A male piece of meat

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David and his girlfriend Lauren were in the early stages of their relationship. Lauren lived on her own in a flat, whereas David lived with his parents.

Whenever the pair of them were both free, they would meet up at Lauren's flat, and be naked as they both admitted to not liking wearing clothes, and their families were not accepting the idea of nudism.

When David arrived at Lauren's, he used the key she gave him, she was waiting for him wearing only her dressing gown in the living room. Lauren put tape over David's mouth and asked him not to resist what she was planning.

Lauren then removed David's jumper and t-shirt, which allowed for his muscular hairy torso to be on show. His watch dropped to the floor as Lauren held David's hand and walked him to the bedroom.

She pushed him onto the bed, and handcuffed both his hands to the bedposts. David expected this sort of thing, so did not struggle.

With David now unable to move, Lauren yelled 'you can come out now'. Within seconds four female friends appeared in the bedroom. They had been hiding in her bathroom. 'David, meet Ella, Sophie, Katie and Amy', Lauren said wildly.

David now looked concerned as he wondered what Lauren had planned.

Each of the four girls took their position on the bed. Amy removed his shoes, Ella unbuttoned his jeans, Katie sat across his torso with her unshaved vagina in his face, and Sophie started rubbing her left hand up and down his penis, before all five women (including Lauren) proceeded to take turns in sucking it off.

The jeans were removed, to reveal David wearing no boxers. He was left lying tied and gagged to the bed wearing nothing but socks. David was to lie there for hours and hours alone until Lauren returned to the room.

"The reason we have left for you so long is because you cheated on me with my sister, your clothes have been burned, and when or if I set you free, you'll have to walk all twenty miles naked".


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