Hidden cummies in the train

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Jul 19

Cc 300,000
Duleep owe 400,000
Hand 400,000
Expenses 600,000

From guests 300,000

End of wedding just cc debt 300,000

I knew of my difference from my early days.
I don't remember an exact date where I was broken the news of my slight non conformity as a girl. A date where my foster care home director had a one to one with me where I was told that I cant have children and that I will not have a relationship with a boy the way that other girls do.
I knew it some how, got to know it somewhere.
Yet it never bothered me.

I had complete outer appearance as a good catch and frankly I was getting enough attention and life for me was easier than for the other girls in my convent.
It has occurred to me as to whether my real parents gave me up at an early age due to my behaviors not confirming with existing frames of physiology however my life has always been fulfilling.
I did well with studies, I was a gifted dancer and was loved by all around me.
When some Management roles at the foster care facility changed I had the thought of who really knows about my specialty anymore. Very unlikely that my file contains such information and I never received any different treatment from staff and of course I didn't go advertising.

I have to say as a 19 year old girl with genitalia of a boy in foster care in a third world country I was living the dream.
I was interested in boys, however my standards were quite high and no one managed to steal my heart.
This meant the confronting realities were not confronting yet.

There were only a few times when I was affected with my difference. I wanted to take up swimming when the new sports complex opened up with the large swimming pool. I tried on female swimware. My large firm breasts looked rather good in the mirror. My small penis, which I was able to make it disappear with some firm underwear ; however I decided to not take the risk. Why ruin the perfect secret.

The other situations have been in public transport where wandering hands of strangers got a bit too close but wasn't anything I couldn't control.

I'm about to tell you of that one time where the beans were finally spilt among other things spilt that day.
The academic program that I chose for that particular year required me to visit a faculty in a neighboring state for the weekend for an entire semester.
The journey involved a 20 minutes walk to the bus stop, a 30 minute bus ride and then a 6 hour train journey and a another 10 minute walk.
I would leave my residence convent straight after changing from the School uniform and finishing lunch each Friday.

I would arrive at the train station around 4pm and catch the 4:15pm interstate.
Seats were always available, train cabins on the other hand needed refurbishing. The speed of the train would also beg the question as to why not a little faster.
This particular day I found myself a window seat. My joy however didn't last for two long as the seat next to me was taken by a rather overweight middle-aged lady and without an arm rest in the middle the amount of space that I was occupying has drastically reduced by the first 20 minutes in to the journey.

The journey always made me fall asleep. This day was no exception. As I was nodding off resting my head on the glass plane of the window, from time to time I started noticing this feeling of something touching the side of my body from time to time. Somewhere below my left breast but above my bellybutton. I wondered what it was. Possibly a strap of a bag that's on the passengers who's seated behind me I thought to myself.

This continued for a good half hour I think. The pressure however slowly increased and I could even figure out a rhythm or the average interval of this sensation. At this point I wondered if this could be some pervert trying to touch my left breast however decided to await further confirmation. As I was trying to figure out this sensation I calculated two fingertips very elusively touching the side of my body. It wasn't much but now I was becoming more sure of it. Then all of a sudden there was that intentional, daring pinch of my skin. It sent a few shockwaves down my spinal cord. In a swift motion I turned my head around to give a look of intimidation to this pervert and get a better Idea of what's happening.

There he was, a man i could immediately profile as a man who is in early fifties, Islamic hat and religious full beard, in white clothing giving me a dirty smile. I kept my stare short and hostile and took my original position with the hope that this nonsense would stop.
It did, for a good 10 minutes. This time he was a bit more aggressive, the natural light has faded a bit and it didn't seem like there was a cabin light next to me.
With these incentives and with the camouflage of the large bag on his lap his fingers found my ribs again.

Similar circular motions and an unexpected pinch.
Slow circling for a few minutes and a even harder longer lasting pinch.
I was starting to feel dizzy from all this. At a certain stage I fell from the heavens and started craving the next pinch.

He made it very random, uneven intervals, something different in each pinch. He took a little bit of my skin held between his fingers and rolled the skin. Each time that happened i felt my toes curling up.
He had me, he took control of me with just two fingers. I felt a little ashamed through the rush of these good feelings. I closed my eyes rested my head on the window and enjoyed these waves of pleasure running through my whole body for what it felt like years.
He seduced me, with such patience and I could only manage one stare of retaliation.

When I arrived at the destination I could see a bit of dirt on the side of my t-shirt from all that pinching. When I removed my undies although my member stayed limp the whole time I had stained my panties with so much pre cum it made my head spin again.

Part 2 - he stalks me at the station the following week.

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