Owning a People Farm : Part 1

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Once upon a time, there was a bratty girl who went to school and somehow managed to live alone. She was incredibly attractive with her blond hair, brown eyes and nice figure. The girl’s name was Vanessa Catherine and she was somehow a goddess due to some cosmic anomaly. Her favorite place to be so far, was an interesting planet she found called Earth. Vanessa’s favorite toy she created was an ant farm she contained in her ordinary bedroom. It was not a normal ant farm due to the fact that this deity snatched up millions of people the size of a grain of sand, to forever be prisoners inside this container.

Whenever this teenage girl caused too much destruction, she could always reverse the damage. The goddess would be attending school like a normal schoolgirl to fit in, but when she got home she would play with her colony of microscopic people. She was a bratty goddess that acted all high and mighty with her powers and what she did. She would play with her tiny people in many ways including changing her clothes and the materials she used to play with them. This involved situations such as coming home in a black jacket, brown boots, blue jeans and mittens, as she would proceed to stab the civilians of her colony with a pencil until they died.

She also sometimes manipulated the people into having pain due to the unpleasant morphs they would receive, which included conjoining the people into horrific abominations. Vanessa sometimes brought over other girls that mistook the specks in the ant farm as one of many kinds of objects while they unawarely caused pain and destruction to the micros. An example of this was one time when a tomboy visited and thought the farm was home to bugs, so she proceeded to mercilessly kill them when the goddess gave her approval.

Ms. Catherine arrived home one day after an exhausting day of school. She wore her leggings, comfy black shoes, red skirt and her pink t-shirt with a heart design on it. Vanessa came to play with some of her little people in her ant farm to get rid of some stress. However, she was noticing another problem. This problem was that her nose felt a bit congested and wanted to sneeze, but when she did nothing came out. She did not want to put her fingers up there and definitely did not want to alter her body, as she preferred to not do that unless she found it was necessary.

She did not have any medications guaranteed to help and blowing into a tissue could only do so much. The deity decided on an idea with a bit of a devilish smirk as she opened up the ant farm and spoke to the people inside with her demanding voice. She talked at a proper volume as she said “I hope you pieces of dirt are good for something because you are about to help an adorable goddess out with her sinus problem!” The goddess then proceed to breath in at least a million of the inhabitants plus their surroundings.


Lassic was a member of the ant farm society and had gray hair and blue eyes. He seemed to be the goddess’ favorite pet due to the fact that he would always be revived and every so often have private torture sessions. Even though his eye color appeared to be identical to his mistress, he was ever so different. This was shown as his entire world rumbled when the godlike teenager returned home for another group torture session. He could barely make out the thunderous sounds of the goddess’ orders she made as many more buildings had shook. Lassic could only imagine what she would sound like if she was talking at normal volume.

Then he along with many around his area proceed to get sucked into her godly nose. He could barely see the hole this created in the farm, as it completely messed up a large part of the sewers and falling debris destroyed lots of the buildings that were not sucked in. They should have all instantly died due to the journey and the deadly mucus the people landed in, but the goddess had decided to make them invincible for the time being so they could help out longer. Lassic like all those around him could still feel the pain of that went with being melted, dissolved, consumed, pushed and crushed by the mucus. This would break most people into insanity, but Lassic and many others were around long enough to be used to that kind of process and just had to learn to move on. The military was used to fight off this mucus as the rest of them were trying to dislodge it using such tools like pickaxes, wrecking balls and many varieties of vehicles. This took so many days that Lassic and many others lost track of time, but it was only about thirty seconds for the goddess.

Then after the deity’s sinuses finally recovered, she proceeded to send everyone along with a bunch of mucus to the ant farm, as she sneezed out and turned off the workers’ invincibility. Everyone who fell and was in range, had quick and painful deaths due to the collision and contact with the mucus.


Ms. Catherine then realized she had to go to the bathroom and that she did not need to make the trip if she also allowed her colony to function as one. Technically she could teleport herself to a toilet or make one right beneath her, but she thought this way of dealing with her wastes was effective and amusing to her. Vanessa proceeded to gently place the farm on the ground as she removed her skirt and quickly showed off her purple panties. Just for fun, she decided to rip her panties off and continue to shred it until all that remained was bits of fabric.

The divine teenager did this to further humiliate her captives by easily destroying something so big compared to them. This entity then decided to finally say “If you guys continue to be an alright bathroom, I might give you a good review online.” Soon after, she laughed at the recurring thought about how she could treat her slaves in any cruel manner without any consequences. Vanessa Catherine quickly was done laughing as she finally aimed her anus at her little civilization.


Lassic was brought back and could tell that he would once again by punished to simply satisfy his mistress’ cruel pleasures. Then a loud bang came and shattered many widows that could not withstand such sounds. Just about everyone in the city felt ringing in their ears, but the goddess made sure none of them would lose their hearing so they could remain functional. Soon after the noise came, tremors came along with a terrible smell. It was a fart. That gas consisted of the worst smell anyone could possibly comprehend, which would make anyone vomit simply by thinking of it. The putrid stench made everyone there vomit many times and become quite ill, but they were healthy enough to be able to work.

