Mother In law- Fantasy Island.

(Part 1 from 1)

This is a fictional sex story. If you dont like or agree with sex storys, please leave. Its just a fantasy tale and starts like this.

This story starts in Japan where we took our kids on vacation.My wife thought it would be nice to let the kids see a different culture. The kids were getting close to graduating and my wife wanted one last vacation as a family before our first born went to college,so that's what we did. My wife's mother Barb came along.everything was going along according to plan until my wife called home and found out my son needed to go back right away. It seems they lost a whole test for one of his finals and they knew he had taken it and turned it in, but somehow it was gone. They agreed of course to let him take it over. But it had to be right away.

My wife said she would take him back and my daughter who was 18 wanted to go because she missed her friends my mother in law Barb wanted to stay until the day we were supposed to fly home and so did I so it was just me and her. She was 63 then about 5 Ft 3 and weighed maybe 180 lbs all in her belly. Her thighs and ass were a little chubby but most of her weight is in her belly.My wife would look like her twin with 20 more lbs on her.They both have huge tit's big old DD's. Barb's sagged a bit more that my wife's being 20 years older.

They day came for us to leave and our flight was over booked so they asked us if we wanted to fly to Hawaii on a small Lear jet they had going there to catch a commercial flight from there, which we agreed to because we would be the only passengers on this flight and just a pilot and co pilot.That seemed pretty good to us so that's what we did. Everything was going great until about a an hour into the flight we hit a storm and had to fly around it. We flew for another half hour and then it happened.

The co pilot came out and said they were having trouble with the engines and may have to ditch . He handed me a life raft and gave us 2 life jackets and got us strapped in and told us if we did ditch the plane doors should open automatically to get out and inflate the raft and use it until help arrived. He told us because of the storm they hadn't been able to contact anyone over the radio yet though.

So we sat there shitiing our pants for maybe five or ten minutes it seemed longer until the cockpit door opened and he hollered we have to ditch hold on. So we did and I could see the plane skimming just above the water before we hit and the doors popped open. We unfastened ourselves and got out as the plane submerged we looked for both the pilots but neither surfaced. It was late evening just about dark when that happened .

We drifted all night and all the next day sometime during the next night we saw an island, but we would miss it if we let the tide carry us so we started paddling and after about 2 hours we made it ashore.Barb had hung onto her overnight bag luckily and we were both smokers and she had a 6 pack of Bic lighters in it . So we had fire we used the raft as a roof which was one of the 12 Ft across type that are just round and we built walls out of palm leaves and we had fire we had shelter now we needed food I went to the cove and seen there was plenty crab and fish to be had. Now we needed fresh water hopefully there was some on this tiny island which was only maybe 2 square miles at most I went inland and found a little waterfall with a small pond that had fresh water. So we had the basics until help arrived if help arrived.

We waited for days just eating and drinking and watching for any sign of a plane or boat boat never seen any.We stacked a bunch of rotted wood on the beach in case we ever seen one we could light it but after 3 weeks our hopes were about gone.

I was 37 at the time so I was had to jack off twice a day and missing pussy really badly after the fourth week I started looking at Barb as a sex partner more than a mother in law. I needed some pussy and she had one. I didn't see why I should go without. I just had to get the nerve to bring it up to her somehow.

I had always gotten the impression that she was a bit prudish when it came to sex. Her husband my wife's father had died about 18 years before and she had never been out with anyone since morning I went down and caught a bunch of crab and these little fish in the cove its basically what we lived on the whole time we were there and brought them back she always cooked everything so I gave them to her and I started talking to her about our situation.

I said well Barb it doesn't look like they know we survived, or they would have found us by now.She answered me saying she thought that too. I told her I didn't want to scare her but there's a chance they may never find us . She said she was thinking the same thing.

I said Barb even if they find us in 5 years I don't want to just be here like this we need to re think how were going to survive here.

What did you have in mind ?

Well for one thing I have needs beyond what we've got here now and you may also ?

You mean sex ?


