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Fucked While Passed Out Stories

  • Out for a drink
    A lady out for her own needs and wants certain things and gets them her way...

  • A Night Out Alone
    A evening out alone suddenly turns into a night of erotic bisexual passion between Carol, and two lovers she can't see in the darkness.....

  • Double Fucked In Public
    How I got double fucked in public...

  • My Sister Kelly Pt. 4
    Eric's mom comes home drunk with his sister Kelly. His first time seeing his hot mother naked, Kelly and Eric end up fucking in there mom's bed with her passed out in it...

  • My out of controle wife story two
    A story of a wife that was druged in had ... in new Orleans and wanted to try it again with out the drugs...

  • Mountains of Rubber, Chapter 5, Girls' Night Out
    Mistress has dressed Dan for his first time going out 'en femme' with a group of her friends. Tranced to drink so much water, Daniella cannot resist going to the Ladies' room -- and must beg Mistress for the key to unlock the rubber panties that constantly massage her aching sex...

  • Gay mouth and ass fucked
    This was how I got mouth and ass fucked by another guy during the summer vacation...

  • Mom Fucks Us All
    Sons old fiends reunite while gangbanging his mom...

  • Watching Mom Fuck
    Mom does a gang while son watches. Son gets some loving in the end...

  • Skinny-Dipping with Beth
    I develop a plan to fuck Beth's brains out while her husband is passed out cold...

  • She got it Twice!!!
    My homeboy taps my wife's ass while his wife is passed out...

  • Where Am I?? pt 1
    She Males
    I pass out and awake in a strange place, what happens next I will never forget!!

  • Drunk wife cheats!
    Wife gets mad at husband and goes to her bachelor friend's apartment for comfort. She gets drunk and pretends to pass out. Then his fun begins but not without consequences...

  • I Fucked My Generations
    Read & get aware how genarations can be fucked...

  • She fucked me & her brother
    I fucked most beatiful girl of the earth and then let her brother to fuck her also...

  • First time out of the closet
    She Males
    The first time I went out in public dressed...

  • A-night-when-Parents-out
    When parents out a night what will happens at the home...

  • Chapter Two Of Sue's Night Out
    Part Two of Sue's Night Out. Sue meets up with 9 men For a Ganbang she will never forget...

  • Locked Out
    Husband and wife enter honky tonk for night of fun, and findthemselves locked out of their car and two samaritans help them and her out...

  • Girls night out
    A life long slut goes out with friends...

  • Born to be fucked
    If life gives you an opportunity, do you suck and fuck for it....while enjoying it...

  • Watching my mom getting fucked
    Son watches his slutty mom getting fucked...

  • The birds night out
    Not your typical evening looking for an escaped Cockateil on a hot carolina night. The hurricaine had made lots of us homeless but Glad-ass was in need worse than the humans.I really busted my ass to find her and get her back to the shelter...

  • While Mommy's Sleeping
    Family fun with a sleeping mother. Includes mother, aunt, daughter, and son...

  • My Coming Out
    I meet a man at my birthday party and he changes my whole life when he put his cock in my hand...

  • Sue's Night Out
    Mature housewife has Gangbang with three men...

  • A work out with the family
    I just wanted to workout...

  • Fucked Up!
    Father and son are sexually humiliated and dominated at a private party. Revenge is sweet for their bosses and co-workers as a mother and daughter manage to nail a man and his grown son and soon no holes will go unfilled!

  • Miami pt 4: Turned out
    Interraccial lust...

  • Lesleys-fuck-away-from-home-part-7
    My first time with a friend and how I got a my ass fucked well and turely...

  • Mom Fucks the Boss
    Mom fucks her sons friend, then her son and then all his co-workers...

  • Sis loves me!!
    My sister slid into bed with me, and fucked my brains out...

  • Made Of Honor
    On her best friend's wedding night Maid of Honor Karma DeTorres has a threesome with the Groom and the Father of the Bride while the Bride lies passed out beside them on the bed...

  • A Simple Trip To The Store
    It makes me very horny thinking of watching my wife having intercourse with other men and them fucking the hell out of her...

  • The secretary
    A wild look covered Julia's face while she panted, 'Here it is, come and get it from mama!' Julia's normally pink nipples had taken on an almost purple hue as they stood out hard as little cocks, as if begging for attention!...

  • Diary of a housemother: part one
    My whole body was in the middle of a sensory overload while she ate my fat cunt for all it was 'worth, but what really got to me was when Eric dropped his pants, and without any warning to Emily took 'her violently from the rear, bringing her to a cunt crushing climax on the first stroke!!!...

  • The master
    'M-my god,' she gasped as he began reaming her out, 'I can't get enough of that monster between your 'legs, you always make me cum so hard!!!'...

  • The potion
    Tommy unzipped his jeans, pulled out his now stiffening pecker into the cool night air 'and casually began jacking it up and down. 'Look at this cunt,' Tommy ordered, and as 'soon as her eyes focused on his thick erection, a gurgling sound escaped her throat, a sure 'sign that Miss Arnold was going into heat!...

  • Femdom: part two
    'Look at his pecker,' she said derisively, 'all that meat and he still can't measure up!!!' While she was speaking, Priscilla took his cock in her hand and softly caressed it until it was again at full attention!!!...

  • The intruder
    Now climbing between her open legs, he rubbed his hard cock against her wet opening, while teasing her by making sure her clit was manipulated by his dick head!!!...

  • Ball breaker
    'These bitches are fuckin' slobs,' Hank Edmonds mumbled while dumping another trash can containing a half full cup of coffee, 'but I guess they could give a rats ass about a working stiff like me!!!'...

  • Unexpected encounter
    'Boy this is the life,' Annette mumbled out loud while slathering her naked body with a generous helping of sun screen!!!...

  • The academy part one
    While the two woman continued chatting, Kenny stood their with his penis slowly growing to its full erect length of ten and a half inches which caused Miss Dawson to ask, 'I can also assume that Kenny has a prodigious sexual appetite!?!'...

  • Life's a Beach
    Mother and son find release in each other while on holiday.

  • Blackmail

  • Megan gets crucified
    In my opinion this is my best Megan story ever! Really! Megan and her Dad, plus so much more! Check it out! I loved it!

  • The Homeless Humpty
    Jenni then reached back and began rubbing the cum all over her buns. I leaned back with my cock in hand as she began fingering her ass. She managed to work 2 fingers into her tight ass as I began stroking my limp cock.''You want a piece of this too?' she asked while looking back at me...

  • Gretchen, the Softball Slut

  • Mom's slutty friends
    Passed around between mother's slutty co-workers and friends...

  • She was my daughters friend but she like me better
    She had the body of a 25 year old and when she saw how big my cock was, she couldn't wait to try it out! I was the first to eat her pussy and she was so grateful!

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