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Girls Night Out

(Part 1 from 1)

Deb had decided that due to the lack of fun recently she would join her friends on a night out clubbing, having spoken to a couple of the girls it was decided to make the evening fancy dress.

Deb Phoned her best mate Sally, “Hi Sal what you wearing tonight?”
Sally replied “oh I don’t really know, I think I may go with my St Trinians outfit, you know short skirt, stockings etc, what about you?”
Deb replied “yours sounds sexy; I will probably wear my kinky Police woman outfit”

“Sounds hot, are you coming over for a drink before we go out?” ask Sally.
“Yes sweet heart I’ll be at yours for seven o’clock” was Debs swift answer.
Hanging up the phone Deb began her preparation for what she hoped would be a fun flirty night.

As she rummaged through her closet, firstly she pulled out a short black mini skirt, next a plain pretty white blouse, black Patten high heel stilettos. Next her underwear, first Deb picked a thong but dissuaded it, looking through various knickers Deb finally decided on a pair of lace black knickers and a lacy push up bra.

Moving into the shower, as the water cascaded down her 39 year old fit taught body, she caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror. Deb liked what she saw; it had been three months since her husband deployed over sea but more importantly another 2 months before his return. Debs king dong and other various house hold objects had been used far to much to ease the passion within the hot pussy she so loved.

Apart from her lesbian sex sessions with sally her best friend and fucking her self senseless with the toys, Deb had not indulged in any other form of sex. Finishing the shower and getting dressed, Deb slowly pulled on the stockings, Suspenders, lace knickers and bra. Looking into the bedroom mirror Deb knew she looked hot for a MILF.

On with the skirt, then tying the blouse under her tits, with the final touch being her police hat. Tucking a pair of handcuffs into her skirt and a quick twirl of the plastic truncheon Deb was ready to go to Sally’s.

Arriving at Sally’s Deb was pleased to see her sexy best friend dressed as a school girl. “gosh” Sally gasped as PC Deb walked into her front room.

“You look so fucking hot Deb” Sally remarked.
“you don’t look half bad yourself” was Debs cute answer.

Sally moved over and rubbed her big tits encased within her uniform against Deb, as they were alone Deb trailed her hand across Sally’s arse and had a sneaky feel of the big titted slut that was her best friend, Deb kissed Sally hard then asked “where’s Steve?” (Sally’s husband).

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“up stairs, he’s going to drop us off” whispered sally. With that Steve appeared and asked if they were ready to leave.
On the drive down both girls sat in the rear of the car, it wasn’t long before Deb felt Sally’s fingers sliding up her thigh. Spreading her legs slightly Deb allowed Sally to stroke the lacy covering of her hot wet pussy, all while Sally’s unaware husband drove both girls to meet the rest of their friends.

Pulling up outside the bar, both girls jumped out the car, with Sally giving Steve a peck on the cheek his last words he heard was don’t wait up.

Moving into the bar Deb and Sally met up with the rest of their friend, some nine girls in all, wearing various fancy dress outfits some plain, other sexy but the two hottest were Deb then Sally by far.

As the night progressed all the girls were flirting and getting fairly pissed, none more so than Sally and Deb. As with any night out a group of pissed girls soon attract the various groups of blokes hoping to score. Flirting, all the girls were laughing and joking with the guys accepting the free offer of drinks.

As Debs group moved from bar to bar, each bar threw up new blokes trying there luck, there seemed to be two blokes that followed the girls to each bar. Sally was first to spot them, “look Deb there’s those two young lads again.”

As Deb browsed the bar she spotted the two young lads maybe 21, 23 years old at the most she thought. “They probably want to get into young Sarah” was Debs reply.
With that they approached Deb and Sally, “can we buy you two pretty ladies a drink?” was the older ones question. Looking at each other with a giggle they both replied “sure why not.”

With that the lads moved to the bar to buy the drinks, Sally raised the question, “why would two young black lads want to hang out with us”
Debs answered” does it matter that there black, lets just enjoy it and see how it goes”.
Sally slid in close and giggled into Debs ear, “Don’t forget, that discussion we had about you fucking nigger cock you dirty slag”
Deb raised her eyebrow “he’s just a baby my sons older than him, to young Sal, mores the pity”.