She just looked at me and I continued

If we have to live here 5 or ten years or maybe even forever then I think we should live as partners instead of 2 separate people just getting by .I also think regardless of whether you do what Im asking, we should start sleeping in the same bed. Im tired of waking up cold and our body heat will help us stay warm.

She looked at me and said I've never been with any man other than my husband.

Its not all about that now Barb. There's no morality here its just you and me now.

Look let me make this as easy as possible we don't have to have sex if that would upset you but I do need the touch of a female.

She said so what are you saying ? I could just give you a hand job ?

Well that or a blow job whatever your comfortable doing and Ill help you like that anyway you want. And let me say this if we ever do get out of here no one ever needs to know. Were just doing what we need to do to survive.

She looked at me and I could tell she was thinking about it. I said look just think about it but we should sleep together regardless of what you think about this.

So just think about it and tonight if I come in the hut and we have a double bed Ill know you at least want to sleep together. We can talk about the rest latter after you've had some time to think about it. She said I know where your coming from and if you weren't my son in law Id agree to help you. Just let me think a little bit. I don't want to hurt Annie by doing this.

I said that's just it I hope we see them again, but if we don't I don't want to do without sex for the rest of my life when there's a perfectly good women right here. I promise you if we get off this island I'll never tell a soul. I look at it as doing what's needed to survive as comfortably as we possibly can .So think about it and let me know latter.

She said OK I will. I went off and swam for awhile not knowing what she was thinking, but thinking my explanation went over pretty well so Id just have to wait and see.I waited until after dark to go back to our little hut and I was hoping like hell she would have made our bed double if she did that then she at least agreed we needed to sleep together for heat.

I went and there it was she was laying on her side facing away from me but the bed was double so I got in next to her and slid up and cuddled up to her she didn't move or aknowledge my doing it so I just laid there with my arm around here belly, close spooning with her my cock was against her ass but I just laid there it felt good having a warm body against me again just that was a great thing I laid there listening to her breath until I fell asleep.

I woke up when early morning.She got up to use the bathroom which was a pit dug about 30 yards from the hut.I just laid there like I was asleep and in a few minutes she came back I had rolled over on my side so I could see her enter the hut and when she did she came right back to bed and got behind me and she cuddled up to me this time spooning and hugged me close.

This was a good sign. Then I felt her run her hand under my shirt and gently stroked my belly my cock started getting hard immediately she rubbed my stomach muscles for about a minute I could hear her breath in my ear. I felt her hand slip in my shorts and move down to my cock she took it in her hand. Which is about 5 inches soft 8 and half hard and it is pretty thick if I do say so myself.

She said can you roll on your back so I can work on you ? I did without saying a word.My cock was rock hard now and laying flat on my belly she took it and I watched her looking at it. She started stroking me looking from my cock to my face.I just kept my eyes closed pretending not to look at her.

She reached down and held my balls feeling the weight of them then rubbing them,then took my cock in her fist and started a rhythm. She asked how's that ? Will that work for you ? I nodded and she watched her hand stroking me I whispered Im going to cum soon I could hear her breathing a little bit heavy and I could see the excitement in her eyes.I knew she was looking forward to seeing me come I could tell from the look on her face and her breathing wasn't normal.

She kept looking up at my face for a few seconds then back to my cock expectedly that was it. It had been so long I was going to cum quick and told her.Im Cumming. She sped up just a little and watched my cock intently.When the first squirt came out she slowed her stroke and stayed down on the shaft looking from my face to the cum all over my belly to my throbbing squirting cock wanting to see everything

When I was done she took a a piece of rag we used to wash with and wiped the cum off me,then her hand and smiled at me and asked how was that? OK ? I told her it was great and it was.

I never did that before.

Really ?

No I honestly haven't.

You never gave jack a hand job ?

No jacks idea of sex was coming in Saturday night climb on me get off and that was it until the next week. she laughed.

Oh IM sorry I didn't know.

Its OK I never knew what I missing really so I don't miss it.but I did enjoy that.

