Soldier fucks mum and daughter : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

Mike stepped back as his come leaked out of the old bitches cunt, pulling up his trousers he pulled out his business card giving it to Maria “be over at my place 8 o’clock sharp, the address is on the card, i will be over later tonight, i might bring someone over to join the fun”
Maria giggled and whispered into Mike’s ear “if you bring someone can they be black, i would love it if mum gets ruined by a nigger”

Oh by the way, leave your bra’s on my desk, for the rest of the weekend i want you braless understand?

Both nodded Maureen picked up her clothes and began to dress leaving her black bra on mike’s desk, Maria removed hers and placed it alongside her mothers. As Mike made his way to the shower room both girls made a hasty retreat only to bump into a tall colored female soldier outside Mikes office.

“what you 2 cracker ho’s doing back here, its out of bounds?” the tall soldier asked.
“we have been in to see Mike, “ Maureen replied
“this years white meat i see” “well get back to the parade ground and make it quick you ho’s should not be here”
Maria kept her face lowered, the big colored soldier intimidated her and she was slightly scared.

As mother and daughter went back to the public area Maureen was annoyed, “who the fuck does that black bitch think she is talking too”? “how dare she call us ho’s” Maria shed her mum.
“lets get back to the hotel and freshen up for tonight, its going to be wild”

As they shared a taxi Maria leaned in and whispered, “i told you he was big and the way you sucked him, what a slut you are mother”
Maureen went bright red ashamed that she had acted that way in front of her daughter. At the hotel both stripped and put on the big luxury dressing gowns.

Maria commanded her mum “run me a bath the ring your grand daughters” Maureen complied realizing Maria had no intention of letting up on mistress bitch scenario for the weekend. As she ran Maria's bath she just hoped that her life would get back to normal once the weekend had finished.

With the bath run Maureen picked up her mobile and rand Maria’s house, as it rang Maria returned with a glass of wine, Gary answered the phone, Maureen passed it to Maria “ yes, how are you?” Maria asked. Maureen went to move away to the bathroom.
Maria raised a finger instructing her mother to stop! “hold on babe i think the bath is over flowing here speak to mum” Maria passed the mobile to her mother but instead of moving to the bathroom she stood in front of her mother and mouthed Strip.

Unsure Maureen looked confused, Maria raised her hand and said “strip” reluctantly Maureen disrobed and stood naked in the hotel room. Maria pushed her back on the bed, as Maureen lay on her bed naked Maria again commanded open your legs slag, Maureen complied.
“now speak to my husband but i want you to wank as you do, if its ok to wank over him on last night I'm sure now is a good time”

As Maureen spoke to her son in law she slowly began to rub her clit and squeeze her tits as her daughter had commanded, “you fucking slag “ Maria mouthed as she went off to have a bath, with Maria slamming the bathroom door Maureen looked up and slowly slipped her fingers into her wet hole, scooping out some of mikes come from earlier she gestured a one finger salute in the direction of the bathroom and as she spoke to Gary she slowly licked the come from her fingers.

Making her excuses she bid bye to Gary hung up then waited for Maria to finish her bath. “you better scrub up slag i want you nice and pretty tonight and if your a good girl, i might even let up on you once we get home” Maria scowled as she left the bathroom.
Having both bathed an hour later saw both women getting ready for their trip to mikes flat, Maria talked her mother into dressing younger, so with a tight pair of jeans and tight white t-shirt Maria set about doing her mums make over, bra less Maureen's large 38EE tits could well be seen through the tight top Maria pulled her mums hair into a pony tail and did her make up. Looking in the mirror Maureen liked the results.

Both ready, taxi called they set off for Mikes flat. In the taxi Maria told her mum “you be a good girl tonight and don’t show me up in front of mike, i want to tell you something, i have been off the pill for a couple of months now and i want Mike to breed me with his cock”
Maureen was shocked that her once darling prim and proper daughter now wanted a man other than her husband make her pregnant. Maria continued “ Mike has such a big cock he will not fail me mum, oh was he bigger than daddy’s?”
Maureen looked shocked at her daughter, “don’t mention your father in the same sentence as that brute”

Maria grabbed her arm tight and squeezed, “ on your knee sucking my mans cock, begging him to fuck you! Then wanking over my husband, who do you think you are, you are a slag! Now was Mike bigger than daddy?”
Maureen lowered her head and nodded “yes he was, much bigger”

Maria sniggered, “well now i know what you had to put up with, when we get back you can use Gary's small cock if you want i wont need him when im pregnant”
8 o’clock saw both girls stood out side Mike’s flat, as they knocked Mike invited them in.

