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Barb and her blue mini skirt

(Part 1 from 1)

I had asked her to put on the blue mini skirt and see through blouse no underwear at all. We were planning spending the evening home, not going out, so she agreed. We already had 1 VERY dry double martini and was half way through another, and had finished a small toke, when the doorbell rang. Barb, being more than moderately hammered, was totally oblivious that she was on display. So when Bill and Glenn came in and she greeted them cheerfully, and their jaws dropped and eyes opened wide then looked at me. I gave them a shush sign so they acted like Barb had jeans and sweatshirt on. As usual, Bill had his camera and shot a couple photos. After another drink, Bill asked if we wanted to go bar hopping. Barb jumped at the chance so we grabbed some light jackets and went out to their van. Glenn then decided that Barb ought to be made more decent and buttoned her skirt. Barb was stunned when she realized what she had on and wanted to change. We told her she looked great and no one would notice and, besides, they had been admiring her pussy and tits for an hour.

She was drunk enough for us to finally convinced her to wear that outfit and we headed for an occasional hangout of Bill and Glenn. Barb and Glenn got in the back. A low moan prompted me to look back. Barb, skirt hiked to her waist, had one leg over Glenn’s, the other was spread wide, her head was laid back on the seat with her eyes closed, as Glenn was very busy manipulating her clit and she was close to cumming. I watched as he brought her off and her eyes opened. She looked shocked that I was watching and doing nothing. “Nice?” I asked, she nodded, and I said, “Now look at what you have done to Glenn. He’s sitting there with a hard on and swollen nuts, I think you should help him out.” Barb looked at his lap and Glenn unzipped, pulled out his cock put her hand on it. She wrapped her hand around it, and then started to jack it. “No, I think you should use your pussy, “I told her. Looking at me, confused, she continued to slowly jack his cock, but Glenn reached over and totally unbuttoned her skirt, then tugged her over him. She straddled him knees on the seat, as Glenn held his cock pointed toward her opening. He made Barb settle on it and it slipped between her pussy lips.

With a little moan, she settled smoothly taking him completely into her pussy. Glenn helped her rise and lower onto his cock and she was moaning as she came several times. Once she looked back at Bill and me as she wiggled her ass with Glenn deep inside her. Bill had pulled into a parking lot to watch them also. Glenn raised her up a bit then started to thrust hard into her. Barb was moaning and gasping as Glenn slammed into her. Then he began to make grunting noises, and suddenly drove hard into her, then pulled her down hard onto his cock as he spewed his sperm into her. When they calmed a bit, she said, “You know you are the second man who has ever been inside me.” Bill was climbing between the seats and said, “Then I’m going to be the third.” He pulled her off Glenn and pushed her onto her back on the seat and slid inside her. He fucked her hard for several minutes before he gasped that he could not hold back any longer and squirted his sperm into Barb. When he withdrew, Barb’s legs were sprawled open and her pussy was drooling from the two loads of cum. I jumped in back and was so horny; I came within a few strokes.

Glenn, Bill and I often had discussed how we would like to watch other men fuck our wives. So far, Glenn was the only one who had succeeded when they were on vacation in Hawaii. Now I had.

We cleaned her up with some packaged wet towels and she asked if we were going home and fuck her some more. We three guys decided to continue our night out and told Barb that we were going to try getting her fucked by 5 or 6 other guys, maybe even get you knocked up. She said. “OH damn, I am fertile this weekend. Jesus, you may have already knocked me up.”, and giggled. I had told her many times that I would love to see her gang banged and repeated it then. She just shook her head and smiled.

When we got to their hangout, Barb had gotten her skirt and blouse mostly buttoned again, but she was still a bit hammered. The place was dim and naturally more guys than gals were there and Bill and Glenn knew several of them. People came and left from out spot and Barb had danced with several different guys and we kept her martinis coming. A few of the guys while dancing with Barb, undid a button at a time on her skirt and her entire pussy was on display as were most of her tits, because some did her blouse buttons also. We did not tell her that the black light had made her blouse practically disappear, like she was topless.