I think it would be alright if I helped you out like that seeing all you do for me here. I think your right it is a need you need to fulfill and I am a women so there's no reason for you to go without. Your a young man and need relief. I see your point and there's no reason I shouldn't help you out like that. If we do ever get off this island though we should never tell a soul like you said. OK ?

I don't mind doing that for you but I don't want to hurt Annie

I don't either,its just like I said a need.

Yeah I know what you mean.

Is there something I can do for you ?

Well maybe ? This may seem strange to you.Could you watch me masturbate ? I've always had a fantasy of someone watching me get off.

I can do that. Id be happy to.I wasn't lying

OK well just sit back and watch then OK ? I know Im old and probably repulsive to you but Im all you have ! She laughed

Barb your far from repulsive in fact I've been fantasizing about you for years.

Really ? What did you do in these fantasy's ?

Just regular stuff like pushing your legs back and eating you out and then fucking you stuff like that .

Look Jimmy I don't mind helping you out like that but I don't think we should go all the way and actually have sex. If we do get out of here it may make us feel weird.

I said that's fine but you should try and get that kind of thing out of your head for now anyway. You should just think the world is only you and I until we do have some kind of hope.If we ever did fuck I don't think it would be weird for us because we know were all either of us has here and it could be years or even the rest of our lives.but Im good with getting a hand job when I need it .And I'll really enjoy seeing you get yourself off.

OK if you say so. So here goes she stood up pulled her top off and then dropped her shorts.I could tell she was embarrased but turned on too and that was what was driving her here.I wanted to just fuck her right there but I was going to bide my time things were going my way and maybe she would come around.

She leaned back closed her eyes and started pinching both nipples lifting the weight of her tit's by them.She opened her eyes and watched me watch her do it.My cock started getting hard again.She smiled a little sheepishly and said this is kind of strange.I her not to worry and just enjoy your fantasy.I said you look very hot and sexy by the way.She blushed.I know your lying now and laughed.

I said there's no sense to be shy Barb. Were going to have to live essentially as man and wife until we get out of here but no one will ever know.

She looked at me smiled and nodded in agreement.

So just live out whatever makes you happy.

Well like I said I've always got hot thinking about someone watching me get myself off.

Go for it then you look great to me.I hope you don't mind if I do myself while you do ?

No that would be better to think you enjoy seeing me like that. And smiled at me.

Well go ahead star when your ready.

She spread her legs farther looking at me for a reaction from me. I watched as she held her pussy open still looking at me to see what I'd do.My cock was half hard and going to be a rock very soon. I leaned back and took it in my hand and just looked at her.She said you really do get off on seeing me don't you ? You bet I do.Your hot I've thought about fucking you for years .She laughed. really ? Oh yeah for a fact. I've always kind of got off on you. You'll never know how many cums I've had thinking about fucking you. She laughed again.

Well I guess just lets enjoy this time together then, because to be honest and I'd never tell anyone this but I've always fantasized about doing things with you to . Really ? Wow ! I've always kind of wanted you to fuck me. But as I said I dont want to really do it because if Annie ever found out it would hurt her I wouldn't do that for anything..

Well I guess I'll just start then. I just looked at her. She held her pussy open with her left hand and licked her index and middle finger and started rubbing her clit still looking me directly in my eyes. As she got going she started exhaling hard every 10 seconds. I started stroking my now rock hard cock slowly, just enjoying watching her. Her belly would tighten quickly then release every so often and her legs would tremble and she would close her eyes here and there as her breathing increased she trembled more and her belly contracted hard. I had pre cum running out of my cock and she was looking at it intently.