“that would be nice “ Maria replied both girls drank some wine.
“come to me” Mike commanded, Maria arose and walked to her man, “not you your mamma”

Shocked Maria sat back down pissed her mum had been selected by Mike
Maureen moved over to Mike he grabbed her and kissed her hard on the mouth, his hands squeezed her large tits.
“you going to comply tonight lady no matter what?”

As he caress her body Maureen nodded “no matter what?” mike asked
“yes i will let you do what you like” Maureen whispered.
“good now go sit down, my flat mate will be home soon and i want you to comply with every demand put on you ok”

Maureen nodded and sat worried that she was being put about by mike and used as a piece of meat to be fucked as he saw fit.
Maria was glad her mum was no longer in the arms of her man, mike beckoned her to him, she moved to his chair and made a big show of making out with him. Maria raised her t-shirt and pulled mikes mouth to her nipples “suck baby, suck and mark you woman” Maria whispered in mike’s ear.

As mike was sucking on her tits, they heard keys at the front door, “ah his my room mate now, you ready to put out Maureen?”
Maureen stood and moved into the centre of the room awaiting the stranger she had agreed to fuck, he mind wondering if his cock would be as big as Mikes, suddenly the door opened and in walked the big black girl soldier that they had bumped into out side mikes office. Shocked Maureen looked from the negro beauty to Mike then back again

Mike stood “well you said you wanted her niggered” mike laughed “ladies this is Bevs my roomy so as agreed Maureen hope you enjoy your night”
“but! But! I have never been with a woman, i have no lesbian tendencies please don’t make me do this i beg you”

Bevs crossed the room looked at Mike then Maureen, “this cracker ho will do fine, i will see you all in the morning” Bevs walked to her room opened the door “ in bitch” was the command she sent to the now scared mother.
Maria giggled and shed her in the direction of Bevs bedroom, in a pleading trance like state Maureen moved to the bedroom, Bevs pushed her in followed her and slammed the door.
Maria still giggling “that will teach her, not only have i had you fuck her now a woman, how cool”
Mike sighed “careful, Bevs is very dominate so it will be interesting in the morning, now bitch my room and be quick”

Maria walked into Mikes room, as he followed he pointed to the balcony Maria went out and look over below some four floor were people sitting out side a bar, Mike told Maria to drop her jean which she was quick to comply with. Bent over the balcony Mike slipped his hard cock into the waiting married bitch, below people unaware that above then with her jeans around her ankles was Maria getting fucked hard.

Mike pulled out and walked back to his bed, “strip” was the words Maria was waiting for, in a flash naked as the day she was born Maria crawled onto the bed and remained on all fours. For the next few hours Mike took his bitch in varying positions missionary doggie spoons through out Maria was creaming her juices all over the bed.

At times she come hear the sounds of slapping coming from the other room knowing her mum was being slapped by the big black soldier made Maria snigger. A short break and Mike put Maria back on all fours pulling her hair Maria looked directly into Mike’s mirror
“ im not on the pill! Put your son in my belly and i will carry it for you, “ Maria pleaded.

“make me pregnant, make me pregnant, GIVE ME A BABY” Maria screamed at the top of her voice.
With each thrust Mike Taunted the Married Bitch.
“what you want Bitch?”
“a baby, a baby give me a baby”

Harder and harder Mike fucked his cock into Maria “Again Bitch”
“give me your son” Maria pleaded
“give me your son” Screamed Maria

Maureen could hear her daughter begging for a c***d but her concerns were more for her self rather than her daughter.
As Maureen sat on the bed Bevs stood before her standing some 5ft 10” with the looks of Janet Jackson but a body so firm and muscular that most men would want. Her breasts were a natural 34D slowly Bevs started to remove her uniform first off was her top revealing a very nice white bra showing off the darkness of her skin.