With that both lads reappeared, “here you go ladies, by the way what’s your names?”

“Im Sally and this is PC Deb, Sally giggled”
The eyes of the older lad lit up, and gave Deb a sly wink, Deb returned a slight smile.
Looking directly at Deb, “hi I’m Tyce, this is Stu”.
Pleased to meet you were the girls reply.

Laughing and giggle all four were enjoying each other company, when the remainder of the girls informed Deb and Sally about going to a club. Both agreed and said there goodbyes to the young lads.

Inside the club the girls were enjoying mucking around flirting and dancing, some one hour later Tyce and Stu reappeared and started dancing with all the girls, as the music slowed both black lads smoothed in on Deb and Sally. Grabbing a girl each Deb found herself in Tyce’s strong arms with Sally firmly wrapped in Stu’s arms.
As Deb danced close to Tyce, she could feel the unmistakeable prod of this young lads cock growing hard, with an inner smile Deb deliberately pushed her married pussy against Tyce’s hard young cock. With complete shock in the darkness of the dance floor Tyce took Debs hand and placed it on his solid cock. Deb pulled her head back from Tyce’s shoulder and looked him in the eye.
“You’re quite sure of your self aren’t you” Deb stated.
Tyce leaned in and kissed Debs lips and replied” your hand is still on my cock and I know you like what you feel”
Deb gave his cock a hard squeeze; you’re just a kid, younger than my son”
Deb walked off the dance floor followed by Tyce, as she passed Sally, Deb noticed sally with her mouth looked on Stu’s but more importantly Stu’s hand was inside Sally’s knickers fingering her on the darken dance floor. Approaching the bar Deb picked up her drink Tyce tried to say sorry but Deb blew him off. With a few strong word between Deb and Tyce, Tyce stormed off out the club, Deb decided she was a bit unfair so followed Tyce to apologise, walking quickly Deb caught up with Tyce to the rear of the club.
“wait Tyce, wait hold on a minute will you” Deb called after Tyce.
Tyce stopped by the back alley of the club. As Deb approach he turned quickly and pushed her into the alley out of sight of anyone. Pushing Deb against the wall, he snarled in her face, “you’re just a prick teasing white bitch, so im young, but all I was trying to be was nice and you treat me like this, you fucking white married bitch”.
Deb tried to say sorry but Tyce would have none of it, he released her shoulders and told her to leave. Deb remained where she stood. “I didn’t say I wasn’t flattered, but there must be a lot more pretty girls your age you would rather get off with, besides I’m married so there would not be any thing in it for you” was Debs reply.
By remaining and not running, Tyce knew he had the pretty PC where he wanted. Moving in close he whispers in Debs ear, “kiss me”. “pardon” you heard KISS ME.
Deb turned her head and let her lips trail across Tyce’s, his tongue moved into her mouth and the married 39 year old found her self making out with a black youth her sons’ age.
As they kissed Tyce moved his hands up to Debs tits, he cupped then squeezed her tits. It felt so good to be in the arms of a man even if it was a young black youth. Tyce pulled back from the kiss and grope of Debs married body, “turn around” he demanded, complying Deb turned and faced the wall.
“Put your hands on the wall” was Tyce’s demand, again Deb Complied. Tyce moved in and moved her hair from her neck, he starting nibbling Debs neck, something that drives her crazy. Tyce’s hands roamed Debs body, loosening her blouse so her bra was exposed. Slowly he pushed forward Deb once again could feel the outline of his hard black cock push into her arse, still kissing he raised her skirt slowly, Deb tried to push it back down. “sssssshhhh baby, keep your hands on the wall” Tyce whispered, Deb returned her hands to the wall.
Tyce raise Debs skirt exposing he lacy knickers, slipping his hand around to the front Tyce pushed his hand down the front of Debs knickers, “open your legs Deb, wider, wider” Deb just went with the flow, opening her legs wider allowing the black youth entry to her married pussy.
Tyce’s fingers found the very wet slit of Debs married cunt, 3 months without a man, 3 months with out a real cock, Debs pussy juices just leaked all over he black suitors fingers.
As tyce fingered Debs married cunt, he unleashed his cock from his jean. Pulling roughly on her lacy knickers Tyce pulled them down to Debs knee, moving swiftly Tyce placed the rock hard cock at the entrance to Debs married faithful cunt. As Debs realised what was about to happen, Deb murmured “condom, please Tyce use a condom” Tyce laughed in Debs ear “not tonight, baby you are going bare black cock or nothing, well? WELL?”
Debs whispered “ok”, with that Tyce thrust his bare black cock straight into Debs once faithful cunt, it was thick and long, very big and due to her wetness he slipped in easily. With a hard thrust Tyce buried his cock inside the white married police bitch. “aaahhhhhhh” Deb screamed, “you like bitch? You like black cock? Well?” tyce taunted.
“mmmmmm yes, yes I do” deb whimpered.
Tyce began to really taunt Deb, “nigger, say it”
“I can’t” Deb replied,
“nigger, say nigger bitch”
“please don’t make me” deb pleaded
“say nigger”
Deb whispered a word she hated “nigger”
good girl Deb, Tyce teased, “now say nigger fuck me, say nigger fuck me”
“please” deb begged,
“say it”
Deb resigned to the fact she was beaten “nigger fuck me”
“nigger fuck me”
“louder” tyce demanded
with all strength beaten from her, Deb screamed loud enough for the neighbourhood to hear, “ you bastard ok, ok nigger fuck me, fuck me niggER, fuck me NIGGER, NIGGER FUCK ME, YOU BLACK BASTARD FUCK ME, FUCK MY WHITE MARRIED CUNT, FUCK ME BASTARD, YOU BLACK BASTARD.”
With each scream Tyce rammed his cock back and forth into Debs pussy listening to the married bitch begging for black cock.

