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My girlfriend And My Husband

(Part 1 from 1)

My girlfriends and I go out about once a month for our girls night out. Its tradition, we have done this since we were 18. We are all 30 now and very attractive women, if I must say so myself. The girls arrived at the house about 7. We headed out to paint the town red. I kissed my husband good bye and we left.
We were all feeling no pain when it came time to leave the bar. We called my husband Brian to come and drive us home. I was drunk beyond belief and so were my friends. I went in the house and went straight to bed. Leaving the girls ( Karen and Tonya ) up with Brian. 

I was in bed for about 30 minutes when I heard the bedroom door shut. They assumed that I had passed out. I waited about 10 minutes and eased open the bedroom door and creeped down the hallway to look in on them in the living room. I was totally shocked at what I saw. There was Karen lying back on the couch and Tonya was eating her pussy. Brian was sitting in the recliner strocking his dick. Karen said "come fuck Tonya Brian while she eats me out!" Brian didn't hesitate to come right over and slide his thick 8" dick inside Tonyas cute little brown haired pussy. 

Suddenly the door bell rings. They jump up in a panic to see who is at the door. Just then Karen says it is Tom. Tom being Karens boyfriend. She said " I hope you don't mind I called Tom and asked him to come over and join in on the fun!" Nobody seemed to mind. Still not knowing that I am watching them. Tom came on it and stripped off all of his clothes. This was obviously not their first rodeo. 

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Before you know it there is a fuck fest going on in my living room. My pussy is soaking wet. I thought many times to go in a join them. But I was enjoying just watching. Karen was riding my husband and Tonya was riding on Tom. They girls were kissing each other so passionately. Brian was just about to cum in Karen when all of a sudden, she jumps off of him and Tom grabs my husbands dick and sucks the remaining cum out of him. 

They then attempt to talk Brian into fucking Tom. "NO WAY" Brian said. "Ah. come on Brian, you will like it", says Tom. Brian said "What the hell?" Tom leans over the couch and Brain proceeds to stick his huge fat cock in Toms ass. He fucks him with a power that I had never seen in my husband in 8 years of marriage. It didnt take him long to blow his hot load all over Toms back. The girls who had been pleasuring each other suddenly lick all of Brians cum off of Toms back. 
The party broke up soon after that. So I snuck back to bed and protended to be asleep when Brian came in. To this day he still does not know that I saw what happened that night and I will never tell him. 

I would have thought that it would have pissed me off to watch my 2 best friends fuck and suck and get ate by my husband that I love very deeply. But it was more of a deeply satisfying experience. I hope they decide to do it again.

I think the next girls night out. I am going to suggest that we have a foursome. I want a piece of the pie too..

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