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Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman

(Part 2 from 4)

Joel looked at her, naked, standing before him, ready to be used by him. He stood up, moving towards her. He picked up the bag he had brought and put it down next to her. “Look at all these nice little toys I have for you.” He opened the bag, watching the startled look on her face when she saw his tools of torture and pain. “Yes, they are going to really hurt. But that is what you are for, to make my cock hard, to be used as a receptacle for my cum.”

He pulled the cane out of the bag. It was made of bamboo, about four feet long, about ¾ inch in diameter. It was very flexible. That was what made it so painful. Joel slapped it hard against the palm of his hand. He watched Celeste jump at the noise. “Have you ever been caned, cunt? I bet you never were ever even spanked. Turn around, let me see that ass, now, turn around now!”

She turned around, her back to him. She cringed when she felt the cane rubbing against her naked ass cheeks. She tightened her buttocks.

“Spread your legs open,” the cane tapping lightly on her ass. “More cunt, I want to see that pussy from behind.” The cane beat harder onto her ass.

Celeste moved her legs, her pussy opening to his gaze. She jumped as the cane hit her ass harder. She spread her legs more, the cane moving between her thighs, rubbing up and down.

nice pussy,” the cane moving up her thighs until it brushed against her pussy. He pushed the cane between her legs, letting her feel the rough surface of the cane on her tender pussy. “Now, cunt, I’m going to cane you. It’s going to hurt like hell. But that is what you are good for. To be beaten and fucked. If you do as I say and let me cane you, I wouldn’t cane your cunt. If I have to force you to hold still, I’m going to lash your pussy with the cane thirty times. That’s going to really tear up that nice pink cunt. So what’s it going to be?”

Tears ran down Celeste’s face. She could see the evil in his face. His was going to hurt her bad and she was going to have to submit to it. She had to, she knew that her pussy could not stand getting hit thirty times with the cane. “Yes.”

“Yes, you want me to beat your cunt?”

“No, I will hold still while you beat me,” she blurted out.

Joel rubbed his cock. This is going to be fun. The cunt is going to spread herself out for me to keep from me beating her pussy. Wait until she finds out I lied. By then, it will be too late. “I want to start with those tits. They will look really nice with red stripes all over them. Turn around, lace your hands behind your neck and stick them tits out for me.” He tapped the cane against her ass. “Now!” He hit her harder, watching as she jumped as the cane hit painfully against her asscheeks.

“Owww,” she cried, turning quickly and getting into position. She pushed her breasts out, her back arched, her nipples hard in fear, pointed and waiting for the cane. She saw the cane move toward her breasts, moving slowly, rubbing against her tender flesh. It moved over her nipples, the small knobs on the cane bumping hard on her nipples, making them harder.

“What a slut you are, your nipples are getting harder and I’m getting ready to beat them with a cane. You like this cunt?”

Please don’t beat me, I’m sorry what I said about your brother. I didn’t make up the script, I just read it. I don’t think I can stand it if you beat me,” she begged him.

“You’re just a worthless cunt. You might think you are sorry, but you will be. I am going to beat you then I going to fuck you. Then were going to start all over again. Not get ready.” He tapped the cane lightly on her breasts, hitting them underneath, making them bounce on her chest. “Look at those tits bounce.” He continued to make first her right, then her left tit bounce up and down, dancing on her chest. He rubbed the end of the cane on her nipple, watching as she cringed when it rubbed harshly over her delicate nipple. He pulled his arm back and struck her right breast with the side of the cane.

“AAAAGGGHHH,” Celeste screamed, the pain in her breast reaching deep inside her body. She backed away, trying to escape the excruciating pain.

Joel stepped forward, swinging the cane again, this time it hitting her other breast. “I told you to stand still, bitch.” He tapped the cane against her pussy. “You want to feel it here,” pushing it between her pussy lips, sawing the rough cane up and down her slit.

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Celeste’s legs slapped shut, trapping the cane between her pussy lips. She didn’t even see it coming, the fist hitting her in her stomach. She doubled over in pain, gasping for air. She felt a hand grab her by her hair, yanking her upright. She coughed and sputtered, trying to get air back into her lungs. It felt like he was tearing her hair out of her scalp.

“Now, cunt, are you going to obey, or are we going to do this the hard way?”