After a while, most of the guys had drifted off but there was Will, Troy and Jessie left with the four of us. Barb was sitting between the two black guys, Will and Troy, and Jessie was next to Troy. Will had been fingering Barb’s pussy frequently over the last couple of hours and she seemed to like it. Her head was laid back and she whimpered as she came again. Occasionally we would overhear parts of what he was whispering in her ear, which were like “Oh babe, your pussy is so wet. Do you like it when guys cum in your pussy?” Barb mumbled that she did as she also nodded her head. “Yeah Baby, there are six at this table and three more of my pals over at that table watching my finger in your pussy and want some of it also. How you would like to have 9 big hard cocks waiting to gang fuck you and maybe even plant a black baby in you.” She moaned “no” and he told her, “Look, we know that you have been fucked three times already tonight and you told me that you would like it. Your husband told you that maybe he could get you fucked a few more times, so he wants you to and we are sure willing. Besides I think he wants you to get knocked up.”

Barb looked over at three black guys staring at her exposed pussy as Glenn, Bill and I encouraged her to go for it. “Barb,” Will said, “Just think of 9 or 10 hard cocks blasting fertile sperm into your pussy. Think of us trying to knock you up, baby.” Barb came again and looked at me, I nodded and she looked directly at the three blacks guys at the other table and smiled.

The three guys came to our table and we tossed on our jackets and left. I thought I heard one woman say something about that slut was going to be well used tonight. They wanted my wife to ride with them, but we decided no. Following them, we started to kid Barb on how horny she had made us. We told her that they were probably drawing straws to see who would fuck her first, and second. She laughed and asked, “Seriously, are you really going to let all those guys fuck me? You do remember that I am real close to ovulation. They will all probably cum inside of me and not care if they knock me up! What if a black fertilizes me? Jesus, I am drunk!”

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“Come on, Hon”, I said to her, “While we were sitting in the bar they made it very plain they intend to gang fuck you! And yes, they (and us) will undoubtedly cum in you. We expected that is why you invited the three other blacks to the table and why we are following them now. Besides we want to watch you get gang fucked, and you can tell them not to cum in you, but they will anyway. If you want them to fuck you silly, you should strip naked. If not, now is the time for us to turn and disappear.” Bill and Glenn agreed enthusiastically and told her they thought she was all for it.

She just sat back thinking and a few minutes later announced she was sure horny. Bill pulled his pants down and helped Barb slip his cock in her and she sat on it the rest of the way to Wills place. Will was fooling with her clothes and when we got to Will’s her blouse and skirt was unbuttoned all the way, but she did not let him cum. When we arrived she slid off Bill, opened the door and followed them into the apartment wearing only an unbuttoned blouse.

Jessie broke out the drinks and a good joint. We all took a hit or two. I saw Barb, totally naked now, and Will was dancing as Jessie put an amateur porno video on the TV. Will stopped and took off his pants and shorts. Will suddenly stopped in front of the TV and Barb turned to see what he was looking at. She seemed transfixed by the scene of a black guy’s cock thrusting into a white woman. This video showed great close-ups of the black cock thrusting into the woman. Barb seemed to not notice that Will was reaching around her, cupping and playing with her bare tits, but she was wiggling her bare ass against Will’s erect 9-inch or so cock.

Jessie turned the volume up and we could hear the woman urging the black on, telling him to cum inside her. “Oh God, Yes” Barb said, “Please cum in her!” as Will was fingering her pussy and clit. Will then led my naked wife to the sofa and laid her down on it, her legs spreading as she lay back. He got between them and put the head of his cock against Barb’s wet slit and the head slipped inside her. We gather close to see him enter her when she suddenly pointed at the TV and cried, “Look, Look, he is cumming inside her”. Will drove his cock all the way into my wife and she had a big loud orgasm while watching the action on the TV. The black had thrust deep inside the woman and his legs were jerking spasmodically. After a minute he withdrew and huge globs of sperm came out of the woman hole. “OH GOD, OH YES, FUCK THAT IS HOT!” Barb cried, “Oh fuck me, come in me! Hurry! Oh God I am fertile too!”