So here I sat with this 60 plus year old women and she got me as hot as Farah Fawcett in her prime.With those big tities sagging slightly to each side on her fat belly her nipples which I thought would be brown were brownish pink like my wife's but a little bigger round than hers maybe the size of a silver dollar. My wife had her in length about 3/4 of an inch I guess because she breast fed more than her.Barbs were about a half inch when erect and they were erect now. Her belly has stretch marks down to her chubby pussy with very little hair and because it was chubby it looked like just a slit but I could see a hint of that pink clit poking out her labia was light brown and wrinkled a little toward the bottom where it rubbed between her legs when she walked. Then she spread her chubby thighs more stretch marks and a few varicose vein's and I could see between her upper thighs were brown also where they rubbed together when she walked. Then further down her puckered brown tight looking rose bud of an asshole she had sparse hairs on her inner thighs and asshole. Her pussy was already so wet I could see the shine from her juice trickling down her asshole.

The more I watched the more I just wanted to go over there and just fuck the shit out of that tight chubby wrinkled pussy .I could see her cum soaking her asshole now she was getting off big time on me watching her. She said Im going to cum, cum with me. I was breathing hard and stroking about medium speed.In my lust I half whispered half spoke.
Barb can I just lay my cock in your slit and shoot my cum on your belly? I know you said no sex, but I wont put it in and its like jacking off kind of isn't it ?
We both never stopped our rhythm while I said that to her.

She said alright Im going to cum and then you can. OK ?

Yeah ! I was so glad she agreed to that. Just rubbing my cock in the crack of that fat wet pussy would be great.

She whispered choppily why don't you come over here and get ready.

She focused right on my cock dripping with my pre cum and started shaking.Her belly tightened completely and I could see her tight brown asshole start contracting and releasing at first quickly and then started to slow as her orgasm subsided she let out a whimper when she started Cumming and the started breathing hard.

Then when she was close to the end of her orgasm she whispered alright go ahead do what you need to.As she looked at me with eys glazed over half open. I laid my cock in that slit and it felt hot I rubbed it back and for a few times and I was covered in her juices I could feel her slit surrounding my cock in its fat juicy folds and she just started squirming looking down between us as my cock poked out the top of her slit every time I went down a little further and felt the head of my cock rub over her tight cunt hole and she gasped I seriously thought of just ramming it in her and fucking her good until I shot up inside her but she had been cooperative so far maybe she would finally go all the way if I didn't push it literally.

She whispered urgently.Im going to cum again.Tell me when your ready,I want to see you shoot on me. I told her I would quickly. Her fat pussy lips were caressing the the sides of my cock as I slid back and forth in her slit I made it a point to make good contact with her clit and she would tremble here and there when I hit it just right for her.

When I let my cock head rub over her pussy hole she would breathe a little shakily and I thought she would love it in her but I didn't want to ruin it before she decided she needed some cock on her own.

She had her head raised and watched every stroke I knew she loved seeing it. Then she whispered that things so big I don't know if I could ever take that.Her saying that sent me toward the edge and I whispered urgently Im going to cum. She looked up into my eyes and I know all she saw was my eyes glazed in lust for her.She pulled her legs back further and spread them as wide as she could.

She kept her eyes locked on mine and started saying cum on let me make you feel good then C'mon squirt on my belly I said real fast I am . She focused on my eyes as I started Cumming and trembling rubbing in that nice chubby wet slit.Then looked at my cock rubbing through her pussy and said Im going to cum again. That did it 3 more strokes through that flabby wrinkled pussy and I shot a blast that hit her chin that was held to her chest watching my cock she started whispering yeah give it to me shoot that hot cum on me. Im Cumming to.

Next shot hit her huge tit's she picked up her tit and started sucking the cum off her nipple still with her eyes locked on my cock squirting .The next shot hit just under her tit's on her fat belly and she was all out Cumming. She looked into my eyes with a panicked look and said oh that looks nice and I filled that sexy belly with the rest of my cum .

I kept going even after I was done she just kept shaking all over while I rubbed my cummy cock all over her pussy finally she laughed shaking and said if your through you need to stop, that's just to much. I laughed and just stopped moving, leaving my cock lay in her fine fat pussy as long as possible.

We both just stayed like that for about a minute or two. She repeated now the same thing she had said before .That thing is huge I don't know if I could take it and smiled up at me.then started questioning me about fucking her daughter.