Removing her boots she slowly lowered her trousers now in lace knickers and bra she stood before the frightened mother.
Maureen asked “how old are you?”
“first off you address me as ma’am, understand”
“sorry yes ma’am, how old are you?”
“not that it matters but I'm 25”

Maureen thought to her self Christ not only has my daughter been a bitch to me and demanded i call her mistress now a c***d of 25 nearly half her age was commanding her.
Bevs stood before Maureen hands on her hips “ come here bitch”
Maureen rose and stood before the black goddess, “ ever fucked a girl my little cracker ho?” “no Ma’am” “well by time you awake in the morning you will not only be used to it but you will be my cracker bitch ok”
Maureen was un sure of what to say so remain silent

Bevs pulled her in close and stroked her tits 38EE under her t-shirt were soft but her nipples betrayed her they were rock hard.
“kiss me bitch” Bevs commanded, unsure having never been in this position before Maureen hesitated, pulling her close Bevs f***ed her tongue into the older woman's mouth.
Maureen gave up and enjoyed the kiss, with hands on her shoulders Bevs encouraged Maureen onto her knees. Before her was a pair of muscular legs topped with those knickers Bevs raised Maureen's chin, “eat me girl eat your first black pussy, cause it wont be your last”
Pulling Maureen's head forward the mother found her nose and mouth fucked into Bevs sweet smelling pussy.

Bev pulls aside her knickers revealing a very neatly trimmed pussy. Eat bitch was the last words heard by the older white woman as Bev's thrust her black cunt onto the white ladies mouth.
Maureen had no choice but to eat her first pussy, she was f***ed to lick and slurp at the black cunt. Pushing her back onto the bed Bevs sat on Maureen’s face, the powerful black lady the slid backwards and forwards across the face below her, she continued to fuck her cunt onto Maureen’s mouth for a full 10 minutes until with a loud growl she screamed “open wide cracker bitch”, as she sneered at the white bitch and with a quick flick of her fingers Bevs started to squirt her black come into Maureen's mouth.

Bevs stood “strip my cracker bitch I've only just started” as Maureen climbed of the bed she started to take her clothes off she watched as Bevs moved over to a chest of draws shocked when Bevs turned around as she had donned a huge black strap on cock.
Ever taken nigga cock ho?

Maureen shook her head no! “good, cause now your training really begins get on all fours, like her daughter Maureen placed herself in a position to be fucked. Greasing up her cock Bevs moved behind her and slowly eased the big black cock into her white bitch.
Like Maria, Maureen was placed in various positions allowing the black goddess to ride her white pussy as she pleased, at one stage with legs over Bev's shoulders Maureen was getting pounded Bevs leaned in and growled
“ who’s your mamma bitch, Who’s your Mamma?”

Maureen eyes shot open her mouth hung open as she looked at the strong black goddess fuck her senseless.
Maureen raised her head and whispered “you are you’re my mamma”

“turn the fuck over ho” Maureen was placed on all fours as Bevs got behind her grabbing her pony tail Bevs started to ride the white old girl she showed no mercy as for the next hour all Maria could hear from the other room was “FUCK ME MAMMA FUCK ME MAMMA”
With Bevs slapping her ass and ramming the big black cock inside her Maureen was used and abused for most of the night.

Maria thought she could hear the sound of buzzing coming from her mums room thinking she was getting a vibrator used on her Maria giggled to her self, she could hear Maureen pleading “no please don’t do that please don’t do that”
But with the fucking Mike had given her she drifted into a deep slurp!

As Maria awoke there was no sign of Mike having risen early to go to work although a Sunday there was a big parade to attend.
Maria made her way to the shower and as she passed her Bevs room she heard soft sobbing coming from the room, peaking inside the was no sign of the black goddess, instead there tied to the bed was her mother, laughing Maria pulled back the covers and got the shock of her life.

There tied spread eagled was Maureen, but more to the fact was her long hair had been shaved off and she was sporting a high and tight military hair cut not only that but as Maria's eyes traced down her mums body she noticed a gold bar pierced through both nipples again as her eyes traveled down she notice her mums natural blonde hair on her cunt was shaved bald with piercing through her labia and clit.

Maureen looked pleadingly at her daughter, “please untie me Maria”
Maria helped her mum up and to the shower, the shame and humiliation Maureen felt nearly killed her.
Maria was in shock “fuck mum, she really took it out on you.

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