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The lads holiday : Day 1

(Part 1 from 1)

So having arrived and got sorted it was only the right thing to do was to go on the piss. We, seven of us lads, had booked a week away in Ben's dorm for a golfing / stag weeks holiday.

As per when lads are drinking and in a good group we ended up clubbing, partying and generally getting drunk. On day four of the holiday things took a strange turn, up to then I had been doing well on the golf course and in the various pubs and clubs, in fact I had scored well in both winning once on the course and picking up twice in the clubs.

The first was a northern lass with massive tits, married (so fucking what) with kids, away with her mum and friends for a girly break. Now I have a big thing for large breasts, the bigger the better, be the girl be a large framed lady or a tart with fake boobs it doesn’t matter. The northern lass was called Sarah and having made them laugh and we got them a few drinks her mum was flirting with Tyce the only black lad on the trip.

Whilst she was busy I gave my second in command a nod and he knew straight away, something we do a lot, look out for our wing man. Whilst busy I whispered to Sarah “get you jacket, we need to go Fuck” she had the choice of either slapping me or following me, luckily she chose to follow.

Not a lot was spoken in the taxi on the way to my hotel, but in the lift she casually said “your very cock sure of your self Mike” I push her against the side of the lift and kissed her for the first time, which she enjoyed a lot. “mmmmmm” escaped her lips as my tongue filled her mouth. Pulling away I cupped her tits, “how big are these? “36G” she replied.

Sarah was a plumpish girl with a pretty face and great top rack maybe a good size 14 (UK) or a small (16). Leaving the lift I took her to my room, she sat down as I poured us both a drink, “so tell me Sarah, why does the fool who you married treat you so bad and humiliate you?"

“how do you know he does? Why do you think that?”
“well as with most un happily married woman, you craved the attention I gave you tonight, that and the fact every time I spoke to someone else you were sieving on the inside, like I found him first and finally you opened up to quickly about your life for someone who is happy at home”
“ok say your right what does that prove?”
“ because I'm going to show you what you desire, what you require, im going to treat you like the pretty, sexual, hot lady you deserve”

Sarah blushed, “you seem to have all the answers?”
“not really, all the answers will come from you tonight, only your words from your mouth will convince you, you should have better”

Standing I pulled her to her feet, kissed her hard on the mouth and caressed her neck, I then kissed her neck and lower ear, at no time did I touch her breasts. As the heat on her neck took over Sarah became more urgent, she fumbled with the belt on my jeans, trying desperately to release my cock.

I placed my hand over hers, took her chin in my other hand, looking her in the eyes I played my trump card “you don’t have to do this Sarah, you are a hot sexy lady, I am not your husband, but be warned if we proceed I will take you from him, do you understand?”

“what you want to fuck his wife?”
“no, if we make love, I will claim you as mine, I will move up to your town and take you away from all that hurt”
“but I have two kids?”
“they will come with us”

Sarah then melted into a big kiss, I pulled away “ raise your left hand” Sarah complied. In the twilight you caught the shine from her engagement and wedding ring. “lose them” again Sarah complied pulling the rings she placed them on the table. As she did, she turned to face me, lent back against the table. Looking directly at me she spoke softly “ if you mean what you said Mike? I will give you so much to be that woman to be a real woman and... and....”
“ he hurt you by name calling and abusing you didn’t he?”

Sarah again nodded her head, “i will show you I mean to be yours Sarah”, I pulled out my wallet and placing my business card I walked over and put it in her purse, I walked up to her pulled the hair from her face and neck, I then began to put the biggest lovebite on the left side of her neck, she never struggled but remained still as I tagged her, pulling back I admired my work. “so you want to slag tag me she giggled?”

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“open your blouse” slowly Sarah unbuttoned her top and revealed those 36G tits, scooping out her left breast again I leant in and began to slag tag her left tit. Some five minutes later a big black bruise was once where her white bulging flesh was.
I moved away, turned and told her straight “ you have my marks, my card and your honor, if he asks where you got them? give him my card and tell him to call me, I will then come collect you”

“ the only honor I want is to give myself to my new man, if he will have me?”
“ I must warn you I am very dominant, but you look like you can handle it, I wont hurt you physically or professionally but I will ride you hard and fuck you like you dreamed of, if that's ok then we should be fine”
“firstly tell me his name” “Brian”

