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Totally unexpected

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Iím 25, married for almost two years and am very conventional and I like sex but my husband wants me to try things Iím just not comfortable with doing them, it took him over a year to get me to swallow his cum when I give him a blow job. He kind of shamed me into doing it too by telling me it was not a fun thing for him when he knew he I was going to take his cock out of my mouth when he was about to cum and he stopped me from sucking his cock. He got lucky with that as I love to lay and suck his cock while I stroke my pussy so I sucked it up and started swallowing for him and that placated him for a short time. He wants to fuck me in a crowded movie theater and Iím not an exhibitionist by a long shot and refuse to do it but he keeps asking and then one night while we were making love he asked if I ever thought about being with another woman. He would go into these scenarios about how he wants to see me eating a pussy and he knows I would enjoy it if I tried but no way was I doing that. Then he started on us being with another couple so we could lay side by side while the female rode him and the male rode me but again, not my thing.

I have watched lesbian porn with him and have found it to be erotic and gets me wet but I am not going to try it and I have to say the since my husband is the only man I have ever fucked it would be nice to see what another cock would be like but again , not in my make up. He comes in from work one night and tells me we are invited to a party at his bosses place and his boss lives on a mini farm complete with a barn. I was curious so we attended the party and the party was being held in the barn, odd I thought but then should be interesting and when we entered the barn I was amazed. There was a stage at one end of the barn, a bar and sofas long enough for a very tall person to stretch out on, all in dark blue and there were 12 of them and I thought they must have a lot of friends. The host and hostess came to us and greeted us very warmly and a server showed up with drinks for my husband and I and they walked us around introducing us to the 10 couples that were already there . I finished the drink at my husbands urging and as we were meeting the last two couples I started to feel very odd and was losing track of what was being said and after another minute or so I was totally out of it but I was aware of some things.

I remember the hostess saying, she is ready and telling me to go with her as she took my hand and led me to a room at the side of the barn. The next afternoon around 4PM I woke up naked on one of the sofas and my ass and pussy were both sore as was my jaw and there was no one there but me and nothing to cover myself with. I lay there trying to remember what happened and it started coming to me, the hostess took me in a room where there were 2 naked guys standing waiting and the hostess went to one and got him hard and he had the biggest cock I ever saw in person. I remember asking him how big it was and could I touch it and it was 10 inches long and very fat as I could not get my fingers to touch when I wrapped my hand around it. I remember the hostess lifting her dress and rubbing that cock against her pussy and telling the owner of that monster that later he will put it in her and he agreed. She left and the big cock said they were going to undress me and get me ready and I just smiled and shrugged I think and they undressed me and put me on a massage table. They rolled me over and oiled up my back, ass and legs and rolled me over again and the smaller cock guy was oiling my upper body and playing with my tits while big cock did the rest of me and was stroking my pussy.

I remember closing my eyes it felt so good and I was moaning when the big cock said he couldnít wait and he started working his cock into my pussy and my pussy was being stretched out by his cock but at the same time it felt wonderful. He fucked me and made me cum before he came and he came twice as much as my husband and I really felt it inside me and then he told the other guy to loosen my asshole up. I was rolled over again and the smaller cock was massaging oil into my asshole and he said how tight my asshole was and he asked if I had ever been fucked in the ass and I said no, never. He worked 3 fingers into my ass using the lube and it was almost like a dream to me and it kind of felt nice, then he mounted me and slowly put his cock all the way up my ass. He fucked my ass nice and slow and after a few minutes he said he couldnít hold it I was so tight and he came in my ass and I loved the feeling of his hot cum shooting up my ass. Big cock said I was ready except for one more thing and he put his cock in my mouth and had me suck for a brief time, then they led me out to the stage and there were all the other guests sitting in folding chairs looking at the stage. I donít think it registered on me then but now thinking about it they were all naked sitting there waiting for the show to start.

