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I'm a real life person that isn't enjoying sex with my husband anymore. He shows very little interest in me and only wants sex with me when he is horny. But I have sexual needs and desires. I'm been having sex with his closest friend for the past few years and my husband has no idea that we meet when he is not around.

He was the best man at our wedding and I have always wanted to experience sex with him before we got married but I was young and very loyal to my future husband. Over the years I have accidentally exposed myself to my husbands friend allowing him to get a peek at my boob's and up my loose fitting shorts. I've seen him watching me out of the corner of his eyes when we are alone so over the years I would get bolder and bolder accidentally exposing my body to him.

One night after a party we went to on the drive home we were sitting together in the backseat while my husband was driving. Sitting there I allowed my short skirt to ride up my legs to the point that my see sheer thong was visible for him to see. I acted like I had no idea what was happening but I turned towards him during the ride and opened my legs giving him a full view of my vagina. I could see that he was enjoying the view because I couldn't see he was getting hard.

That's when I thought to myself that I will play drunk so I leaned back closed my eyes and pretended to fall asleep. Watching him through my closed eyes I could see him looking right at my vagina so I started doing a little snoring and slowly spread open my legs. During the ride I started to slid down on the seat more on my back with my shirt now up around my waist and my thong pulled deep inside of my vagina so that my big labia were hanging out in plain view.

 I really didn't think anything would happen with my husband in the front seat driving when all of a sudden I felt my husbands friend touching my crotch area very gently. The next thing I knew he was pushing his fingers into my vagina. I let out a soft moan as he did that and without thinking pushed my hips up to give him better access. I was so horny and wet that his fingers going in and out of my vagina was making noise like a porn video and I was amazed that my husband didn't hear it.

All of a sudden I started to have an amazing orgasm right there in front my husband and his best friend. I opened my eyes and saw him watching me with a big smile on his face as I was cumming on his hand and all over the seat of the car. He took out his fingers and put them in his mouth and licked and sucked off my juices and cum right there in front of my husband. He said to my husband wow I guess Sue had to much to drink she's out like a light..

My husband just said yeah she never could handle her liquor having no idea that my legs were spread wide open for his best friend to use and explore my vagina anyway he wanted to. This was the first time I ever let another man touch me after we got married. However it wasn't the last

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