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I Knew Her Secret.. 8.67: vote

A man has a serious crush on what appears to be the postal lady...

4 reviews
Rating: 8.67
Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy : Part 2 8.56: vote

Jenny and her friends have a party with a surprise...

2 reviews
Rating: 8.56
My first but not last encounter with a tranny 6.81: vote

She caressed my dick through the fabric of my shorts as I slid my fingers up her skirt. “You like what you feel” she asked as she pushed my hand up forcing me to feel the mound under her panties...

2 reviews
Rating: 6.81
Fulfilling A Girl's Male Fantasy : Part 1 6.63: vote

Jennifer has a surprise request for Jack..

5 reviews
Rating: 6.63
Fill'er Up 5.00: vote

Internet/text lovers finally meet, but one is in for a BIG surprise...

1 reviews
Rating: 5.00
My brother's biggest surprise! 8.11: vote

In which a bullying older brother gets far more than he bargained for!

5 reviews
Rating: 8.11
Smooth Sensation 6.34: vote

Feminine, skinny transvestite gets fucked by the man of her slutty dreams...

7 reviews
Rating: 6.34
Shemale Fantasy - Suck Fest 6.50: vote

Young guy decides to see what it's like to be a shemale slut for the night but gets more than he was expecting... ;-)

18 reviews
Rating: 6.50
All American Prospect 2.25: vote

About a Freshman football star in college who was the all-american prospect and became something else for fun. Leo became Sasha to see how it felt being chased by football stars, sort of...

0 reviews
Rating: 2.25
The Sin of Lust 7.83: vote

Confession will never be the same again!

4 reviews
Rating: 7.83


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