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The hostess told the audience that wasnít I a pretty piece of fresh meat and then took hold of both cocks and got them hard while the ladies were oohing and aahing over the big cocks size. She then turned to me and said show her what a good cock sucker I am as she pushed me to my knees and I took his cock in both hands and put the head in my mouth and started giving him a blow job. After a bit he started to pull away but I wouldnít let go and the audience started yelling for him to let me finish and when he came I swallowed every drop and got a standing ovation and the funny thing was I knew this was wrong but could not help myself. Then the hostess had me put my ass to the audience, bend over and spread my cheeks while she told the audience that I had a virgin asshole and her helper was going to break it in for the men. My asshole was lubed up and this time the smaller cock just drove his cock all the way up my ass and I screamed a bit but then relaxed and enjoyed the fucking I was getting. I loved when he came in my ass as I moaned and the crowd loved that and when he pulled out there was a young naked girl standing there and I was instructed to eat her pussy. Now they were taping this whole thing and the mistress made a big deal over that I had never eaten a pussy and put the girl in a chair and me on my knees between the girls legs and said to me, now be a good girl as the girlís pussy aches for you so make her pussy happy.

When I saw the video I couldnít believe how into eating her I was, I remember liking the taste of her pussy and the first time she came for me it so turned me on that I made her cum 3 more times before they pulled me away. Then the hostess was in the chair and said, eat me you hot cunted whore and I did and while eating her big cock was fucking my pussy and I was in fuck heaven and was cumming non stop. When they finished with me and stood me up cum was running out of both my ass and pussy and the hostess made sure every one knew it before the smaller cock and her husbands cock were put in my ass and pussy and then there was a cock in my mouth too. I have no idea what they drugged me with but besides making me totally submissive it took away all my inhibitions and I was begging to be fucked harder and after they came 3 more took their places. After all of the men had fucked me there was so much cum in my ass and pussy that it ran out onto the floor and the hostess said, show us what a good whore you are baby and lick it up and I did with the crowd cheering. That was the first round, the men fucking me and for round 2 the women formed a circle and had me crawl from pussy to pussy eating them and I remember getting excited when they came for me and talked dirty to me.

After I was finished eating the pussy the men were hard again but this time was a bit different as after they came in me the next one would take me into the bathroom and wash my pussy so I take it they didnít really like sloppy seconds. Now the interesting thing for me was when they were washing my pussy I would get hot again and want more cock and I was actually begging to be fucked. Now after the last guy had shot his load in my pussy one of the women took me into the bathroom and after washing me she put me on her lap sucking her tit while she finger fucked me and telling me what a good girl I am. I was literally in fuck heaven as I sucked on her tit while she fingered me and talked to me and told me if I came to live with her she would take good care of me and keep me in diapers. At that time it really sounded so good but I have no idea who she was or what happened to her as the hostess and another girl walked into the bathroom and told the woman she was not putting me in a diaper. The diaper lady stormed out and the other lady had to pee so the hostess told her to pee in my mouth and she put me on my knees with my mouth covering the pussy and the bitch peed in my mouth. Then the hostess had everyone go outside so they could all pee on me and the woman went first and then the men and Iíll tell you, pee is hot on your skin. After the men peed on me I was scrubbed and hosed down by a few of the woman.

I sucked and fucked cocks and pussies until the sun came up and I think I passed out on the sofa I woke up on and now I was naked and alone so I thought but then through the door came big cock and my fucking husband. I thought Iíll show his ass and walked over to big cock, got on my knees, took his pants down and started giving him a blow job and my stupid husband said, what the fuck are you doing. I stopped for a second and said, Iím sucking this big beautiful cock is what Iím doing asshole and went back to sucking. After sucking the big piece of meat for a few minutes I asked big cock to fuck me and he put me on the sofa and gave me the best fuck of my life. My asshole husband was like in disbelief watching me getting fucked and loving it and when I wrapped my legs around big cock he made the strangest sound as he always wanted me to do that and I never did. After big cock came we lay there with his half hard cock still in me and told me he made a lot of money doing the shows and if I became his partner we could make a killing and he told me the most of the night was video taped but he managed to get the only copy. He said he would show it to a few business moguls and we would be on easy street. He showed the video and I could see why he wanted me as his partner, I was a real whore that night.

All of the scenes with me getting fucked showed me as an active participant starting with the one on stage when I was fucked in the ass and was moving my ass like a pro, moaning and wanting more. They also had me telling one of the women she had the sweetest tasting pussy ever and I wanted to be alone with her sometime while I was kissing her pussy. My husband said, are you crazy, you canít just go away with this guy, you donít even know him, I laughed and said to big cock, we will be partners and I can have your cock when ever I want it and he smiled and said yes baby. Now we do shows all over the world and on yachts as we developed a hellva following after the video was shown to a few people and we are making a ton of money. A side effect of that night is I love eating pussy now and I do some very wealthy women a few times a year and one of them once every 2 weeks when I am in town, life is good.

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