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Drunk wife cheats!

(Part 1 from 1)

I have been married to the same woman for twenty-three years. Never cheated on her, sure I thought of it a time or two. But I never did it. I just couldn't face myself if I cheated on her. I wish that were true of her though. No, I never thought she would cheat on me. Then again, in all the years we have been together I never saw her drunk either. All that changed last summer.

We had been having some difficulties. She was going through a mid-life crisis and everyone was paying for it. She went from being a kind and loving wife and mother to a self-centered bitch in a period of three months. During that time she had struck up a friendship with a mutual friend of my daughter-in-law. His name was Rodney and at 34 years old he thought he was hot shit. Problem was to me, he was just a young punk. My wife was 43 years old and I was 54.

I have always had a strong sex drive and my wife seemed to enjoy out love making. During this time she started acting like sex was a bother and soon had me limited to once or twice a month. I was trying everything I could think of to win back her interest in me and sex. I showered everyday and shaved. I sent her flowers, cards, and little gifts to no awail. Finally one evening I got the idea to take her to a resturant that she had said she really wanted to go too. I was going to take her alone but she insisted that I bring my three teenage daughters along.

The next night I had to work late so we agreed to meet at the resturant. I drove over and met her and the girls. We had a great time. It was like the old days with us joking, talking and laughing. Then when it was time to leave two of my daughters rode home with their mom and the other rode home with me. I had to stop and get gas so I was late getting home.

When I got there I noticed that my wifes car was not in the driveway. So I parked and went inside with my daughter. As I entered I called out like I usually do "Daddy's home!" In the past that where ignite a response from everyone in the house. It was a silly tradation that we started when the kids were little and we just kept it up. This time only one daughter called out "I am in the den Daddy!" So I walked back to the den and my youngest daughter was sitting on the couch, alone. "Where is your mom" I asked. She looked at me and said "I don't know dad. She got a call on her cell phone as we were driving home. She then dropped sis off at her girlfriends house and then she dropped me off out front. She said she had a errand to run and she drove off."

I said okay and I turned and walked back to the kitchen. She had not mentioned anything to me about having to go anywhere. She had not called me either and that was unsual. Where was she? Well for the next forty-eight hours I got to worry about it. For the first twenty-four hours I was just with the girls. The second twenty-four I was with local law enforcement officers as an area wide search was begun.

It was two days later that the local sheriff, a family friend, called me to tell me that she had been found. My first response was "Is she okay?" He assured me that she was and that deputies were bring her and a man in to headquarters for questioning. At that point I was blocked out. He would tell me nothing more and he ordered me to stay away from headquarters. I felt like a ton had been lifted off my shoulders when he said she was okay. But now I started having questions about where she had been, with who, and what had she been doing.

The next morning she had still not come home but I had to go to work or risk loosing my job. I had already missed two days but my boss understood. I tried to work but the situation was on my mind all day. Finally, quitting time came and I headed home. When I pulled into the driveway my daughters came running out. They had been crying! They told me that mom had come home, packed some clothes and left again without saying anything to them. This was not like my wife at all. I called the sheriff at home.

He explained that there was nothing that he could do and he could not tell me anything. All he could say was that she was fine, that she had gone willingly and that he was sorry. That was not good enough for me. I needed to know what was happening. That is when my training from the Army came in handy for once.

I waited until it was dark and I then drove down to the Sheriff's Department. I knew the building, I had been there many times to see the Sheriff. I waited to see if the way was clear and when it was I broke into the offices where the investigators were. The only people in the building were on the duty desk and the dispatch. No alarms, who was going to break in a police station, right!

I started looking around and I found the case log book on the lieutenants deck. I opened it and soon found her name listed and the case file number. I went to the file cabinet but the damn thing was locked! I was getting ready to pry it open when I saw the case file on the desk where I had just picked up a letter opener. I was going to use it to pry the cabinet open. Now I opened the file!

There were only the missing persons report and some investigative notes in it. But there was a tape cassette in the file and it had the same case number on it. I stuck it in my pocket and I put everything back like I found it. I then slipped out the same way I came in. The drive home seemed to take forever yet is was only a few miles. When I got home I quietly went into my study. The girls were all downstairs listening to music so loud that the windows shook. They never realized I was there!

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I found my cassette recorder and I started listening to it. It was my wife telling the investigator what had been going on. She said that her friend Rodney called her when she was driving home and begged her to come see him. He was thinking about killing himself! She said she went and she turned off her cell phone because she did not want to explain to me where she had gone. At first I thought it was all harmless and I even got ready to turn it off. But something kept telling me to listen some more.

