Once Upon a Time in the South, Ch. 01

(Part 1 from 2)

Annette peered cautiously thru the bushes. The young blonde paused, carefully placing each step. She was barefoot and she didn’t want to roust any critters. Though she knew this path well it always paid to be watchful.

She heard a splash nearby and knew it for what it was. It was Charlie, her brother’s black friend and fishing partner. He was swimming alone in the pool. She steeled her nerves to set herself. This is it. One last look up the trail…..

The black boy swam joyously in the spring. He was a slave. He’d sneaked away from the house, as was his custom, on the premise of going to chop some wood. Then he’d made a beeline for his favorite water hole and taken an hour for himself.

He heard Annette’s song before she came around the bend in the creek—just as she’d planned.

Dressed only in a white shift that came down to her knees, Annette knew what she would find at the spring: ripples. Charlie was gone like a ghost. He couldn’t afford to be caught swimming at midday on a workday.

But Annette knew where he was. She’d spied on him for weeks. She’d watched his ablutions from a hidden vantage point, watched the clear water cascading over his muscular frame as he swam. She’d watched him step naked from the pool, marveling at the size and girth of his penis—even in cold water. She knew that towards the end of his hour he would step out of the pool, have a leisurely smoke and then slowly masturbate, pumping himself faster and faster by degrees until he reached climax. At the moment of release he would stand up and see how far his ejaculate would fly. On good days he could get a 5-foot pop.

Occasionally her brother Ben would meet Charlie at the pool. The two boys were the same age and had grown up together. And while Charlie was technically Ben’s slave, the boys were good friends. On several occasions Annette had spied them masturbating for distance and laughed about it afterwards. Charlie invariably won, but not by much. Ben had an admirable cock of his own.

Now Annette feigned caution as she stepped gingerly up to the pool. She knew Charlie could see her. She wanted him to think she sought solitude. She looked back up the trail to see if anyone was coming (though she knew no one was). She craned her neck to peer into each crevice and cranny of the woods surrounding the pool.

Satisfied that no one was around, Annette shed her shift and stood naked on the bank. She folded her shift smartly and laid it neatly under a tree. Then she stood up and stretched like a great jungle cat. She preened on her toes and bowed her legs like a ballerina. Her pendulous breasts swayed with her movements, making her seem unsteady. But she knew what she was doing. She cupped both breasts and turned them upwards toward her face. The pink nipples were perfectly shaped. She felt a tingle of delight and a deep warmth in her groin. Now she moved her right hand down to her mound of silky blonde pubic hair to caress her clitoris ever so gently. She slid the length of her middle finger over that sensitive member. She felt it spring to life under her touch. It protruded from her pubic mound like a small, budding penis.

Partially aroused, Annette stepped into the spring. The cold-water shock cooled her ardor some. She waded out until the water reached her hips. Then she struck out gamely into a standard stroke. She swam completely across the clear pool, stood up and swam back.

She knew that Charlie was underwater somewhere, sucking on a reed for oxygen. She knew the boys’ tricks. Annette had always been Ben’s annoying younger sister, prying into the their antics, tattletaling and trying to get their attention. Now she’d grown into a voluptuous young woman. She wanted a different type of attention.

Annette knew this spring well. She’d grown up here. It wasn’t hard for her to spot Charlie’s air reed or the dark spot beneath the clear water where none ought be. She struck out across the pool again, this time moving in Charlie’s direction. She crossed the deep channel and stood up about ten feet from Charlie’s hiding spot. She stood up on the gravelly bottom of the pool so that her breasts and part of her pubic mound were exposed. Then she threw her head back and wringed the water out of her hair like a mop.

Charlie stood up.

Instantly, Annette’s hands flew up to cover her breasts and her groin, after the Aphrodite fashion.

“What are you doing here, Charlie!!” she declared disingenuously.

The boy laughed. “That ain’t the question, Miss Annette. What are YOU doing here, running’ ‘round with your cooch all out? I’m gon’ tell Ben.”

“Oh you didn’t see that!!! You’re not supposed to see that!!!” And she splashed away back across the pool.

Charlie took off after her. When they reached the shallows again both teenagers stood up and began splashing each other like children. Charlie used both hands, but Annette still feigned modesty. She splashed with one hand while covering her breasts with the other.

Finally, she shrieked, “You win!! You win!!!” Then she hunkered down on her haunches so that the water reached her neck and covered the rest of her body in a thin veil of liquid crystal. Charlie stood over her smiling widely. At nineteen, he was only a year older than Annette. They’d grown up together, albeit on different sides of the nineteenth century social divide. This was not their first splash fight at this spring.