Do you get all that in Annie ?

Yeah . When we first started I couldn't but after a few weeks I could.

Its just so big around and she laughed.

It looks as big as a soda can .

We measured it once and its almost as big around as a soda can.

Wow ! The length is pretty big too.

Its 8 and half inches.

that's massive doesn't it hurt Annie ?

No not at all she loves it since she got use to it.

She laughed and said ill bet she does.

I've only been with Jack , he didn't have much for size.

Yeah you told me didn't you ever want something more ?

Well I've thought and fantasized about it over the years but I would have never cheated on him.

He once tried to convince me to let his friend fuck me who supposedly had a huge cock while he watched, but I wouldn't do it I was to embarrassed. I'd have never been able to face our friends again after that you know ?

Well it depends on how big their mouths are right ?

Yeah I guess so. I just could never bring myself to do it.

Well I'll fix us some breakfast OK ? Sure sounds good .She got up and dressed and started doing it.She did and everything was normal we talked about the same things we always did for the rest of the day and no sex talk at all.

When night came I got in bed and she came a few minutes later and I was laying on my back and she snuggled up close and laid her cheek on my chest and said your right this is much more comfortable sleeping like this. I could feel those massive titties pushed up against me. I feel safe now like were going to be alright. I answered her saying I do to. I just fell asleep not wanting her to think that I was going to want to do it with her every 5 minutes even though I did.

I woke up with my back to her again and she was snuggled behind me spooning I rolled over and got up and went and took a piss and came back and climbed back in with her I laid on my back and she laid her head on my shoulder still half asleep I thought.We laid there for a few minutes Before I noticed she was awake and said

are you awake ?

Yeah Im just laying here.

Uh could I do that thing again ?

She didn't say a word just rolled over and pulled off her shorts.Then said you really have a strong sex drive huh? She laughed.I smiled and said no not that I know of I think its just normal.Im sorry to bother you so much It just I haven't had a women for so long now other than what we did yesterday. She smiled and said its not a problem,Im just not use to a man wanting me so much.Well I do She laughed again I can see that.

She let her legs flop open wide and her chubby labia gaped open naturally I took my hand and palmed her whole pussy letting my middle finger slide in her slit.She let out a quick breath and then drew it back in and seemed to hold it in. Now I knew for sure she was loving my touch.I didn't know if the penetration agreement we had came to applied to my fingers so at first I rubbed her hole in a circular motion with 2 fingers she let out the breath and whispered ohhhhhh at the same time.

I rubbed up and down her slit letting my middle finger lightly touch her clit and then back to the circular with 2 fingers on her hole she started breathing really heavy and choppily and I could see her belly tightening and relaxing along with her legs trembling.My cock was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it .I wanted to fuck her bad.

I thought to myself when she starts Cumming Im going to shove 2 fingers up her and see how she reacts .I kept at it she was squirming all over and her pussy was just sopping wet with cum running down that wrinkled pretty little asshole . She had her legs back feet in the air and toes clenched down tight .She was trying to watch what I was doing to her. I think she got off on seeing it.

A couple more minutes of that and she threw her head back and exhaled hard and whispered loud and urgently Im going to cum. She pulled her knees back farther. I thought its now or never. I kept circling her clit with my right index and middle fingers and used my left hand and rubbed her hole with my index and middle finger.When she said Im Cumming and that belly contracted tight, I shoved my 2 fingers up that unbelievably tight snatch and felt it contracting on my fingers hard over and over again when I shoved them in she held her toes open as wide as she could and kept them like that and whimpered a little as she whispered oh god that feels so good.

I knew I had her,she wasn't going to complain now so I shoved my ring finger up her asshole it was contracting in time with her pussy I couldn't believe this women had, had children her pussy was sucking my fingers hard it felt like it was trying to push them out.She just kept whimpering and whispering and trying to breathe saying, that's it, like that it feels so good.

