children." Who "came" in the daughters of man? Angels! Holy shit, I bet that passage is ignored by most people, but I know it's there. Anyway, Tonya is my angel, and I am hers, so I do my part to cum in her as much as I can so that I can be just like the angels in Genesis. They are really good role models.

Soon, Tonya closes her eyes and breaths very heavily. She arches her back and spreads her knees wide apart. In and out she massages herself deep inside her pussy. I want to be with her and thrust my tongue far inside her, but I have to be content in just watching the screen. As she lies backwards in her chair in a 45 degree angle, I see the tips of her nipples clearly atop her round breasts. She peers at me as she squints her eyes toward the camera.

Suddenly says quietly, "I love seeing you on the webcam."

"And I love you," I say while suddenly realize once again I am very self-conscious about cum all over my stomach and chest. I hadn't planned any cleanup and feel a bit embarrassed.

I can tell she is cumming. Her knees twitch a little and she moves her pelvis in rhythm as she thrusts her fingers in and out of her puss. As she continues, she stares straight at me on the screen, and I don't take my eyes off of her. As she slows down, I know she is coming down off her numbing feeling of ecstasy and I am getting a bit aroused again watching her. She stops moving her hand and continues lying backwards with her knees spread outward exposing her beautiful pussy slightly worn out for the night. I wish I could have worn it out.

When I find the right time so that I don't rush the moment I say, "Just a minute." I get up so that nothing drips on the floor and make it to the bathroom to get a wash cloth. After hurriedly cleaning up, I rush back so that I don't keep Tonya waiting. She has a towel covering her as I see her once again on the screen.

After I am back in view, Tonya says, "Nice show."

"It's a great show," I say. "No reruns. I want a new show every night."

"Sounds good to me," says Tonya.

OK, I'm the one who now suggests that we masturbate in front of the webcam every night rather than Tonya. I can handle this. If my urge isn't as great when we see each other live, then I will just hold off a couple days before each weekend. Sounds like a plan.

Holy geezus. It hits me. I just saw Tonya masturbate. I never thought about it before. I just avoided talking about it with Tonya during all of these months, but her needs and urges are the same as mine. When we aren't together, she has to cum by herself just like me. What's wrong about getting hot thinking about the person you love and then acting on it? I loved seeing Tonya cumming on the monitor in front of me.

I guess it's a little sexist to think that only guys have to relieve their urges and girls wait. I'm learning. I sure don't want to be sexist because I love and really respect Tonya. She is my equal in every way and I want to treat her the best I can. Geezus, did I say respect? That sounds so adult, but I think my feelings are as mature as any adult, so I will say it. I respect Tonya as well as love her. Wow, I don't know where that came from. Can the Peter Pan in me feel adult emotions?

"I've never seen you do that," says Tonya. "But I think about it when I'm alone."

"It is a bit personal, but we've shared everything else, so what the hell. Can I ask you a question?" I ask as if she would deny me.

"Of course," she answers.

"When was the first time you did that?" I ask. Geezus, I can't even say masturbate.

"Well, I was a late bloomer. It wasn't long before last summer just before I met you. I was kinda curious one day, and it just happened. Then after it happened, all I could think about is doing it for real," she recalls for me.

"You mean with a guy," I help her with the words.

"Yeah, of course," she admits.

"What about you," she asks in return.

Oh geezus, I can't lie, and I hadn't anticipated being asked back.

"Well guys seem to find out earlier," I say in defense of my coming answer. "For me it was in the second grade. A kid talked about it on the playground, and I went home a tried it immediately."

"And what happened?" asks Tonya wanting more details.

"It worked," I laugh not wanting to give more details.

"You couldn't cum, so how did it work?" asks Tonya with uncharacteristic curiosity trying to figure out the mechanics of male climaxes.

"Well the feeling cums, but you don't cum, cum. You know, nothing cums out. That happens later when you get older," I explain.

"Oh. Just wondering. So it felt just as good even though you couldn't cum?" she continues to probe.

"Yes. No different. It felt just as good as now," I assure her.

"So you continued to do it?" she asks.

I laugh a little uneasily having to confess, but Tonya is just filling in the blanks in her knowledge about guys.

"Yes. Most guys do it every day once they learn," I reveal the male no-so-secret activity.

"Wow. All those years and we could have been doing it together like Donna and Donnie," she laments and surprises me with the thought.

"I hadn't thought about it, but I sure fantasized about doing it with a lot of girls through the years until I met Donna and you," I say being forced to regret not knowing Tonya earlier. The thought of fucking her instead of masturbating all of those years is really profound. What if I had known her like Donnie knew Donna. Wow, the thought blows my mind.

As we continue talking, I ponder over what just happened. Tonya has never seen my cum shoot, so maybe this is an extra-exciting time for her. I didn't think shooting cum all over my chest would be exciting, but I'm not a girl. Is this what we are going to do every night that we aren't together? Geezus, I guess I can get used to it, but I'm not Marcus who beats off every night and still has plenty of urges for Donna on the weekend. I can beat off every night too, but I try to save up my cum and desire for the weekends with Tonya just as I had done for Donna. I guess I will just play it by ear and see how much we do and then see how the weekends go. In the meantime, I won't be with Tonya until Friday, five days from now. So whatever we do on the webcam will be fine with me.

**** Thanks for reading my continuing story. We are all back in school, and I am really swamped with work this year, so my installments may not be as frequent. I am anxious to continue the story, so keep watching the website. I hope to catch up to the present in a few chapters. Over the summer, many of you asked about the timing of the story, so I hope that it's very apparent now. You may send emails to galaxysign at hotmail dot com. Also, feel free to leave feedback below. As always, I keep your correspondence confidential and anonymous. Thanks again. Enjoy yourself and keep your partner happy.

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