“If you tell about seeing’ my cooch, I’ll tell about you being here. You’re supposed to be off chopping wood,” Annie teased.

“You won’t tell,” Charlie retorted confidently.

“Yes, I will. I ain’t a-skeered of you, Charlie.”

She turned from him and swam away leisurely. Charlie followed her, grabbed her by the foot, and threw her over so that she did a full somersault in the water.

“Hey!!” she said.

This move resulted in another splash war, this one longer than the first.

“Cut it out, Charlie. I ain’t playing’ wit’ you!! CUT IT OUT!!!”

She swam away again. This time she arched her butt out of the water so that Charlie could see the full cut of her vulva.

When she surfaced a few feet away, Charlie said, “I seen your cooch again.”

Annette replied flippantly: “So? You wouldn’t know what to do with it if you had it. I seen your peter rabbit a bunch of times. I seen you out here whacking’ your pecker. You and Ben, both!!!”

She laughed girlishly.

Charlie charged after her. She shrieked and tried to swim away, but Charlie was faster. He grabbed her by the foot again, but this time he drew her to him. He grabbed her around the waist with his right arm and controlled her left wrist with his left hand.

“What did you say?? What did you say!?!”

He wasn’t hurting her. She laughed.

“I said I see’d you whacking your pecker. THIS thing.”

Annie reached back and grabbed him by the base of his penis. She felt it flop against her forearm. She was again amazed at its heft and girth. At her touch it began to lengthen and harden up the line of her wrist.

Charlie was shocked. This was little Annette, Ben’s baby sister, a white girl no less, standing here holding his cock. Charlie released his grip on Annette’s waist. Annie didn’t release his penis in turn. She turned to look him in his eyes.

“I seen you do it. Like this….”

She gripped his nuts with her other hand and stroked him fully erect in a matter of seconds. She pulled his uncircumcised foreskin back and forth across the rounded head of his penis as she had seen him do, using quick, back and forth jerks of her wrist.

The effect was spectacular. Charlie’s member sprang upward and outward, a full 12 inches from his kinky pubic mound. The angular ridges of Charlie’s lithe, muscular abdomen tightened and flexed as blood rushed into his cock.

When he was fully aroused, Annette said casually, “But, like I said, you wouldn’t know what to do with it.”

She swam away from him again.

Charlie sprang after her, this time with some difficulty. His erect cock swung back and forth comically, making his movements seem strained and awkward.

Annette allowed herself to be caught just as she was entering the deep water. She arched her behind out of the water again so that Charlie could get a closer view of her hairy labia and the golden pink cleft in between. Charlie grabbed both her ankles and drew her back towards him in the shallow water, parting her legs as she came. Annette looked over her shoulder at him with feigned surprise. She fanned her arms like paddles in order to stay afloat.

When she didn’t fight, Charlie drew her back closer and closer until his erect dick was touching her pussy. He pulled her gently closer, attempting to gauge her interest in penetration. His dick slid up between her cheeks and bounced off her apple-shaped buttocks.

Annette looked over her shoulder and giggled.

“I told you that you wouldn’t know what to do with it,” she mocked. She wiggled away.

Charlie waded after her, caught her and tried the same maneuver. Same result. Annette taunted him giddily. Again, she arched her butt out of the water to show him the cut of her pussy, but this time she rotated her behind sensuously like a bee, to tease him.

Charlie wasn’t any stranger to women. Still in his teens, Charlie hadn’t been a virgin since the age of 11. A number of grown women had noted his fine features, rangy musculature, clear skin and the bulge in his trousers. This young white girl was taunting him. It was maddening.

Charlie waded after Annette again. This time he grabbed her by the hips and arched her butt out of the water so that her vagina was again exposed. She didn’t fight him. With her ass already up in the air, Annette leaned forward and parted her legs a bit to give him a better view.

This time Charlie slid his penis downward between her ass cheeks until his straining member was positioned at the opening to Annette’s twat. Using his thumb as a guide, Charlie pressed her labia apart. His dick slid easily up into her warm pussy. The silky blonde pubic hairs tickled him deliciously as they followed his shaft into her golden-pink slit.

Annette’s eyes widened in shock as she felt Charlie’s heavy penis moving deeper into her cooze. She stood on her tiptoes to further accommodate him. Four inches deep. Six inches. Nine.

At ten inches Annette felt full. She felt his thick helmet pressing firmly against her cervix, felt her labia straining wide to engulf more of his massive dick.

Standing behind her, Charlie watched Annette’s pussy tremble under the heft of his tremendous cock. Her pussy lips jerked and clenched involuntarily. She drew breath in gasps, as if being choked.