I kept her going like that for about ten minutes straight her shaking and trembling would slow for about 30 seconds and then she would shake hard for a minute and then off 30 seconds then start shaking again.She finally said oh god you have to stop and tried to laugh but was out of breath. Then said I can't take it its to strong. I slowed to bring her down slowly and then finally stopped.

She laid there looking at me smiling and said in a out of breath choppy voice, That was great thank you. She let her legs down and looked at me and in the same voice said I've never cum like that in my life and giggled thank you so much. I said no thank you. I enjoyed it as much as you did believe me she laughed.

She said Ok now lets take care of you. Do you want to do it like you did yesterday ? Yeah that's fine. She said IM just trying to get my breath back and laughed again.She took 2-3 deep breaths and pulled her legs back and said OK whenever your ready. I got on my knees between her legs. I looked down at that flabby labia that was gaped open maybe a half inch and that cum glistening running down her crack. I just wanted to shove it up her so bad and now knowing how tight that old snatch was made me want her more.

I said are you ready? She nodded and pulled her legs back a little farther. I laid my cock in the warm slit and used both hands and pulled her labia around my cock in her wet slit and started sliding up and down my breathing was becoming choppy now.She was trembling and her breathing was increasing. She had her toes clenched down again. She looked fucking sexy as hell I rubbed down with my cock head again and rubbed over her tight little hole letting the head catch in her hole then just pushing up over it when I did that she would intake a breath fast and shake a bit.

Id never wanted to fuck a women that bad in my life I must have been a sight to her eyes half closed and full of pure lust for her I was doing this for maybe 5 minutes and she said you might as well put it in . I stopped dead and looked at her put it in ? Yeah you may as well if we've gone this far what's the difference right ? I said right .But whatever happens if we do get out of here this stay between you and I right . I said right for sure I promise. She giggled .

I wasn't just saying that your cock is huge so please just go very slow Im Im really not sure If I can take it all . I said that fine I will then she said Im worried about the girth as much as the length I told her Id been through this before and she would get use to it.I told her once I had the head in the hard part was over because she would be spread open as far as she was going to be. And I told her.

When Annie( her daughter and my wife) and I started having sex it was hard to get it in her and she couldn't take my length for the first week or so. But the hard part was just getting the head in. She laughed and said well I can see why. I wanted in her so I said are you ready ? As I'll ever be.

I put my cock head at her entrance she grunted and looked into my eyes and said pleadingly very slow please.I said I will don't worry. I started pushing her pussy lips started spreading over the head my cock as I've said is pretty big in diameter just a tad smaller than a soda can and that's an exact measurement .She started grunting before I had half the head in. She looked deep in my eyes and and exhaled and kind of whimpered. She held her hand up on my belly.Wait how much more before the head is in ?

I said just a bit more I lied not wanting her to say she couldn't do it.She was fucking tight as hell. I promise you I could feel the resistance start getting very hard and knew I was going to have to give a hard push to get it started.I told her why don't you brace yourself and relax your pussy as much as possible and Ill give one quick push and get it in .

She looked up and me scared and excited and said OK but just get the head in first and stop OK ? I need to get use to the width first. I said OK .She said wait just a second and she breathed in and out 3 times and inhaled a breathe and pulled her legs back as far as she could and spread them as wide as possible and said OK give it to me.I said OK on three alright ? She nodded at me.

I counted 1-2 and said 3 and pushed forward with my weight half the head was in and it stopped she held her hand on my belly trying to stop me wincing and her eyes squenched together tight and said wait. I wasn't waiting I leaned up over her like I was doing pushups and let my weight push my cock in . I wouldn't budge up her one bit. I gave one quick push with my hips and the head forced in her. I could feel that ring of muscles inside her grip me tight, she whimpered and started breathing quick little breaths and said oh god wait, just wait right there please.

I did I had the head up her and she just let me get use to that that's so fucking big my god.I said is it hurtingyou ? She said it did a little but Ill get use to you in a minute.I sat up on my knees and looked down at her her pussy lips were stretched around my cock and it did look huge stretching her like that. My cock was as wide as her whole pussy . Her eyes were kind of glassy and she was breathing shallow little short breaths and still had her hand on my belly as if she could stop me if I wanted to just plow that pussy. But I didn't want to hurt her, I wanted to pleasure her so she would do with me all the time. So I waited.