Tyce grabbed debs hair and turned her head to look outside the alley. There stood Sally watching her best friend receive the fucking she had always wanked over, black cock and Deb loved every minute of it.
Stu brought Sally into the alley and high fives Tyce, turning Sally into the same position as Deb, Stu wasted little time in giving sally the same as Deb was receiving.
Soon Sally was legs spread and black cock ramming into her also white married cunt.
Tyce began taunting both girls, “going to knock you bitches up, ye you want that ladies, nigger come in your pussies you want it girls”.
Sally was first to reply “no please don’t, please pull out before you come please im begging you”.
Deb decided to up the ante “ ok nigger you wanted me, now breed me you black bastard, come on seed me, plant your nigger seed in my white cunt”
Sally was shocked by debs out burst, but as both married slags were placed against the wall the youths nodded to each other and switched places, Stu got to fuck Debs pussy while Tyce rammed his big cock straight into Sally’s pussy. Faster and faster both youths fucked there white married prey, both Deb and Sally getting solid nigger cock easing the months of frustration, to save Sally Deb yells “both, I want both of you to come in me, come on both shoot me with your potent black seed, come on Stu unload you black bastard” with a final thrust Stu blasted his seed into Debs hot married pussy.
Stu roared” you fucking white married slag take this”
Tyce moved away from sallys cunt, ramming his bare cock straight back into debs waiting pussy, unloading vast amounts of black come into Debs willing pussy.
Having both come, Tyce forced sally to her knees behind Debs spread legs.
“clean her bitch” was Tyce’s only command, Sally moved tentatively towards her best friend used and soiled cunt and slowly began to eat all the nigger come from her mate.
Unaware that both the youths had left, sally carried on to eat Deb until totally clean.
Once clean sally stood and kissed Debs passing some of the mixed come to her best friends’ mouth.
Deb looked at Sally, “we look like a right pair of slags”.
Sally laughed “we are Debs we are”.
Both walking out the alley, each girl had a slight limp, “can I come back to yours and clean up Deb”?
Sure was Debs reply.

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