Sometimes the divinity would purposely make smells that bad enough to cause slow painful deaths. However now would not be that time, as the civilians would soon had a job to do. The course of action would be to get away from this gas with their best ability as this was a rare chance to reduce the pain they would feel. Lassic ran along with everyone he could see, as he tried to get to the place farthest away from this all. He just kept running as he would do his best to cough and vomit while he moved. This male could constantly smell the stench, but he tried not to think of it, as thinking too much would just slow him down.

After a while, Lassic could feel the smell become bearable and he started to feel tired. However a new problem would arise, as the view of a behind soon changed to that of a gigantic, moist vagina. Then a golden downpour fell on the ant farm as the goddess had begun to urinate. This time the pain of the sheer amount of urine was not reduced like the flautualiance was. This time acidic rain poured down at the other end of the civilization. The divine female saw how all the people had just ran to this spot without thinking, so she used that to her malicious advantage as she giggled. The yellow liquid poured on just about everyone as they were drowned, boiled or melted in a quick and extremely painful fashion.

This mistress would use another power to make sure that all the humans who died from this would respawn in the exact same space right after. This would cause the teenager to be able to kill everyone an untold amount of times without even needing to move her vagina. This went on for only a few minutes, but to these citizens it felt like a many hour experience in hell. Then all of a sudden, a gust of wind came up and brought many of the humans right up to the vagina they had recently ran from. Once again Lassic among with the others were made invincible and tasked to clean a body part of the giantess for several miserable days. Of course to the goddess, the process felt like almost no time for her crotch area to be squeaky clean.

Yet again these people were flung back to their homes in a dangerous impact and brutally killed, only for many of them like Lassic to soon respawn and go through more kinds of punishments for existing near their deity. The view soon changed back to the enormous female’s anus, but this time no gas would come out. Instead the civilians felt a barrage of excrement that would give them slow and painful deaths, only for them to come back and feel it once again. Once again everyone would run away with the hope of reducing their torment, only to be sucked up for painful cleaning and tossed down on their homes for the process to repeat again.

Whether it would be cleaning the ears, nose, armpits or other body parts, it did not really make that much difference to these workers in the grand scheme of everything. The process had happened so much to Lassic that it was almost automatic at this point. It gave him time to think as he ran, followed tasks and made sure to view his surroundings. The boy saw what used to be a grocery store drowned in the waste and could predict the food would not be that edible anymore. There were glimpses of homes crushed, many deaths of all kinds of people and buildings once under constructed that had now been melted in cruel fashions. He thought to himself “Was this all life was now? Did the universe give this horrible person unlimited power as some sick joke? Will we forever live our lives in this torture just to fulfill this girl’s sick sense of humor?”


Vanessa had observed what her slaves went through, until she felt they were done with the cleaning she desired at the moment. She observed Lassic in particular as she listened to his existential crisis with some malicious laughter. Ms. Catherine proceeded to fix her panties and put back on all her clothes. However, she had already gotten bored at torturing her toys in this manner as she thought of what to do next. She realized that she often had a lot of fun with another female to help with the death and destruction. The question was who to pick. She could summon everyone from classmates, historical figures, characters of fiction, aliens from far off worlds to people of her own design.

Vanessa Catherine decided to observe different dimensions to pluck a female who would catch her interest. The goddess observed everyone from outcast cowgirls to gangster princesses She soon decided upon space adventurer Sally April. An eighteen year old girl with blue hair and purple eyes. She hailed from an alternate future where she would travel alone to many worlds in search of adventure. This female would usually either be fighting in combat for a noble cause or chilling on some tropical planet.


Sally suddenly appeared in this room with a look of confusion and the height of Ms. Catherine. The space traveler wore somewhat visible pink socks, red sneakers, brown shorts and had a long sleeved shirt with a design of constellations on it. The astronaut quickly took out her traditional looking ray gun from her black belt and held Vanessa at gunpoint as she said “Where the fuck am I and who the hell are you?!”

The goddess could not help but smile a bit as she heard this as she gave the other female a widely used hand signal that meant “stop”. The deity proceed to say “You can calm down miss. I really do mean you no harm. I have been studying other realities and you caught my attention. Don’t worry. I can return you whenever you want. This universe is similar to yours besides a few facts including how the year now is two thousand and nineteen. Why not take a break here?”

“Hm… either you decided to go through the effort of decorating this place and your outfit to that time period, or you are telling the truth. Since you say that you can bring me back and have given me no reason not to trust you, I will believe for now. If you even try to trick me, your head is coming clean off! Got it?”

“Yes mam” Catherine said a bit nervously as she wanted to try to get on good terms with this girl and did not want to feel forced to use any of her powers.

The adventurer continued with saying “I could also ask how you are able to understand me so clearly, but you probably had something science created and I don’t know shit about that stuff. Anyway what’s your name? I’m Sally April, but you can call me Sally.”

“Oh, I’m Vanessa Catherate, but you can call me Vanessa heh heh.”

This goddess was still a bit nervous with talking, but over time it died down. Even though Sally had researched this time period quite a bit before, there was still a lot she did not know so she took a bit of time to look around the house and ask questions to the other girl. Lastly, Sally April soon found the ant farm that seemed to be filled with buildings as she said “What the hell is this now?!”

To Be Continued on Part Two

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