My mates wife

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I had been to a Christmas party with a number of friends and we all had to much to drink so my married friends Ann and Paul said I could use their spare room so we walled back taking about fifteen minutes. On arrival Paul got me a beer and Ann and he opened more wine. I should say Ann was a great looker but nothing had ever taken place between me and her.

I was sitting opposite them and Paul was well away with the drink and he started playing with her tits she was drunk but told him not to do it as he would embarrass himself. She then moaned as his hand went up her skirt and I guess his finger was inside her. He then got bolder and said come on Ann take your kit off we will all enjoy that. He then said wait I must have a Pee first and whilst he was gone she sort of apologized for his drunken behavior. She started up and said gosh where has he gone and came back saying come with me and he had passed out pissed on their bed.

I helped move him into a safe laying mode and we went back into lounge as I sat down she surprised me by saying do you want me to continue and strip off as I had been asked I just nodded. She slowly removed everything down to a thong and her fantastic body was before me her tits lovely and firm with the biggest nipples I had to that point seen. she moved close to me and moved her tits so I could suck her nipples.

By then my cock was so hard and aching that she stood up and said It was time I let her see the big cock I had she then added her sister who I had fucked in the past had told her about my size. I stood and removed my clothes letting out my boner into view she dropped down and took it into her mouth whilst my finger worked her very wet clit. I turned her over the seat edge and slowly entered her with my head pushing her lips apart to a serious moan as i felt her explode onto my moving cock. I caressed her nipples as my speed worked up and then I exploded my cum deep inside her.

I said we had better clean up and go to bed she said not until i have had another dose of that lovely cock to which i obliged in the morning we had both got up before Paul came down and had some lunch he clearly could not remember much but asked if I had slept well I nodded and thanked him for the nights hospitality Ann could not avoid a big grin.

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