Will began really humping his large cock into Barb and she grabbed her ankles like the woman in the movie did and urging Will to fuck her, and begging for his sperm. She was spread wide open and legs very high when Will began to come. He thrust deep into her and pumped fertile semen into my wife’s eager pussy. When he had finished cumming and got off her, she looked around at 8 more naked stiff cocks. As Will’s cum drooled out of her pussy, she said, “I wonder if I can handle all that cum?”
Jessie mounted her next. Barb hurriedly grabbed his cock and made sure it was started into her slippery cunt. The woman on the TV was also taking her second guy on. Jessie fucked Barb hard for several minutes then he came deep inside her also. He got up and the second black mounted her. Again she guided him inside her and eagerly helped him to reach a climax inside her. The three blacks then fucked my wife. Bill and Glenn fucked her next and I got her sloppy slippery cum filled cunt last. I loved the feel of her full of other men’s sperm. When we looked at the TV again, Barb was on it. Jessie was filming her first gangbang.

After I had finished inside her, Will was ready again and he planted more seed in her. In fact we all fucked her again and just as Glenn came inside her for the third time, she cried out, her eyes wide open in wonder, “OH GOD, This is great, you guy must have knocked me up. If I’m not pregnant, I don’t know why” “Well” Troy said, “We sure tried, there are nine of us and I dumped two loads in you”. We stopped to count and concluded that Glenn and Bill had cum in her 3 times and the rest of us twice. The hottest part was that she did not even know three of the black guy’s names.

She looked up and the 5 black men were hard again. “We don’t get much chance to knock up a white pretty wife”, they said, and, one after another, they mounted my wife. When they had come inside her for the third time, Jessie said, maybe you want Puerto Rican kid, and after several minutes, he came again.

Barb was lying in a puddle of cum, her pussy hair, legs and stomach were covered with drying cum and her hole was open and round. Looking up inside her, we could see she was still full of sperm, despite all that had run out of her. As she lay naked with her legs spread and drooling sperm, we talked about her getting knocked up and then began to relive the evening. Now she had sobered up a lot, she was shocked that her pussy and most of her tits had been displayed to dozens of men most of the evening. Then she admitted she liked all the fucking she had just gotten and Will and Troy wanted to know if she would date them, even if she was knocked up now. They told her if she wasn’t, they would guarantee she would be pregnant in 45 days also. Barb looked at me and I said only if I know in advance and hear everything about their “dates”.

We got her into the shower and cleaned up. Then we dressed and went home. Barb slept longer than she has in a long time. The next day Troy called but Barb was sore, so made a date for later in the week.
Troy picked her up and had a dress he wanted her to wear. It was tan, short, sheer and had front buttons the length of it. He made her strip in the living room, fucked her and gave her the dress to put on with no panties and a pair of black thigh high stocking to wear. He was taking her to a party were she would be sure to be fucked by at least 5 blacks. “Are you ready for another gang bang where everyone is going to cum inside of you?” he asked her. She nodded her head eagerly.

He brought her home about 1 am, totally naked. She had sperm running down her thighs, in her hair and was covered like a glazed donut. He told me that my wife had been fucked 19 times by 7 black men and three or four more had jacked off on her or been sucked off by Barb. Once a guy had entered her cunt, he had to cum in her or suck everyone else’s cum out of her. One guy had to do that.
Two months later, she told me that her period was late and she did not feel well in the mornings. Sure enough, she was pregnant, but by who? “Let’s take a chance and see who knocked me up”, she said. Every morning I would look at her swelling belly and get hard thinking she was carrying a stranger’s, maybe a black stranger’s baby.

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