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Drunk sex

  • Not enough of her : Part 1 Rating : 5.67. Click here to rate Not enough of her : Part 1
    She had DD's that made ur mouth water with light coffee colored skin. When we drank a particular drink or a certain amount we could fuck 4 to 5 times a night anywhere,anytime it was on...
    Read Not enough of her : Part 1! Reviews Rating : 5.67, by petals, 30-Aug-2013.

  • The Night at The Bar. Rating : 3.38. Click here to rate The Night at The Bar.
    What happens when a college boy that just graduated goes to a bar at night? The result can be a mess, a slipper wet mess, but feel soooooo good!
    Read The Night at The Bar.! Reviews Rating : 3.38, by Savannah Munoz, 25-Jun-2012.

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Natalie had dreamed up the perfect weekend and even she was surprized how it was turning out. She had some other spicey ideas which would definitely make it weekend none of them would forget...


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