My wife's first time using a sex toy

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When we first met my wife and I got to know each other in the intimate sense almost immediately she said right out of the gate that she felt I had far more experience than she did which wasnít entirely true but of course in a new relationship you have to ask the doís and doníts likeís and dislikeís and one of my likes was the use of sex toys with my partners. It almost given in my experiences that all women enjoyed using sex toys vibrators, dildos etc. and to be honest I had some pretty adventurous partners. One lady that comes to mind enjoyed using a double dong on herself and me occasionally and she introduced me to the use of them for my pleasure as well as hers.

So, I was a bit disappointed when they were one on my wifeís no list, her go to answer was well I prefer the real thing but conceded that she might give it a try sometimes. The most she let herself go was allowing me to give her a massage with a vibrating hand massager that had a bunch of nubs on the surface and she jumped a little when I massaged her tits but after relaxing enjoyed it a bit. I got as far up her inner things almost within striking distance of her pussy before she shut the whole thing down for fear of what I have no idea.

Well fast forward to maybe or sixth or seventh year into our marriage and I walked in on a very pleasant surprise. It was the end of a long stressful work week for the both of us that combined with not having had sex for that entire week had her tense beyond what sheíd experienced in God knows how long. I walked down the hall to our bedroom and heard her talking on the phone with one of her best girlfriends nothing new about that. I stopped just short of entering the room but froze in my trackís wise decision for me in the hall just out of her line of sight. She was seated in one of the large winged backed chairs on our bedroom.

Her blouse was unbuttoned, and front clasped bra was open exposing her 38DD melons her mini skirt was hiked up and she had a leg draped over each arm of the chair fully exposing her wet pussy in one hand was the phone on speaker and in the other hand was one of the vibrators I had bought for her that went unused it was a chrome finish metallic vibrator that we called the silver bullet. She was massaging her massive tits with it in a circular motion and would stimulate her nipples by rubbing her nipples with the pointed end, this most definitely had a very erotically positive effect because her nipples were as large and as hard as I had ever seen. When stimulated they are as large as the ends of my thumbs with perfectly proportioned areola a bit larger than a silver dollar.

I almost blew my load in my pants when I saw her take the bullet and run it up and down her inner thighs, I am convinced that if she knew I was there she most likely would have stopped right then and there out of embarrassment, so I kept my position. She continued to rub the vibrator up and down her inner thighs getting closer and closer to her pussy, either teasing herself or working up the courage to go for it. She rested the phone on the arm of the chair and started playing with her tits when she is horny she likes her tits softly massaged running her hands over her nipples she started squeezing and pully at both of her hard nipples, she lay her had back and closed her eyes and within seconds she had made the leap she was running the vibe across her soaking wet pussy just barely inserting the tip into her pretty pink honey pot. She continued to move the vibe in but never fully inserting it.

When she found her clit that by now had to hard as a diamond she almost jumped from the chair as it felt like an electric shock she later described. She worked her clit with the vibrator in a small circular motion and her body was shaking and shuttering uncontrollably. She started bucking her hips and wither other had grabbed her left breast and squeezed it. By now I was ready to blow and had unzipped my jeans and wriggled out of them and my underwear kicking them aside naked from the waist down with a raging hard cock just on the brink of cumming or shoving it ion her pussy.

Her body started to gyrate and almost convulse as she let out uncontrollable moans and oh my fucking God! OH! She let out a scream when she exploded into a full blow orgasm. She now had the vibe pressed hard against her clit and the sensation was like she got hit with a bolt of intensity as if she was being electrocuted. Her orgasm must have lasted three or four minutes, what had really happened was she experienced her first multiple orgasm, with the tremors slowly subsiding to her just exhausted heavy breathing. Her body was glistening with perspiration. She finally opened her eyes to see me there with rock hard cock in hand, she said put it in me now fuck me.

Approaching her still spread open legs and inviting pussy I was just about to slip my cock into her and give her a good had fucking when I grabbed the vibrator from her hand and before she could utter a word of protest, I shoved it into her pussy and began to fuck her with it. She let out a squeal of pleasure and her hips started moving to meet my thrusts with the trusty silver bullet.

I had it buried entire length into her pussy when I just by chance touched the black dial control at the end and the vibration increased in intensity. Her entire first time experience was on low speed. I turned it up to full speed and took hold of it and began fucking her with it. I order her to grab my cock and she obediently started pulling and yanking it for all she was worth. I kept up my pace and her reactions showed me how much she was enjoying being fucked.

Within a few minutes she began to cum again almost as intense as the previous times. Her body was shaking and gyrating, and she just kept screaming out Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, Iím cumming baby donít stop within seconds she came to another screaming climax. Wanted now to shove my cock into her pussy but at her insistence I put my cock in her mouth and she began to suck me off. It didnít take very long for me to cum. She did her best to swallow my entire load, but some escaped onto her lips and face when she pulled my spurting member from her mouth.

Well I was to find out later what had fueled this entire incident was fueled by a graphically detailed conversation she had with one of her best friends about her first having sex with this new guy she met who had a pornstar sized cock just the mention of which in her present state of ultra horniness was enough to get her juices flowing but when her friend shared the video she had recorded on the event my wife started watching it and she was attracted like a moth to a flame and couldnít help but be overcome by her lust.

The fact that this guy had a monster sized dick was enough but to see her friend getting hammered like she had gotten her instantly wet being so horny she instinctively began to pleasure herself when in privacy of her own home itís the norm for her to get this way freeing herself form the bonds of her clothing etc. (when at home she is often nude unless the situation demands clothing ) She said she just happened to look up and the vibrator was sitting there on the end table where she had placed it right before the phone call while looking for something. She said it was like if it was calling her, seeing how I was not present she felt less inhibited. Happily, toys of all shapes and sizes became part of our love making. It wasnít something we used all the time but merely when the mood inspired the occasion.

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