Daddy Fucks Redhead Stepdaughter Ch 3

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

 Saddened by the loss of her mother, bewildered by the situation with her stepfather, Scarlette continues to grow into a woman. Now in high school, she is shy yet bright. She keeps her secret with Gilbert. He has told her not to mention it to anyone as they would not understand, she listens to him, knowing his advice is wise.

Gilbert is relieved with the passing of his wife and feels little grief. He is content with his home life and Scarlette. Things proceed on with the auto repair shop and life is good.
He often enters Scarlette's bed at night and awakens her, rubbing his cock against her lower back. She obediently,turns over or on her side so her can enter her over and over. As he said she would, she has grown accoustomed to these events. Sometimes, she doesnt want to participate but goes along with it to appease him, feeling that he is all she has left.

One day, Gilbert decides he is going to allow her to explore more of the sexual adventures he has in store. He enters her room after high school while she is studying at her desk.
"Hey there, babe. What are you doing? Homework?" he asks, propped against her bedroom door, two soft drinks in hand. He wears a smile along with his oil stained work clothes. He smells of motor oil and sweat. This smell is pleasing to Scarlette for it brings back happy memories of playing around the garage.

"Yes, Daddy. There's an essay due the day after tomorrow and I'm halfway finished.", she replies. She is jotting away in her purple spiral notebook her english assignment. She wonders if there is some reason behind his intrusion during her study time. Its uncommon for him to interrupt her, as her education is of utmost importance to him.
"Well. I thought it was due time for you to do some homework with me. You remember I told you there was alot to learn? Well, today's the day, I teach you something new. So lay those books aside, and come sit down here on the bed with me.", he says while offering her a drink.

Wanting to please him, yet reluctant she pushes herself away from the desk and rises from her chair. She is still wearing school uniforms, which have become mandatory at all grade level in their town. Her skirt is red and black plaid, top is white. She wears white knee highs and black MaryJanes. Her hair is tousled in her usual style: wild, full and auburn.

To him, she is still a bit too stubborn for his liking, he often catches her muttering off remarks when he requests her to do certain household chores. She wants his attention while he is in his downtime after work and makes fusses when he doesn't allow her to do what she wants. He has often threatened to reprimand her but because of her mother's passing hasn't done so. He knows however, that in order for her to be a responsible adult she will need some discipline. He has been taught that this starts in the home or it usually never received in life. Eventually he will get around to putting this idea into action.
"dad, I really don't know what you are talking about. This work is very important and you know, youre always getting on me about my grades. I am really trying to do the best I can, so can't this "little talk" wait?" she retorts, with her hand in her hips.

'How dare he come in here like that, when he is always carping on responsibilty and good work ethics, education, etc., etc', she muses to herself. She is irritated, annoyed, and doesn't really care at the moment what he says.
A flash of temper appears in his dark eyes, he cannot believe her mouth sometimes, how disrespectful she has become lately. He knows it is also time to show her a lesson in humility.
He quickly grabs her wrist and guides her to the bed. She gasps in shock, as he has never been forceful with her. He has never laid a hand on her. Her mother was the discipkinarian but that was seldom.
"Now listen, young lady. I know you have had it rough sometimes but you are not an adult yet. There will be some rules in this house when it comes to respecting your elders. You have had quite a tongue on you for some time now. I have listened to your little smart comments long enough and I have just about had it. Now you are going to be punished for that mouth and I am going to teach you a lesson too. So what I want you to do is get down there on your knees in front of me. Dont ask any questions, just do it.", he commands, while sitting on the edge of her bed. He is going to have her suck his cock, this is her punishment for all those days and nights of smart mouthing.

"Daddy, Please. I'm sorry. I promise I'll be good from now on. Please.", she asks as she is guided to the floor by his strong hand resting on her shoulder.
He unbuckles his belt and unzips, releasing his already throbbing cock. He is semi-hard, and cannot wait to feel her full lips on his cock. He puts his hand on the back of her neck and pulls her to his waiting cock. He rubs the head on her wet lips, and she slowly takes him in her mouth. She has never put his cock or anyone else's in her mouth, so she isnt sure how to go about doing this.
"Baby, just suck like a popsicle, and lick it. You know think of it like that, it's muck easier that way. You'll get better as you practice. Just dont let your teeth graze it. Just suck nice and slow."
He tells her as he takes her hand and wraps her small fingers around the width of his cock, guiding her mouth to the head. She starts sucking slowly, as he told her. Gently licking him and sucking, as she strokes his cock up and down. Gilbert is moaning with pleasure.

Oh his babygirl learns quick, he thinks as he enjoys the tight wet mouth. Scarlette licks him up and down his shaft being careful not to bite him. She kind of likes to hear the noises he makes, when she licks his cock. She knows that he is enjoying this. She sucks his cock enthusiastically now as he grasps her hair pulling her back and forth. She feels his other hand groping her breasts, pinching her nipples. It feels painful yet good. Her pussy begins to heat and her panties dampen.
"Oh babygirl, that's it, Suck Daddy's dick. You are suck a good girl. I want you to take those clothes off and suck my cock. Youre going to get fucked today."He responses, as he allows her to remove her uniform and kneel in front of him again, taking his cock inside her lips and mouth again.

She is starting to enjoy sucking Daddy's cock. He has is fingers between her legs, finger fucking her. She writhers underneath the pressure, as his other hand pushes her up and down on his throbbing, hot cock. She is one helluva dick sucking smart mouthed little bitch, he says to himself. He has been raring to fuck the hell out of her since Loretta passed but hesitated knowing Scarlette needed some time.
But time's up for all that emotionalism and he raises her to her feet and pulls her onto the bed. She is on all fours, and he spreads her legs apart. Oh how he loves to enter her from behind. He loves to feel that hot tight ass against his thighs, as he pounds into her. He knows he is going to make the little slut scream with ecstasy this time, and maybe she will learn to keep her trap shut instead of talking back.
She feels him push her legs apart and feels the head of his cock violently thrust into her. He has never done that before, she guesses she has done something to make him mad and this is to be expected. His hand rests on her right hip and he begins spanking her with his left.

"NOw I am doing this for your own good, you are going to have to learn to act like a lady and not a spoiled brat. YOu understand? I dont want to have to fuck you like this but you need to be punished, baby." He says in her ear as he bounces and pounds against her plump ass. He is actually enjoying giving her this reprimand. He has always wanted to wear her pussy out and she has given him the perfect reason to act on his desire.

The pain inside her tight pussy is excruciating, yet she knows she has no other choice. He is right, she has been a little bitchy lately. And after all, he is her Daddy. The tears begin rolling down her cheeks as she whimpers and moans. He continues to thrust in her, loving each whimper he hears. He reaches up and grabs a handful of that beautiful red hair pulling her backwards.
"YOu like it dont you? Tell Daddy you love him, YOu know you want to be fucked, dont you? I see how you try to get my attention by pouting and flitting around in those skirts. You've been wanting a good hard fucking haven't you?" He asks as he is kissing her neck greedily. His cock throbs incessantly as her tight pussy swells against the violent plunging.

'Wow,'she thinks, it feels good to her,unbelievably. She is turned on by Daddy's filthy talk, which is uncommon for such a mild-mannered man. He was right after all, she is finally becoming a woman and enjoying it.

Finally he releases her, pulls out and shoots his load all over her ass. The hot cum runs down her ample cheeks and slids down her pussy lips. She loves that, and begins to tremble. Thinking to herself she can't wait to masturbate and get herself off too.

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