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Drunk sex

  • Druken foursome Rating : 1.00. Click here to rate Druken foursome
    A innocent night of fun with friends turned into a crazy night of fucking all night...
    Read Druken foursome! Reviews Rating : 1.00, by Alica, 29-Apr-2014.

  • Not enough of her : Part 1 Rating : 5.67. Click here to rate Not enough of her : Part 1
    She had DD's that made ur mouth water with light coffee colored skin. When we drank a particular drink or a certain amount we could fuck 4 to 5 times a night anywhere,anytime it was on...
    Read Not enough of her : Part 1! Reviews Rating : 5.67, by petals, 30-Aug-2013.

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She had masterbated and got herself off in school, but she had never had her pussy eatten and even worst never had a cock. Now she wa soing to get the cock I love, a 12 inch one which would make her crazy for sex. Most of this story is true, the names have been changed to protect us. I asked my man to write it so it would be good...


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