She finally said OK push in a little bit I started leaning in and an 1 inch 2 -3 -4 -5 she said whimpering a little can you do it with just that much I can't take anymore right now maybe after I get use to you another time OK ? I said OK and just started fucking her like that she pulled those chubby thighs back and curled those toes down and eyes got glassy. She exhaled and and said at the same time god that's starting to feel good.

I know I was a getting a little glassy eyed myself I was breathing a little bit funny to after going without pussy for so long and seeing her taking me like a champ it got me hot I knew I wouldn't last long with her this time she whispered this reminds my of my first time and laughed a little.

I was on my knees and slowly fucking in and out just leaving the head in I leaned forward and started sucking those big tities and then kissing her neck I wanted to slip another inch in her hopefully without hurting her. When I started sucking her neck she exhaled hard and said oh god kiss me baby I going to cum. I started to. She looked at me and said let me suck that tongue. This old women was turning into a fuck slut before my eyes.She sucked my tongue like she was hungry for it, then started whispering that's it baby fuck me with that big cock oh its so big give it to me hurt that pussy good.

I took her to mean fuck her with it all I shoved it all up her. I could feel her insides contracting all over my cock. Her nails dug into my back. She said oh my god, no wait that's to much I stopped she said quickly no don't stop, fuck me Im cumming. She started whimpering I asked am I hurting you ? She whispered yes it hurts so fucking good. Fuck my pussy good .

I thought to myself fuck it Im going to break that pussy in right and pushed those legs back and started pounding that pussy her eyes had a look of panic and her mouth was frozen like she was saying ohhhhhhh but no sound came out other than a grunt when I bottomed out.She made a whimpering sound and she had tears running down her cheeks. I looked down between us and seen that cock forcing that pussy open and bottoming out to the hilt.I looked back over my ass and seen her toes flexed open and she held them like that I sucked those tit's and pounded that pussy.

She came over and over and she sounded like she was almost crying when she did the look of panic never left her eyes as I sucked those tit's and made her cum like that for about 15 minutes until I couldn't hold off anymore. I said oh god Barb I have to cum. She whispered fast as she could yessssss do it cum in meeeeee. I've never been fucked like this before give me that cum.

I lost it and started just fucking up under that pussy as hard as I could I lost all caring for her feelings my one mission was to cum in that tight old wet pussy and I was. After that first blast she whispered, oh my god and I could still feel her pussy grabbing my cock and her pussy started farting like 3 times in a row. Everytime I pounded in her, her eyes closed now in pain or pleasure or both maybe.

After we came I shoved my cock in her as deep as I could and kissed and nibbled her ears ,neck and tit's and lips for another 5 minutes while she kind of regained her breath and stopped shaking a bit but she was still very wobbly I doubt she could have walked had I let her up right then. When she was composed enough she said in an out of breath voice I've never been fucked like that before thank you you made an old woman very happy I said no thank you ,you made me very happy.she well to look on the bright side at least we have this to look forward to now. I laughed and said yeah Im looking forward to it believe me my cock still buried in her

I said, was I hurting you ? She said at first it hurt so bad I didn't know If I could take it. It was worse than my first time but then you started fucking me with half of that cock and it still hurt but the pain was good and then when you put it all in I thought I was going to pass out from the pain but it was the best damm pain Id ever felt I knew If I Took the pain it was going to give me the most pleasure Id ever had and I was right . We both laughed. With my cock still in her. I said don't worry this is our secret she smiled and nodded. We just laid there with my cock softening in her until it plopped out along with a about a half pint of our cum.