Then she said that they started drinking wine and bitching about was scum some woman and men were. She said that she knew she was drinking more than she should. Finally, she said that she had decided that she wanted to see what Rodney would do if he thought she would be easy. So she pretended to pass out on the couch. It must have been all Rodney needed to act. I fast forwarded on the tape and when I started it again it was Rodney talking to the same investigator.

I backed the tape up until I found the beginning of him telling what he had done. He said that when she had passed out he decided that since on one was round he would have some fun. He got his digital camera and then he went over to her on the couch and checked to see if she would wake up. When he shook her she did not move. So then he reached down and fondled her ample breasts. She still did not move! Now his confidence was up. So he proceeded to unbutton her blouse and take pictures as he did! He would pose her like she was involved in it. Then he said that he finally had her blouse open and he saw that she had a bra that opened in the front.

He said he thought it was his lucky day! He unclipped her bra and exposed her beautiful tits to the world. He said that he took numerous pictures of her breast, and him sucking and licking them. Now he told the investigator that he was so horny for her that he got undressed and proceeded to rub his dick on her tits and then on her face! I was so angry I could have killed him then. But I kept listening, needing to know more.

He said that he then slowly shoved his dick into her mouth and started fucking her face. The investigator asked if he was afraid that she would wake up? Rodney said at first he was then when she didn't he figured that she was so drunk she wouldn't. So he continued with his photo documentary of the assault. Rodney then decided to slid her slacks down. As he did he realized that if she didn't wake up he might as well take them off. So he did! She slid her pants off and her underpants too.

Rodney said that he took more pictures of her now naked. He then decided to eat her pussy and take pictures doing it. Finally he said that he had decided that no matter what he was going to fuck her. So he put the camera down on the table and set it to run as a video camera. He said she never moved as he pulled her legs up and he entered her wet, hot pussy. Rodney told the investigator that he was so hot and horny that he pounded her deep and hard for a long time. Then he said it was so good that he could not stop he fucked her until he blew his load deep in her.

Then Rodney said that unlike most times, when he had been with other woman, his hard on stayed hard! He said it was "rock hard" and ready for more. The investigator asked him what he did next. Rodney said that he could not waste it and he had always said that my wife had a fantastic ass. Which I have to admit she diffenently did. So he rolled her over on the couch and he proceeded to spread her ass apart and he shoved his dick into that tight round hole.

Rodney said he fucked her for a full forty minutes before he finally came a second time. The then told the investigator that he was ready to go to jail because it was the best fuck he had ever had in his life. The investigator ended his interview with Rodney. Then I heard the click of it starting again before I could turn off the recorder. It was my wife's voice again talking to the same investigator.

My wife, my love of all these years was telling the investigator that she had faked being passed out. She "wanted Rodney to fuck her all over", that was her words. There was no crime committed because she was aware of what happened and allowed it. She did not go into the details that Rodney had, but she confirmed everything. So the investigator said that they would let them both go.

So there you have it Sheriff that is when I decided to strike back. I went to Rodney's apartment. Her car was out front and the place was dark so using my training I broke in. They were asleep in the bedroom, naked together. I jumped him before he woke up and had his hands tied before he knew what had happened. She did not wake up until I pulled her hands behind her and tied them too. I then got my payback.

She would never suck my dick and she never, ever let me even touch her ass! So I fucked her face until I came all over her face. Then I made him lick it off her. When I could get my dick hard again, thanks to Cialis, I rolled her over and made her suck his dick while I fucked her in the ass! I mean I fucked her long and hard too. Then I came deep inside her and I made her shove her ass up into my dick so that I was a deep as I could get.

Finally, the punk, who had wrecked my family, my marriage needed to be paid back too! So I made him eat my wife's pussy until she was good and hot. Then I made her suck his dick until it was hard again. I then forced him on top of her and start fucking her. I then greased up my dick with Vasoline and I rammed it into his ass. Then every stroke I took matched every stroke he took in her. He kept begging me to stop that it hurt him so bad. I would just fuck him harder until I finally came again.

I was spent now, I had no more energy. They were laying on the bed, naked, covered in cum and now shit leaking from their asses. I made my wife lick and suck my dick until it was clean. Then I got dressed, finished what I had to do, and I drove over hear to tell you Sheriff, what I had done. Send some of your deputies over to his house, they are laying in the bedroom still. The Army also taught me to shoot straight!

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Random My Wife Finally Did It!!

My wife and I had been talking about her having sex with another man for about 3 months... she repeatedly said she didn't think it would be good for our relationship, but after discussing it for a few months and a night out with her girlfriends and a few drinks... she gave it some serious thought and actually had sex with a guy and loved it!!


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