“CCOOOUUGGHH, GAASSPP.” Celeste continued to try to regain the air in her lungs. She tried to straighten up, putting her hands behind her neck again, her breasts again thrust out, red marks on both breasts already forming.

“Yes, that’s a good slut, push those tits out. Further, yes, that’s good. You ready for so more. Your making my cock so hard, Celeste. You like making my cock hard,” the cane swinging again, crushing against her right breast again. He watched as her breast absorbed the blow, it digging deeply into her tender flesh. He body was braced for the blow, her eyes opening wide in pain as the cane beat her tender flesh. Her scream rang out in the room. “Yes, sing for me cunt.” He swung the cane again, bashing into her other breast, making it jiggle on her chest, her flesh flattening from the blow. She screamed again.

Her body was in such pain, the cane continuing to beat her breasts. He hit the bottom and the sides, saving her nipples for last. She was constantly screaming, her body rigid, her breasts still pushed out, her body shuddering. She saw him unzip his fly and pull his cock from his pants. It was over eight inches. The head an ugly purple, precum glistening on it. She saw him stroking it with one hand, the cane flying back to smack her breast hard again.

“Yes, my cock is so hard for you. But you still have a lot more beating to get before I fuck you. Now stick them tits out real far. It’s time to work on the big nipples. If you thought it hurt before, this one will really drive you up the wall,” his voice laughing.

Celeste closed her eyes, pushed her breasts out and braced for the pain.

“Open your eyes, cunt, I want you to see everything.” He waited until she opened her eyes, the cane swinging widely, hitting both of her nipples at the same time.

It was like slow motion for Celeste. She saw the cane hit her nipples, flattening them out on her chest. It felt like a long time and then all of a sudden the pain registered. The scream was ripped from her mouth, it shattering the night air. She could see him stroking his cock harder as she screamed. She saw the cane swing again. She sucked in as much air as she could before it ripped another scream from her. It felt like her nipples were being crushed. She saw his cock growing bigger, the head swollen as his hand raced up and down it.

“Feels good doesn’t it, cunt, here it comes again. Ready for another scream, bitch.” He swung the cane, lashing her unprotected nipples, small trickles of blood appearing on them. His listened to her screams as her body shuddered under his abuse. “Two more, then were going to work on that nice round ass of yours. Now push out your tits,” he ordered her.

“Hurry, get it over with, I can’t stand it anymore,” she screamed, but pushed her breasts out further, waiting for the pain to begin again. She did not have to wait long. She saw the cane swing again, felt it smash into her nipples and another scream was wrenched from her throat. She heard him say one more really hard, bracing for the pain, her back arched, her nipples torn and bleeding. He did not let her down, the last lash of the cane was harder, using all of his strength to hit her flesh, watching her brace for the cane. She screamed a gut wrenching scream and fell to the floor, clutching her torn breasts, sobbing helplessly.

Joel pulled her by the hair, pulling her head up to his cock, rubbing it over her lips and face, precum spreading over her face. He looked down at her tear stained face, his cock hard. “That was good, cunt, you did real well. Look at how hard my cock is,” pushing his cock around her lips.

“Now it’s time to work on that nice ass of yours. You have such a spankable ass, it will be even better with a cane. In the dining room, I saw a nice big table in there that I would like to see you bent over.” He pulled her up by the hair, pieces of hair ripping out as he pulled her to the other room, her feet trying to stand up. “Come on cunt, my cock is getting soft.”

Celeste was pulled upright until she was facing him. She felt him grab her hand and pull it down until it gripped his cock. He wanted her to jerk his cock.

“Stroke it up and down real nice or I’m going to hurt you bad,” his hands reaching up to her bruised and battered breasts. He felt her body jerk and grab his cock tighter as he gripped the bruised flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips. “I said, real nice!”

“But that hurts so bad, please don’t touch them,” she cried.

“You just stroke my cock nice and slow, don‘t worry about what I am doing to your tits. You’re born for pain, a real fuck toy. I’m going to do anything I want to you and that includes hurting you. That’s what makes my cock so hard, so you go and stroke it real nice, make me feel good while I play with these battered tits,” his hands reaching out again to elicit new groans of pain from Celeste as he pinched and pulled her bloodied nipples. He felt her hand gently stroking his cock, making it so nice and hard. He pinched her nipples harder, feeling her body shudder in pain. “That’s what I like, a bitch that can take the pain.” There’s so much more pain for this cunt, he thought.

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