“secondly what names did he call you” embarrassed Sarah looked down, “he never made love to me, he would call me a fat slag, a fat whore, tit wank slut anything dirty but the names didn’t hurt as I had no respect for him, it was the fact he would say, “you’re, a safe housewife as none of my mate would want to fuck a fat slapper like you!” “ I would love to fuck all their wives but am embarrassed when you are out with us all” Sarah had tears in her eyes
“so dirty talking you like? just not the other stuff?” “ I use to like the slag and whore name calling at first when I was younger and smaller but he used it to hurt me, however if you want to call me names no problem”
“Sarah if I want to call you names, I will, but trust me it will be you calling yourself names” slightly shocked Sarah looked at me but smiled.
“ok lets get started, imagine Brian is in this room right now just the three of us, point to where you would like his to stand”
“ yes stand to watch me take his wife, he can only stand, watch and listen he cant’ touch, respond or say a word”

Sarah pointed to the balcony, “ so you want to Cuckold him from there” “oh God yes that would be so cool”

I moved close to the area she required, “ so my big titted hot lady lets see what you have” Sarah stripped off her top, then bra, two huge 36g tits came into view one slag tagged the other looking to gain the same badge of honor.

Before I could take charge, Sarah spoke “ you see my husband thinks I'm staying at my mums, he is a drunk brute, that's why when a a good looking bloke likes you takes my fancy, I love nothing more than to let the have a nice titty fuck followed by a very wet dirty blow job” “ do you think you would like either?”

Sarah walked over to me and looking at the window, stroked my cock opening my jean she pulled out my hardening cock, “oh my fucking god, its massive, god you must be at least 5” longer than him and a very lot thicker” im going to love this in my mouth mike, but don’t hold back when you want to come on my face, tits or mouth then just shoot, I love being covered in a mans cum”

Still looking at the window Sarah lowered herself and began a very dirty noisy blow job, Sarah was getting off on looking at the window, pulling my cock from that slut mouth “ you prick, you think all your mates wouldn’t want their cock sucked by your big titted wife? Trust me behind your back they have all tried it on with me, you sorry cunt, now I find a true man with the cock that can satisfy me at last and tonight you bully, he gets what you have always wanted, that's right tonight my man gets to fuck this fat big titted slut up her ass, yep the first and last man ever will be my man mike”

As Sarah sucked she unbuttoned her skirt and removed it, alone with her lacy knickers, looking up she whispered “ when I stand Mike, don’t wait or I will chicken out, as soon as I stand throw me down and ram it in my ass, even if I beg you to stop, just rape my ass, it has to go tonight or I will never do it.”

With a big slurp of my cock Sarah looked at the window where she imagined her bully husband to be standing, “ right big boy, as a sign I no longer belong to that prick I give you the honor of fucking me in the ass” another slurp then Sarah stood turned and yelled “NOW DO IT FUCK YOUR SLUTS ASS”

I bent her over without ceremony I rammed my 8” cock straight into her tight virgin Ass, “ ahhhhh, fuck keep going, ahhhh keep going I need this fuck me, fuck my fat ass, fuck it mike use me as a fat slag” Sarah turned her head to look where brian was stood, “fuck yes your in, your in my Ass, look you bastard my new man has your wife wet, hot and begging, something I never did with you.

“Harder, fuck me harder, fuck me up the Ass, do it babe, do me as a married whore cock loving Ass fucked whore” harder and harder I fucked that once virgin Ass, Sarah was burbling as she was taken, her massive 36G tits slapped together as I pounded that Ass, she reached up and pinched her left nipple hard.

“ ohh that's it fuck me Mike send me back up north a new woman, show me what I have missed baby” the ass fucking continued faster and faster I pounded her Ass. Sarah looked behind her blew me a kiss then looked at the window, “ Mike when you want to cum, please soot it in my Cunt, I want to let you know in ovulating so there is a very good chance I will catch and carry your baby”

Sarah really was into the hatred of her husband, as I began to quicken she was rubbing her clit “ now, babe now! Shoot in me, knock me up come on babe make this married slag pregnant, cum in me, cum in me” pulling out of her Ass I rammed home into her very wet cunt. Shot after shot of red hot spunk flew from my rock hard cock into a very willing and wet cunt.

“yes, yes knock me up, make me pregnant darling, make another mans wife carry your child, ahh yes so hot I can feel it, yes spunk me mike spunk your big titted whore make her your bitch, show the fool how a real man treats their woman” all whilst looking at the window.
As my softening cock plopped out of Sarah’s filled pussy, she span round and like a cheap whore began to suck all the shit blood and anal juices along with the spunk. Looking at the window she laughed “tell me fool you sure your mates wouldn’t like this?

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