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My name is Riyanca and I was such a homely girl until I was taken and humiliated by my 1st boyfriend. Before I start on what happened let me describe myself I am an indian and Thailand mix blood and was considered a very pretty and hot girl from where I come from with an amazing body and a pretty face.

Many guys used to pay attention to me especially because of my big breast and big ass. I have a medium body frame making my big breast and big ass stand out a lot. I was very reluctant to fall into any relationship due to fear of getting hurt. But soon all that innocence was taken away from me as I had to go to college and leave home.

I met a lot of people in that time many guys especially but I always kept my distance till I met Jake who broke all my guard down we were close friends at first. He was so sweet and finally I found myself falling for him as we became a couple, he was so good looking and sweet at that time that was all that mattered… I thought he really loved me.

We were a couple for more than 3 months when Jake’s needs started to change he wanted to kiss me and I let him because I was afraid of losing him soon he wanted to kiss all the time there was barely any other interaction between us than making out and he even used to do this in front of others. I was embarrassed and tried to talk to him about it but he got all angry and walked out on me, I was very upset as he was very important to me and he was my first love I thought there was no life without him. I went over to his house the next day to apologize to him and I told him I won’t object to it anymore. He was happy to hear me surrender to him.

Then a few weeks had passed he had told me and his birthday was a few days away. I was excited to spend it with him and he told me he is having a birthday party at his home and he wanted me there. The next day in my room I found a package with a really slutty looking red dress and 6 inch heels in it with a note asking me to wear that to the birthday party the next day from Jake, I was very shocked as I am a very conservative girl.

I called him and furious on his expectation of me to change for him but he managed to sweet talk me into agreeing. He told me I was his future wife and he had certain expectations of his bride to be. He wants a modern girl and he told me I was really beautiful and perfect to be his wife if I just changed my fashion style and be more modern.

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The day of his party came and I dress upped with the really short and tight red tube dress with a low cut to the top of the dress exposing a lot of cleavage and the bottom just 1 inch below my ass. I put on my makeup did my hair and finally wore the heels Jake gave me and went to the party. There were a lot of people there as Jake approached me and introduced me to some of his friends as their eyes were scanning me I felt uncomfortable, his friend were giving me a lot of compliments such as beautiful, hot and some even said I have a dazzling smile.

I maintained my composure and smiled throughout the event. Jake kept giving me loads of liquor to drink forcing me to drink even though I have never taken alcohol before. I drank up as I did not want to lose face in front of those other girls. Guest started to leave as I just sat down on his couch a little drunk. Finally it was just me, Jake and his 2 best friends who were looking at me weirdly from the start of the event.

I got up and told Jake I want to leave but I was pushed back to my seat. Jake asked me where is my birthday present babe? I told him I have it in the car. I don’t want that I want something else he sneered together with his friends. Then he grabbed me and dragged me to the room as his 2 friends followed was trying to break his hold on me as hard as I could but since I was a bit drunk I was unable to get free and my boyfriend threw me on the bed and he and his friends stripped their clothes off. I was sobbing and tried to get off the bed but my bf caught me and gave me a hard slap on my face and ripped off my dress this was all being recorded by his friend Vince .

Jake kissed me hard and dragged me to the bed with him deeply kissing me than his hands loosened my bra and threw it aside as his body pinned me down. Jerick and Vince cheered him on as he fondled my body. Then Jerick approached us and ripped my panties off. Jake got off me and placed his dick in my mouth positioning himself as Jerick was using his tongue on my pussy. Jake gripped be by my hair and fucked my mouth deep throat as I gagged.

Then he removed his dick and switched places with Jerick as Jake wanted to be the one to pop my cherry. Jerick fucked my mouth hard as Jake placed his dick head on my pussy lips and started to push in it my body tensed and he pushed in more I was in so much of pain but the dick my mouth suppressed my screams. Jake increased his speed and fucked me hard and all this humiliation was being recorded by Vince.

Then Jerick stopped fucking my throat and started to play with my tits, Slowly sucking while the other hand played with my other nipple. I let out a soft moan and Jake said out loud “look at that the bitch is actually starting to enjoy this” they all laughed and then as Jake keeps pounding my pussy he goes faster and the shoots his load into me.

Then he takes his big dick out of me and goes over to Vince and takes hold of the camera while Vince approached me and took Jakes place and started pounding my pussy, he also cum's in my pussy and he goes over to my mouth for a mouth fuck while, Jerick takes his place in my pussy and fuck’s me hard. Finally when he is done he blows his cum on my face while Vince blows his load onto my mouth. The guys all retreat to the bathroom and get cleaned up when they come out they take pictures of me soaked in cum.

Jake told me your our bitch now. You do whatever we tell you and you will not go to the police or your parents or the video will be sent to all your family members. I started to cry while walking out of the room Jake turned around and told me you are going to be famous in college tomorrow onwards bitch and then he left the room.

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