Charlie held her in place with his dick as deep as it would go. When Annette tried to initiate a natural humping action Charlie held her tighter. He refused to start thrusting into her Instead, he contracted his pelvic muscles to pulse his penis rhythmically, all the while holding it tightly jammed against the back of her pussy.

After a few moments of this sort of teasing, Charlie reached his hand around from behind to caress her vulva. He stroked her clitoris roughly with his middle finger. Annette slapped his hand away. She knew how to masturbate a good clit better than he. She began to stroke her own clitoris, seeking to elicit friction by pressing it against Charlie’s shaft.

They stood there connected at the genitals for several moments without moving. Both teens were shocked that they were actually ‘doing it’.

Finally, Charlie reached up to cup both her breasts with his hands. He withdrew slowly until he was halfway out of her pussy, then powered his dick back into her hole with a jackhammer thrust. Annette gasped. Charlie repeated the move. Each time he withdrew a little further. Each time his return thrust was a little harder and a little faster. Slow out. Fast in. Annette picked up the rhythm. Charlie watched from the rear mount position as his powerful dick cruised in and out of Annette’s pussy. He could see her labia expand and contract with each thrust. He saw his withdrawals pull her hairy mound further and further from its position of safety between her legs, saw it quiver in anticipation of his next thrust, heard the spring water splashing rhythmically in concert with his insistent insertions.

Charlie arched his back for maximum effect. He pulled his dick almost completely out of her pussy and fired back in wantonly with the return stroke.

Annette loved it.

The two teens strained against each other like this for five long, agonizing minutes. Charlie massaged her breasts furiously while driving into her. The cold water splashed upward to provide a sparkling dichotomy to their heated lust.

After a time Annette could feel Charlie’s breathing become more strained, fervent. His moans became prolonged, with a deeper timbre. She knew what that meant. Annette pushed him delicately in the chest. It was a declination. She tried to arch her pussy off his straining dick. Charlie didn’t take the hint. He was insistent.

“Charlie, stop it!! You can’t come inside me!!”

She gave a little hop, releasing his lever from her pussy. Charlie still gripped her by the tits. Though she hadn’t climaxed, she pushed away from his embrace.

“What’s the matter?” he asked breathlessly.

“You know what’s the matter. You can’t come inside me. I’ll get in trouble. YOU’LL get in trouble. How would I look with a half a nigger pickanninny?”

“You might not get big. Come on, Annie, lets finish,” Charlie whimpered breathlessly.

“How do you know?” she asked.

His dick was still massively erect. It stood between them like a wild thing, seeking the warmth between her legs. There was no doubt that Annette wanted to finish, too. She was almost there. She knew that her words made sense. A white girl pregnant with a black child in Louisiana didn’t have any future. But at least she’d be alive. Charlie would be killed. She didn’t want that.

Annette waded out of the water. She turned to face Charlie from the grassy bank.

“You know you’re not supposed to be touching a white girl anyway” she chided him. But there wasn’t any conviction in her words. His hugely engorged organ was still straining between them. Too, their sex had been better than she’d expected. She really wanted to climax with his dick inside her. Annie’s own extraordinarily sized clitoris poked visibly from beneath its sheath, indicating the depth of her arousal.

Annette sat down next to her shift as Charlie stepped from the spring. She regarded him with a twinge of regret.

“Look Charlie, if I show you something you can’t tell anybody, OK?”

Charlie was willing to try anything. She called him over. When he was standing over her, she gently cupped his balls with her fingertips. Then she guided his dick into her mouth. She circumlocuted his penis with her tongue, paying special attention to the sensitive nerves on the underside of his pudenda. Then she began to gently suck him, bobbing her head up and down. She pulled her blonde tresses back so that Charlie might watch her efforts more clearly. She gazed up into his eyes confidently.

In less than a minute, Charlie erupted in her mouth.

Annette sucked down as much cum as she could as quickly as she could. She didn’t want Charlie to lose his tumescence.

When she felt she’d drawn most of his load, Annette reached over and spread her shift across the grass. She lay back on it, then raised and opened her legs.

“Put it in, Charlie. Put it in before it gets soft.”

Charlie willingly obliged. Her pussy was still wet. He knelt between her legs and placed the purpled head of his partially engorged cock against her clit. He rubbed the sensitive underside over and around her smaller sex organ. Annette moaned in anticipation. She endured as much of this teasing as she could. Finally she reached down to pry his hand from his dick. She gripped his cock resolutely and pointed it into her own wet, turgid flesh. She watched as his black dick disappeared into her pink pussy.

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