Dr. Dick

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"My back is killing me." I groaned to my husband, as I hobbled into the house after three hours gardening.

"Don't look at me for sympathy!" He shook his head in despair as he continued typing a report "I told you to leave it until tomorrow when I could help." 

I mouthed an obscenity behind his back. He had offered to help, but it was such a glorious afternoon and I wanted to make the garden look nice before the weather changed for the worse.

"Go and have a hot bath. That usually works." He muttered.

I did just that. Half an hour later I was up to my chin in hot soapy bubbles. It didn't help.

I could hardly move the following morning. Even after taking painkillers, my back had virtually seized up.

After phoning in sick at work I rang the doctors' surgery for an emergency appointment. 

"Can I see a doctor this morning please? My back has seized up," I told the receptionist.

"I'll see what I can do." She seemed more sympathetic when explained how much pain I was in. "Doctor Richards will see you at the end of surgery – 11.15." 

As my husband of 18 years had already gone to work I took a taxi to town.

The dull ache in my back meant that I could only edge along the corridor to the receptionists' window. I struggled onto a chair and waited.

I was the last person in the waiting room when Dr. Richards' buzzer went 15 minutes later. 

I grimaced as I entered his room.

"That looks painful," he smiled. I'd never seen him before. Dr. Richards was in his late 30's, about 6 feet tall and ruggedly good looking with short dark curly hair. My first thoughts were that he had probably been a rugby player.

He stood up and towered above me, still smiling.

"Stay there," he told me in a Scottish accent. I did as I was told. "Let me take your jacket." He continued as he slid my coat down my arms.

I was only wearing a skirt and a loose shirt that buttoned up the front, as I hadn't been able to fasten my bra because of my bad back. I felt very frumpy as my 32DD breasts flopped around.

Dr. Richards moved around me stroking and squeezing my shoulders and back. I winced as he touched my very tender lower back.

"Mmmm." He mused, "Can you climb onto the table and lie face down? I'll try and relieve the tension in your back muscles with some physiotherapy and massage." 

As I moved across the room he stopped me by touching my arm, "Oh, I'm sorry to ask, but can you take your skirt off?" He asked me, "It'll make things much easier for you." The Doctor turned to look at my file on his desk as I disappeared behind the curtain.

"I didn't think... Ehm... I suppose... I didn't expect that..." I mumbled as I unzipped the skirt letting it drop to my ankles.

It was only then that I realised that I was wearing a small pink transparent thong.

"I see that you've had problems with your back before," He told me as he read my file, "and your abdomen." I didn't reply as I was gingerly sitting on the edge of the table then slowly rolling onto my front.

"Oh!" he exclaimed when he pulled the curtain back and faced me. A cheeky smile lit up his face as he looked at my ample arse, which was hardly covered by two square inches of pink cotton and Lycra. 

"Close your eyes and try to relax." He whispered as he gently rubbed my hips with his warm hands. It took a few minutes but I did eventually relax. He kept whispering that I should tell him 'where it hurt' or 'if he was making me uncomfortable'. 

His hands pressed into the flesh either side of my spine, "Owwwww!" I moaned as his thumbs found the exact spot where the pain was.

"Oops, sorry!" He apologised, then continued rubbing and stroking the sensitive area. His massage was soothing the aches even if it was still causing me considerable pain. 

"Tell me if this hurts too much," he whispered.

"No, it's fine." I told him through gritted teeth.

His palms eventually worked their way onto my buttocks. 

"Ooh!" I sighed by accident.

"Does that feel better?" he chuckled as he ground his hands into my painful flesh.

"Sort of!" I said as I fought back the tears.

He continued pummelling my body in the nicest possible way for 5 or more minutes. As he did so I could feel the area become 'warmer' as the muscles relaxed. 

I drifted off into a dreamlike state as he pounded my lower back, buttocks and thighs. It was still painful but a deliciously nice kind of pain as his long firm fingers dug into the skin at the top of my legs.

I heard his voice but couldn't make out what he was saying as I had 'drifted off' into dreamland. 

"Can you turn over onto your back please?" he repeated.

Embarrassed, I slowly rolled onto my back.

As I made myself comfortable he pressed the balls of his hands into my pelvic area either side of my pants.

I looked down to see him staring at my hairy bush through the material of my thong as he pressed into the joints at the top of my thighs.

I gripped the sides of the table as he massaged the muscles up and down the length of my legs. I'd never felt anything like this before. My back still ached but his massage was inducing the most amazing feeling in my lower body.

"This may hurt a little bit, “he laughed, "but trust me, I'm a Doctor!" As he took hold of my right ankle and knee, twisting my leg into a 45degree angle away from my hip, which also gave him an unobstructed view of my barely covered pussy.

He continued pulling and pushing each leg into the air, into all sorts of shapes and angles. Each time, making me moan or groan. My back was beginning to really loosen up; especially when he held both ankles and pushed my legs back until my knees touched my chest parallel to my shoulder blades.

"I see that you feel a lot more relaxed now!" he told me as he held my legs in this position. 

