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The family decision

(Part 1 from 1)

The drive home was very strained, Brian was cursing like a Soldier, about “fuck niggers, who the fuck do they think they are?” Brian started to berate Sarah, “its all your fault, you and allowing niggers in our home, you and your thing for young bucks, you and your” Brian was cut dead by mum, “now is not the time and place just get us home and make it quick.

Mother had come out of her trance like state, as matriarch of the family her mind was in over drive, something had to be done, Sarah’s sister was rocking back and forth trance like, not comprehending the nights events, Sarah with twenty mins of the journey still to run, ran through the nights events, watching mother being throat fucked, her sister gang raped, she blocked out the events with Brian, all respect disappeared from her marriage tonight, Sarah inadvertently was stroking her breast as she thought through tonight, her tits carried the love bites of a boy and the cheeky fucker even frenched kissed her. A wry smile crossed her face but no one else saw.

As they pulled up into the drive Mother took charge, Sarah your phone! then go shower (Sister ?) Brian poor me a drink, as they moved into the house Brian was still mumbling “fucking niggers, black bastards” mother cut him short, “ stop your winging you sissy bitch, you were the one who got off on Sarah and those black boys, we all know it, you are nothing more than a Cuckold wimp, its those nigger bulls that will have to put this straight”

Mother snatched her drink, “you go sit in the lounge and don’t disturb me, understand?” mother moved into the kitchen and scrolled through Sarah’s phone. First she called Tyce and then Mark, having given a brief outline both bucks rapidly went to Sarah’s house. Mark arrived first and as mother tried to explain Mark cut her short, “ perhaps we should wait till Tyce arrives mother?” Mother having forgot the bulls pecking order nodded and awaited Tyce’s arrival.

Tyce arrived some ten minutes after Mark, mother set out to explain the events of the car park. Tyce was furious; he was on his phone to the Bromley crew and within 10 mins all the gang were in Sarah’s back garden. Tyce took Mark to one side, “well Nigger you want to earn your way back in?” “sure boss anything” with that Tyce whispered instructions to Mark and then the gang were gone.

Tyce sat in the kitchen with mother, their discussion was whispered but as Sarah entered her mother motioned for her to go up stairs and comfort her sister, she could not be sure but she thought she heard the words payment and arrangement as she climbed the stairs.

A bargain was in fact struck but that was for another day, the following few days little bits of news kept breaking on local radio, how a gang in Brixton were all set upon with their leader being knifed to death, various other aspects came out about the attack but nothing found its way to the Bromley crew. In fact it was good news all round as Mark seemed to be back in Tyce’s good books

Some 2 months later saw Sarah, outside the school gates, waiting to collect Sam and Tab. As the girls arrived they both hugged their mum, as Sarah was cuddling Sam she felt a hand stroke across her leather clad ass. Stunned Sarah turned and saw a boy with a cheeky grin, “ See ya Sam” was the boys short sentence. “who’s that boy Sam?” enquired Sarah, “ Oh Mikie, he’s a new boy he transferred over from Brixton”. A shiver ran down Sarah's Spine, once in the car Sarah made a few more discreet enquiries about the young boy.

“ what's his story then Sam?” as with all school kids they liked a gossip like most, “well apparently his brothers and cousins got into trouble a few months ago so him mum made him move to Bromley to keep him safe and out of trouble, Why do you ask mummy?”
Sarah could not tell her daughter that little Mikie was responsible for putting love bites all over her tits and kissing her like his whore, “ oh nothing i just thought he looked familiar”.

Sam continued “ i think Uncle Mark knows more about him, i think i saw them down the precinct talking. Just the mention of Mark had Sarah’s pussy juices begin to flow, it had been a very long time since she had been fucked by her once Black Bull Lover, since Tyce had branded her as his property he was the only cock allowed in her shaved cunt.

