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Miami Summers 3.50: vote

Enrique and his friend, Kevin, go to Miami for every summer vacation. Their first day back, they meet a Latina teenager at a gas station who gives them a warm welcome, Miami-style...

0 reviews
Rating: 3.50
My Teenage Slumber Party (Part Two) 9.46: vote

I saw something through a crack in the curtains that made me stop in my tracks. Dan was standing in the middle of the room and, kneeling on the floor in front of him, was Sara his girlfriend, stark naked. The button hole of Danís shorts was open and the most enormous hard cock was angrily sticking out through the opening...

8 reviews
Rating: 9.46
My Wife brings home a friend 8.38: vote

As I sit in the closet my wife is screwed by a stranger...

9 reviews
Rating: 8.38
College Girls Locker Room 1.80: vote

A story about a young cheerleader watching girls have fun in the locker room...

2 reviews
Rating: 1.80
Mandi - Sorority Challenge: Suck 20 dicks in one day! 6.37: vote

This is the first part of Mandi's sorority challenge set by her sisters to see if she can suck 20 dicks in one day!

48 reviews
Rating: 6.37
Celeste - Spring Break 6.72: vote

Celeste visits friends from New Orleans during a crazy week of partying for spring break. She ends up at a rave where a famous amatuer porn site is filming for young drunk sluts to do sexual things in front of a crowd of horny people!

80 reviews
Rating: 6.72
Kimís Direct Deposit 9.13: vote

When I went to the bank to transfer funds, I had no idea I'd be transferring semen into the back of a pretty brunette's throat... right in the bank!!!

8 reviews
Rating: 9.13
Self-Discovery 4.75: vote

A woman goes to a clothing optional beach and discovers her latent exhibitionism...

2 reviews
Rating: 4.75
My Unversity Physical Exam 3.19: vote

My first OBGYN exam, at a University!

4 reviews
Rating: 3.19
Fondled by a friend 8.21: vote

Short story about how a family friend started fondling my wife boobs which has been going on for 14 years.

2 reviews
Rating: 8.21


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