Realism Ruins Fantasies

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100% fiction!

Matt Michaels was a teenage scientist with black hair, green eyes and wore a lab coat. He had been friends with a 18 years old teenager named Crystal Mccarthy who had dark blond hair, brown eyes and wore a school uniform the contained a black skirt. Matt has always been obsessed with the idea of a giant woman and for along time he had felt alone with that idea. However, this changed after Crystal had accidentally hinted to having a domination fetish one random day at school.

Matt eventually was able to get her to admit it, and in return shared his own giantess fetish with her for quite a bit. Matt was a bit of a kiddish prodigy as he invented more affordable jetpacks, smell making machines and the smartest artificial intelligence to date. This has not made him so big yet as many of his inventions have been heavily flawed. However, it got him a grant large enough for him to get a private laboratory that he often worked at. His most ambitious project that he cared so much about, was to turn Crystal Mccarthy into an actual giantess.

Matt kept this big new invention secret from most people besides Crystal herself, who was excited to help fulfill her own domination fantasy. She was excited to reach this goal of growing taller than cities and being powerful enough to rule whatever she would desire. She thought it was worth going through whatever risks were involved, but was still worried about the potential risks. Matt had tested this growth ray he developed on a few organisms, which included guinea pigs, roaches and ants. He thankfully observed that inorganic matter growed similarly to the organic matter that was attached to it. This would mean that Crystal would not have to worry about initially losing her clothes after becoming a giantess.

However, a huge problem arose during the experiments on the different creatures tested. Matt noticed that each species had a seemingly random growth, which the scientist found no way of determining what caused the difference in growth. This caused him to eventually give up on finding a cause to that important observation. Matt Michaels also decided not to test on any more organisms until he would use it on Crystal. This was due to the fear of some wild animal or insect growing to be miles tall with no way of stopping them.


Matt then went to go to the Mccarthy household with only Crystal and her mother Becky at home. Becky was a lady in her early forties who had light, brown hair and blue eyes. Mr. Michaels knocked on the door and was soon greeted by the two of them, with Matt shortly being allowed to talk to Crystal uninterrupted. Matt decided to tell Crystal about how it was all ready, but also the many more unexpected risks that came up during the experimentation. The conversation went a bit like this.

“Hey Crystal, how are you doing?” Matt asked her good friend as he was shaking bit from nervousness.

“What’s up Matt?”

“So the growth ray is as done as I can make it for now. However, besides this risks I told you of death and potential random effects, there is now another huge risk. There is no way of telling how large you would grow. It could barely work it all, not work enough or grow you all the way until you are suffocating in space.”

“Oh… yeah... hm…” Crystal said as she realized why Matt had come to her so nervously as she had become a bit nervous herself. After thinking for a little while she decided to say “If this is a once in a lifetime experience to live my fantasy, I will take whatever kinds of risks are involved no matter how many. This does not change anything!”

“Oh Crystal… heh” Matt finally responded with a bit of a smile due to seeing Crystal still so excited about all of this.


After a lot of thinking and talking about how this will all go down, they both decided the beach would be a nice, open area to attempt this gigantic growth. However, Matt would still need to convince Crystal’s highly protective mother who just about never lets her daughter out of her sight. Crystal then changed into a pink, one piece bathing suit as the outfit for her growth, but her mother Becky soon noticed this change in outfit and asked what was going on.

After another long discussion, Matt was able to convince Becky to allow her daughter to go through this growth experiment. One of the main reasons was that Becky did not want to be in the way of Crystal’s dream and let this teenager have years of regret. The other important reason was that if the growth was a success, Matt Michaels promised to enlarge the mother to a similar height as well. Becky soon changed into a white, two piece bathing suit as Michaels arrived back with the growth ray. They all proceed to head the nearest beach for this exciting event. Matt then got everything all ready and tried to fire the ray at Crystal Mccarthy with what he thought should give her more than enough growth.

However, the calculations came out to be severely wrong as the ray had malfunctioned and the energy only gave Crystal enough growth to be one hundred and fifty feet high. This became even more problematic when the teenage female became blinded by her domination fantasy and started to attack buildings of a similar height around here. Soon the military came with tanks, and it did not take too long for them to take her down and kill her.

After her death, the ray’s effect wore off and Crystal shrank down to her normal height. The military proceed to take her back to their base and dissected the woman. They did this in order to find out the reason of her growth in an attempt to stop a similar occurrence from happening in the future. Becky Mccarthy then had a panic attack after seeing her daughter having died like this, as everyone around her was still astonished from the event. Lastly, Matt Michaels managed to escape back to his lab without being followed, but was severely traumatized by everything that happened that day.

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