"SHIT!" I looked down to see that he was staring at my sodden knickers, which had worked their way in between my labia. 

It felt like a 10,000volt electric shock as he ran his finger along my crack as I now held my legs in the air. "Oooohh!" I groaned.

"Let's see if this helps too," he sniggered as he pulled my pink panties out of my soaking pussy with one hand as the other pulled my sticky lips apart. I pulled my legs apart as he buried his face into my cavity.

"Oh Hell yesssss!" I sighed as his tongue and lips touched my wet pussy

My feet were now on the examining table but I kept my legs as wide apart as possible as my Doctor lapped up my juices like a kitten with cream.

His face was rubbing against my labia as his long tongue probed my hole like a burrowing snake. He moved his face to one side as he replaced his tongue with two of his thick fingers.

"FUCKING HELL!" I grunted as they twisted around inside my pussy as his tongue continued flicking my clit.

I grabbed the underside of my thighs and lifted my legs back into the air as a third and then fourth finger entered my hole. My head was shaking as he fucked me with his fingers. 

"Ohhhh yes, oh yes, Ohhhh yeessss, oh fuck, oh yesss!" I moaned and groaned as his other hand slid under my shirt so he could squeeze my flabby tits and nipples.

Dr. Richards was now licking and sucking my engorged clitoris as he tried to force his thumb into me cunt as well. My eyes were nearly popping out of my 43-year-old head as his long tongue rubbed against my throbbing clit. 

"Aaaarrrggghhh" I tried to stifle my scream as he rammed his whole fist into my sloppy cunt. My feet were now either side of my head as his complete hand continually fucked my stretched hole.

I had to bite my arm as my brain screamed, "Yooouuuu fffuuuuuccckkkeeerrr!" when nuclear sized orgasm exploded inside my head.

I was trembling like a leaf as he gently withdrew his thick hand from my body. Dr. Richards stood up facing me at the bottom of the table; his face and fingers all shiny and covered in my love juices.

I stared at him as he held the most enormous rock hard cock that I'd ever seen in his hand.

"My turn now!" he chuckled as he proceeded to rub it furiously until he fired jet after jet of molten spunk onto my knickers and belly. I didn't think that he would ever end as globule after globule soaked into my panties.

As the last drops finally oozed onto my thigh the doctor was panting for breath just as I had done minutes earlier.

I couldn't take my eyes off his monster as he pulled his trousers up and tucked it back into his pants.

"Phew!" he gasped, turning to his desk, "You can get dressed now, and I'll write a sick note for two weeks, is that okay?" I nodded meekly as I wiped myself clean with some paper towels.

Dr. Richards grinned at me as I attempted to take off my spunk covered knickers, "I think that you should keep them on until you get home, by the way!" he chuckled. As I bent down to retrieve my skirt I realised that my back was much looser and most of the pain had gone.

I felt his eyes staring at me as I pulled my skirt up. I was still in a state of sexual ecstasy as he handed me the note for my employer. 

His hands cupped my aching breasts as he told me, "I'll make an appointment for you at the same time each day this week for more 'physio', is that all right?" I nodded as he tweaked my nipples one more time.

As I walked past the receptionist I was sure that she could smell the doctors' spunk which was still clinging to me. It was the same in the taxi; the driver engaged me in 'small talk' but kept looking at me in his mirror and winked at me as I arrived home.

Once inside my home I looked at my reflection in the hall mirror, it was a new woman that stared back at me. My hair was dishevelled and my face was glowing. My nipples had never been as stiff as they poked through my shirt. I was no longer just a wife and mother of three.

I decided to have a shower. I laughed out loud as I had to peel my cold sticky thong off and down my legs. The smell of his pungent spunk was still as intoxicating as I rubbed my pink panties over my face.

My back was tingling as I stood under the cascading hot shower but it was nothing compared to the ache in my loins as the shampoo bubbles covered my body. It felt wonderful as I rubbed the soap into my voluptuous breasts and washed my still gaping pussy. 

I needed more fulfilment and grabbed the shampoo bottle. I'd never done anything like this before but pressing my back firmly against the wall I eased the 'family size' shampoo bottle into my tingling cunt. "Oooohh!" I moaned as I squeezed my left tit. Then 2 then 3 inches of the plastic bottle began filling my hole. My cunt was still stretched from my earlier fisting, but the thick- necked shampoo bottle would have to suffice. Oh God! This was fucking fantastic as I fucked my pussy with this large phallus while rubbing my large soapy tits then rubbing my clit. I wanted it last forever and I wanted it to finish NOW! I was in a frenzy as the huge bottle kept disappearing into my hole, as my fingers were a blur rubbing my love-button.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK ME!" I screamed as my second fantastic orgasm of the day lit up my body.

I shuddered as I clung onto the sides of the cubicle to stop myself falling down. It took 30 seconds to recover my senses only for me to realise that the family size shampoo bottle was still wedged up my cunt! I wouldn't be able to look at it the same way ever again!

As I got dressed I remembered that I had four more appointments to go with Doctor Dick!

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