Sarah began to hatch a plan, however it would need the approval of Tyce, but after Mark and the crew had destroyed the Brixton gang it seemed he was back in Tyce’s good books, in for a penny Sarah thought. It was only a few weeks from Marks Birthday and she wanted to give him a very special birthday present.

Sarah was due over to Tyce’s place that evening, she decided that tonight she would broach the surprise Present for Mark’s birthday. With Tyce’s strong rock hard black cock covered in Sarah’s spit she looked up at him with her beautiful blue eye, “Tyce honey” then a deep throat attack on the bulls cock, “whats up girl?” Tyce replied. “ i have a very big favor to ask you” again Sarah went back to sucking her bulls nigger cock, “ well ask away bitch”, “as Mark seems to be back in your good books, i was wondering, if you would allow me to give him a special birthday present?”

“whats the present girl?”

With her mouth stuffed full and her nose rubbing Tyce’s pubic hair Sarah pulled back looked Tyce in the eye, “ i would love you to give me permission for one night with Mark at my house for his birthday?” “ so my bitch wants to leave my protection, you want me to de-brand you is that it?”

“No Tyce, i just want to give him this one off special treat.” “ well girl I'll tell you what, what price are you willing to pay for me granting this request?” Sarah rammed hard down on the black rod two or three times, “anything Tyce anything”. Tyce sniggered ok girl “ go for it but you will pay the price i demand, when i demand it ok” “what do you want me to do?” Sarah enquired, laughing Tyce just sighed “wait and see bitch wait and see”. Sarah was ecstatic and deep throated Tyce with all her slut cock sucking skills until Tyce grabbed her hair and shot a very large amount of his prime nigger spunk into Sarah's hot mouth, with her mouth full Sarah looked into Tyce’s eyes and slowly swallowed his spunk.

Sarah returned home her mind a buzz of the sweet surprise she had planned for mark. Firstly she told Brian that he was to arrange for Sam and Tab to be taken over to her sisters for the following weekend this gave Sarah 10 days to prepare for her treat, Brian still sulking from the way the family now treated him made the necessary call to arrange the stay over. For the following week Sarah went to the shops, trawled the web and found all she required for Marks special Birthday treat.

To add insult to injury, Sarah sat Brian down, it was Saturday Morning and today was her special treat to the nigger bull, “as you know brian, mum and my sisters know that you have been cuckold by Mark and Tyce, how i as a lady in her sexual prime be expected to be satisfied by a small dicked white boy like you?” as Brian went to explain she cut him short, “you made a big song and dance that night in the parking lot, but deep down i think you loved it” “tut, tut, don’t try to defend your actions,” tonight i am going to allow you a treat like Mark, if you comply? I will allow you to remain in this house, if not? You’re out got it?” Brian could only mumble with his head held in shame “yes i understand”

For the past week various packages had arrive at Sarah’s home, “Brian you are to leave the house at 5pm, pick Mark up at 645 pm then have him here for 7 o’clock, you are to remain down stair until i call you, understand?” Brian nodded, for the past week Sarah had been pruning herself ready for this one off treat.

5pm saw brian leave as per his instructions, once his car left the drive, Sarah rushed up stairs, a bath was run with all Sarah’s nice scents, slowly and deliberately Sarah took her razor to her already smooth pussy, Sarah had been shaving for the past ten day so there would be no stubble and her cunt would be so smooth.

Relaxed in the suds Sarah put the plan one more time through her mind, kinky but she hoped Mark would love it as much as she hoped. Have cleaned, shaved spruced and pruned Sarah returned to her bedroom and took out the outfit that she had ordered over ebay, first the short Grey pleated school skirt, the tight white vest to pull her 34B tits in to make her look flat chested, then the white blouse, the tie, long white socks followed by the same blazer the girls used for school. To add that little bit of kink, Sarah went to Sam's room and took a pair of her plain white school panties, Sarah returned to her room and laid everything out prior to getting ready.

