Leah and Abanu

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I have been talking to my wife, Leah about a new guy that had joined the gym. He is a black guy with an athletic build, tall and in his early 30's. I had been using the gym for a couple of months now and i was trying to lose a few pounds, when he approached me and offered me some advice. His name was Abanu and he was very friendly. I am in my late 40's and over weight and Abanu helped me over the next few weeks and i made much faster progress. What made me tell Leah about him was when I saw him in the changing rooms after working out. The first time I saw him naked was when I was in the changing room and he had just stripped to go into the shower. I caught a glimpse of his cock and it looked massive.

After seeing it I did not go into the shower, I was to embarrassed to show my small cock. The second time I saw his cock, it was after he had come out of the shower, he was drying himself and I could not help but look down at it, dangling between his legs. It was big and thick and I could not even imagine it being erect, it put my average size cock to shame. When I told Leah about him she became very interested in him.

A few days later Leah and I were in bed and we were speaking about Abanu. I had told her about his massive cock and Leah was beginning to have thoughts about fucking him, and I had to admit to her that I wanted to see his cock inside her pussy. As we spoke I could feel my cock go hard, so I climbed on top of Leah and pushed myself into her. My cock does not stay as hard as it used to and I have let my wife down on many occasions, but tonight my cock was rock hard. Leah moaned with pleasure as we fucked and it did not take her long to reach an orgasm. We both slept well that night and by the morning we both had Abanu on our minds.

The weeks went by fast and I was spending more time at the gym with Abanu and we became quite close. We spoke about many things including sex, and I told him about my wife and I showed him a picture of her on my phone. Abanu said she was attractive and then I told him about our fantasy. He seemed shocked at first but said he would participate if we wanted to take it further.

I got home that evening and told Leah that Abanu would be willing to join us if she wanted him. She needed no persuading, and quickly told me to arrange it as soon as possible. I phoned him straight away and arranged for him to come over to our house the next evening.

We waited with anticipation for Abanu to arrive. Leah had put on a nice red dress and was wearing a sexy red Lacey bra and knickers and had stockings and suspenders on. She looked beautiful and at 45 years old, she was still slim and I knew Abanu would not be able to resist her. My cock was hard just looking at her, knowing she was going to fuck another man.

The doorbell rang and I let Abanu in. As he entered the front room I noticed Leah get excited. She has never acted like that before and her excitement really turned me on. We did not have much of a discussion, Abanu just looked at me and asked for permission to play. I nodded and Leah took his hand and lead him upstairs, with me following like and excited puppy. As soon as we entered the room Abanu pulled my wife close to him and kissed her. He then began to remove her dress. He looked at me and I nodded, and then he turned his attention to Leah. By now Leah was sitting on the bed and had her bra and knickers removed and was undoing his trousers.

She pulled out his big black cock and quickly she began to suck it. I watched and wanked as my wife took it into her mouth. Then she layed on the bed and opened her legs. Abanu reached over to his trouser pockets and got out a condom. I watched as he put on the condom and then got in between my wife's legs. He pushed his big hard cock into Leah's hairy wet pussy and she groaned as she took his full length inside her. I was wanking my small cock as I watched him pound her slim body, making her scream with delight. He then turned her over and she got on all fours and I watched him push his cock into her soaking wet cunt.

He began to slowly fuck her from behind. Leah was enjoying his hard cock and she began to talk dirty to him. He then pulled out his cock and Leah turned around and removed her stockings and suspenders to feel more comfortable. She then layed back down on her back and Abanu entered her pussy again. As he was fucking her his condom split and Leah said he could leave it off. I did not mind as I was so turned on I was not thinking straight. I watched as Abanu fucked Leah without a condom and I moved closer to see. I wanked as I watched my pretty white wife getting fucked hard by this big muscular African guy. She screamed as she came and after hearing her I shot my load as I wanked. Abanu fucked her hard and I watched him as he clenched his arse cheeks and groaned as he filled my wife's pussy with his hot white spunk. He was passionately kissing Leah and they were both licking at each others tongues and they totally ignored me standing there. Then they both lay there side by side on the bed.

I went to the toilet and put my clothes back on and when i returned to the bedroom they were both in bed with the covers over them. Leah wanted him to stay the night and I agreed he could. I did not expect my wife to enjoy it so much, and i expected it to be over quickly but Leah wanted more from him. I ended up staying in the spare room listening to them giggling and fucking all night.

The next morning I got up and went straight out. I left them both sleeping in bed. When I returned a few hours later, Leah thanked me for letting them fuck and now she sees him on a regular basis, i sometimes watch and other times i go out and leave them to it. Abanu does have an English girlfriend in her 20's and he says she does not mind him sleeping with other women and has hinted that she could join us, so I am still letting him have sex with Leah once a week in the hope I can get to fuck his girlfriend, but it hasn't happened yet.

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