Wife canít resist stranger at nude beach

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This story happened to my wife and I while visiting a local nude beach for the very first time. We have been married for past 34 years and have talked in length about going to a nude beach for some time now, so we finally decided to take this day and make it happen. My wife is 56 years old and still keeps up her very nice figure. She stands 5í2Ē tall with brown curly highlighted shoulder length hair with size D breast. Her areolas are the size of silver dollars, keeping her pussy shaved throughout the year.

Over the years we have talked about are fantasies which one of them has included her jerking off another man while I watched? We talked about this during sex thinking this would somehow spice up our sex life and it always had. I also thought that if this were ever to present itself, would we go through with it or where we all talk. So this summer at the Jersey shore we headed out to the nude beach where we were a little nervous I mean a lot nervous. When we got to the parking lot at about 11 o clock we drank some vodka to help us with our nerves. We knew that there would be a long walk to the beach because we had been informed by someone we met in the parking lot. I am 62 and had been waiting for this day to come for a long time.

When we finished setting up our beach chairs and umbrella I wasted no time removing my clothes after seeing everyone there was already naked. My wife also removed her clothes with the help of the vodka we just drank. So we sat down in our chairs and took it all in. We started people watching from beneath our sunglasses for some time and admired all of those that we knew would likely turn us on. This went through out most of the afternoon in hot 90 degree sun while drinking some more vodka. My wife knows that I like looking at women with big breast. I also know that she like looking at men who are young, trim, and having a big cock helps.. We had a great time just sitting in the sun with our bodies naked it felt so liberating for the two of us.

So after some cock and breast watching we decided to lie down on are towels face down so that we would tan our backs. We both dozed off for a while so when we got up to sit down again she wanted us to move our chairs in the direction of the sun because it had moved while we were sleeping. So we then moved our self over lining up with the sun. We then moved about 5 ft. or so to the right and then sat back down in our chairs.

When we got comfortable my wife had taken notice about 30 ft. away a nice looking younger man that appeared to be about 35, sitting on his blanket with some type of windscreen that wrapped around him on his back side. He must have showed up sometime when we were sleeping because we didnít notice him earlier. She brought him to my attention because she noticed him playing with his penis that appeared to look semi hard to me.

This somehow intrigued the two of us so we decide to watch the show from behind our sunglasses. He appeared to be looking in our direction watching my wife as he stroked his cock. Now I know my wife was getting turned on because her eyes seemed to be fixated on his penis, and it didnít go unnoticed by this stranger from across the way. This went on for a short period of time when we were shocked to see that he had pick himself up from where he was sitting and proceeded to walk towards us.

He then positioned himself right in front of us where we now could see his cock up front and personal. He then kneels down in front of my wife and I. The two of us could not believe this had just happened and watched in amazement. He then introduced himself as Jose from Brazil who said he live in the area. My heart was racing from the nerves and excitement at the same time. As he spoke to my wife I could not help myself from looking down at his cock that was about 5 inches flaccid. Now I am not ashamed to say I also liked looking at his nice cock. My cock hard looks like his soft. The wife was filled with excitement by the way she looked and acted around him. Jose was about 5í 10Ē nice looking with a well-trimmed body who shaves his chest and pubic area. I found that I too was touching myself wanting to see how this was going to play out. My heart was racing with excitement.

Jose then talked to us for about 10 minutes and asked if he could gather up his belongings so that he could then sit along with us. We both said yes at about the same time, so he got up from where he was picking up his blanket and windscreen and then set himself up in front of us placing the windscreen around all of us in such a way that it somewhat hid us from prying eyes. It was getting later so the beach started to thin out. Jose then sat back down on his knees again in front of my wife and asked if she would like having her legs massaged. She looked in my direction for approval and I had agreed. He started at her thighs and then he would move to her calves continuing this motion while he was still talking to my wife. Somehow this was playing out like our fantasies but I was not sure where this was going.

Jose then placed her foot on his all most erect cock witch was about 8Ē and very thick. The wife got the hint and proceeded to take her foot rubbing it around the tip of his cock. I know he loved it because his massaging of my wifeís thighs became a little more intense as he worked his way up her thighs. I had noticed my wife starting to spread her legs a little wider when Joseís hands got closer to her pussy giving him a better look at her cleanly shaved pussy. I later found out how wet she was from his foreplay.

Jose saw this and then made his move with his fingers and started playing with my wifeís pussy for me to see. I could now see how wet she really was by glaze on his fingers as he withdrew from her pussy.

At this point I was touching myself and watching in excitement as Jose then asked her if she would move herself onto his blanket with him. She then again looked over at me and I agreed. My wife knelt beside him where I had instructed her to take his cock in her hand and start jerking him off, although I think in her mind she was so hot that she was going to do it anyway. Jose was so dam excited that I though he was going to shoot his load right away.

He played with her breast while my wife stroked his cock. I couldnít believe that this was happening to us but I loved it. The site of my wifeís hand around Joseís cock with those manicured fingernails turned me on so much that I continued to play with myself. She started to stroke him a little faster when he started to moan softly. I knew it wasnít going to take very long before he came. I heard him say he was about ready to cum when I looked down to see Jose Cumming shooting loads of cum onto his blanket and all over my wifeís hands. From my view point he must have squirted about 7 times. After catching his breath he proceeded to clean himself up. Jose got up from the blanket and thanked us saying he would be around again in a few days.

Jose removed his blanket and windscreen then took off leaving my wife and I in disbelief of what had just happened. We waited about 5 minutes more and removed our self from the beach before anything was said. When we got back to the car and preceded home we talked about it all the way home. We knew this was not Joseís first time at this but still couldnít believe this happened to us on our first trip to a nude beach. We now talk about this every time we make love. This will not be our last trip to this beach.

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