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630pm saw Sarah slowly get dressed in the same school uniform as Sam and Tab’s school, with nerves tingling 655pm saw a Sexy Sarah blonde hair in a pony tail awaiting Marks’s arrival, she moved to Sam’s room and sat on her bed, she picked up Sam’s teddy and ran one more time through her plan. Looking down Sarah adjusted the badge on her lapel, it read (Samantha Leather).

7pm Sarah heard the front door open and the sound of Brian with Mark, Mark called out to Sarah, in a very young girly voice Sarah replied “im up here uncle Mark”, confused both men looked at each other, Mark grinned at brian and started up the stairs. As he reached Sarah’s room he found it empty, looking around he saw a small light from Sam’s room, slowly he stepped forward and pushed open the door.

Inside on the bed sat Sarah dressed identical to Samantha, Sarah raised her finger to her lips stood up and walked the small distance to uncle Mark, holding a small teddy Sarah giggled, “uncle Mark Mummy is not here tonight, she had to go out, but she did say it was your birthday and i was to be nice to you tonight” Mark gulped “but Sarah!” “SSShhhh, there's only Sam in this room uncle Mark, only Sam here tonight to help you with your birthday present”.

A grin spread over Marks face, “so Sam tell me? What do you want to give me for my birthday?” Sam stretched up and in a girly voice whispered “if you don’t tell anyone, i have seen you and mummy kissing and things, i could let you kiss me”.
“anything else? Me and your mummy did other things”

Sam looked with her big blue eyes, “i know but i have never done those things before I've never had a boyfriend, i just peeked at you and mummy” Mark pulled Sam in close and soon his black lips were kissing Sam’s neck and face, he moved and slid his tongue into Sam’s young mouth, Sam pulled away in shock, ahhh you put your tongue in me, it was funny. Although Mark was enjoying this young piece of pussy, he pulled Sam's hand and made her rub along his thick black cock.

Sam leant her head on Marks shoulder, “uncle Mark that feels so big and strong, does mummy rub it like this?” Mark pushed Sam to her knees, faced with his tight leather jeans, Sam looked up into Mark’s face, “what shall i do uncle Mark?” “take it out Sam, take it out and kiss it for uncle Mark.”

Sam complied, slowly releasing the long rock hard 8” nigger pole, “gosh uncle Mark, its massive” “just open your mouth and try to suck it Sammy girl, Sam tenderly opened her young mouth and began her first ever blow job, on her knees both fists pumping Marks cock. As Sam's mouth watered, more and more spit covered the ebony solid pole, “am i doing it right uncle Mark?”. “fine baby girl just fine, in a few month i think i could have you trained up as good as your mummy” this made Sam glow with joy.

Mark picked up Sam and easily tossed her onto the bed, a red mist was beginning to fog his mind, this ripe young untouched white virgin, needed to become nigger meat and he was just the man to ruin her. Looking up Sam watched as Mark had a sneer on his face, it was a sneer of contempt for white woman, lifting her school skirt, Mark saw her plain school panties cut high as they weren’t her’s, pulling slowly down revealed Sam's Bald young virgin cunt. The panties were removed and pulled up “open your mouth Sam” mark whispered then he placed the panties inside Sam's mouth.

Lowering his head Mark licked at the fresh clean cunt, eyes screwed shut Sarah placed all thoughts of herself out of her mind and kept the whole scenario about the taking of Sam fresh in her mind, she was Sam, she needed Sam to be Marks, she wanted Mark to ruin her daughter and right now it was going to happen.

Mark began to eat the bald young pussy, Sam could only mumble through the knickered filled mouth, “MMMMM, ohhh, aaahhh”, Mark inserted a big black finger into the young virgin, something Sam had never done or been done to, faster and faster Mark licked the bald school girls cunt, Sam raised her hips and involuntarily forced more of Mark’s mouth onto her virgin cunt.

As his speed increased, Sam felt something new to her, a very strange tingling in her pussy, suddenly, it hit her like a lightening bolt and wet liquid squirted out of her virgin cunt, unsure Sam thought she had wet herself but in fact SHE had just come on a niggers tongue for the first but by no means the last time. Raising up Mark whispered “ call me daddy” Sam looked at him nodded spat out the knickers “ok Daddy”.

Mark stripped down his shorts and pulled on his hard nigger 8” baby giving cock. “Daddy going to make his girl happy, ok” Sam nodded and watched as Mark rubbed his pole up and down her bald young cunt, with a sharp poke Mark forced all 8” deep into her virgin cunt, a sharp pain that made Sam scream “Daddy!!!!” as it bedded home deep in her once virginal cunt.

Sam scream alerted Brian down stairs, he rushed up stairs to the room. There on his daughters bed legs wide apart, with a young bull nigger naked with a bareback black cock pumping in and out of his wife, dressed as his daughter was Sarah, loving every minute of her surprise birthday present.

A smirk came over Sarah’s face, looking from Mark to Brian and back again, she giggled as the black cock pounded her pussy raw, “ oh Daddy he’s so big, Daddy he is inside me”. Mark cottoned on that she was playing up to brian, so he began to pound Sam harder.
“oh Daddy, fuck daddy he is so, so big, look daddy, look at him daddy he is taking me daddy, just like mummy, he’s taking me” Sam thrust out her hand “please daddy, please daddy im scared” brian walked into the room knelt down and held Sam’s hand, “ Daddy is this what uncle Mark does with mummy?”

Dry in the throat, Brian nodded and whispered “ yes” Sam decided to up the stakes, “But Daddy, Mummy is your wife, uncle Mark puts his willy in her, Why?” “why?”. Mark leaned in and whispered “ because im her man now, just like im your man now Sam, you belong to Mark’s black cock, you’re nigger meat now girl” and to make his point he rammed hard making Sam scream.

“Daddy please tell me its not true, Does Mark own mummy, is she his daddy? His fuck toy, what about me daddy? Am i now Marks as well” ashamed Brian looked down, this was the point in time sarah had mentioned if he went along with everything he got to stay, he like a proper man he was disgusted with it all he would be forced to leave.

At this precise moment Brian gave up his manhood, “yes baby girl Mark is mummy’s man now, he owns her and fucks her.” “but why daddy?” Brian swallowed he knew Sarah was pushing him to the limit, “ because daddy is no good baby girl, daddy prefers to watch better stronger men make mummy happy” this gave Mark the signal he needed upping his pace Mark forced home his nigger pole and Sam felt molten hot baby making cum squirt into her virgin cunt.

“ oh god daddy, he’s done it in me, he has put hot stuff in me” “ please Daddy what shall i do?” Mark slowly pulled out of Sam’s full pussy his long cock dripping with both juices. Standing back, Mark watched as Sam went into over drive.

“oh daddy please, what if I'm pregnant, please daddy school will expel me, please Daddy mummy will be angry, HER MAN has made me pregnant what shall we do?” Brian tried to calm her down, “ it ok Daddy wont let it happen” “quick daddy get it out of me, quick before its to late” Sam grabbed Brian's hair and forced his face to her spunk filled cunt “ clean me daddy, clean it before i become pregnant”

Brian moved down on his wife, Sarah wasn’t letting him off that easily “ help me daddy, stop me getting pregnant” Brian's face was awash with his daughters juices and nigger spunk as Sam ask “good daddy, deeper daddy, he shot a lot in me,” Brian licked cleaned and slurped yet more nigger spunk, the other night flashed into his head, he really was just a cuckold sissy.

“oh daddy, does it taste as good as mummy’s? Does my young fresh filled cunt taste as good as mummy’s?” with spunk around his mouth Brian raised his head “ yes it does” and returned to his clean up duties. “yes who daddy?” Brian knew this was the final nail!!! “ yours Sam your pussy tastes just as good as mummy’s does when her bulls have filled her with fresh cum” “ YOURS SAM, YOUR DOES SAM” words that finally made Brian lose all respect from all the woman of the family.

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