From then on she treated me as a husband. I just seemed to crave that pussy I don't know what it was if it was lack of anything else to do or what but it was all I seemed to think of. The next morning when I woke up she was getting up to go take a piss I didn't say anything I just watched and she grunted and groaned getting up and then saw her walking slow trying to hold her legs apart a bit as she went. When she came back in walking like that I laughed and said why are you walking like that ? She why do you think ? I didn't know . She said you tore my twat apart yesterday and its sorer than I've ever felt it and laughed.

I said sorry about that

it will be fine its like I told you jack didn't have much in that department and your huge.

I said so I guess that means Im not getting any this morning and smiled at her.

She said how about if I get you off another way today ?

I said fine with me what did you have in mind ?

Well let just start and Ill show you OK ?


I dropped my shorts she laughed at my half hard cock and said your always ready aren't you?

I just laughed.

Why don't you just lean back here and pointed to the bed we had weaved out of palm and stuffed with grass and anything soft we could find.I sat down and leaned back and she sat next to me and said OK spread your legs for me so I can work get at you.I did and she leaned down and propped herself on one elbow there that's better.Ive never done this to completion and Id like to try it. I asked done what ? Sucked off a man and had him cum in my mouth.

She said I want you to watch me do you OK ? That would be hot .No matter what I do just keep looking in my eyes OK ? Alright.I Was already. She picked up my almost hard cock now off my belly and stroked it looking into my eyes smiling a half smile.She said feel good ? Um huh .She laughed I knew you would say that. She lifted me balls feeling the weight.

I can't believe this whole thing was inside me.

It was

I know I feel it now to she laughed.

I want to feel your cum squirt in my mouth and see how you react when your doing it.

I didn't say a word .

Are you ready ? I nodded at her she leaned forward and stretched her mouth over the head looking up at me with her eyes she stroked the shaft and started sucking using her tongue on the head. I squirmed and shook a little. She popped it out . Do you like that ? I laughed and said what would you guess? She smiled and laid my cock flat on my belly and started sucking sliding her mouth up and down the length like she was playing a harmonica man that felt good. She still looked into my eyes as she did it and seen me squirm as she was doing it.

And then she took the head again still looking into my eyes and tried to get as much in her mouth as possible the diameter prevented her from getting to much maybe 3 inches tops and she just started bobbing and sucking and wiggling her tongue I moaned still looking into her eyes my eyes must have been glazed over because she popped out again and said tell me when your going to shoot OK ? I answered yes in a whisper that meant just keep going. She again forced it in as far as she could looking at me love her doing it and started bobbing I knew I wouldn't last long. It was hot seeing this old women sucking my cock and loving it.

It wasn't long before I was ready and told her quickly Im going to cum she looked at me like a hungry wolf and started sucking hard and I shot that first blast and she gagged just for a second I felt her swallow and then 3 more bobs of her head and then another shot same thing she was stroking the shaft with her hand and she just laid her other hand under my balls and lifted gently I shot again and little dribbled out of her mouth from the side she kept sucking and using her tongue good I shot 3-4 more times and she swallowed the rest and kept sucking still looking into my eyes I could feel her breath on my cock from her nose she was breathing hard like she was getting off to.

After about a minute The head of my cock was just to sensitive and I told her she had to stop and popped it out and licked the cum off the sides of her mouth and chin and sucked it down. She said that's not bad at all in fact it was pretty dam good.I always thought it would be nasty .I said I've never had any complaints and its good protein for you to she laughed oh I see I get a benefit from doing this to right ? Well yeah protein .She laughed and said so when Im need to be fed you'll volunteer ? Every time.

We continued getting to know each other in the coming months. Some mornings I would be cuddled up behind her and just started rubbing that flabby pussy with my whole hand until she would raise one leg, still laying on her side. Id force myself up her and slowly fuck her until she came a few times before dumping my load in her. And other times I would would just hold her legs back and pound that pussy into oblivion.

She never really got over the pain of being spread open so wide or being fucked deeper than she ever had before but always says the pain is what brings the pleasure and then tells me only a woman can understand what she means.I guess she's right. But she does love the pain in that pussy though.

She says its deepest when she on top and almost pass's out when she does it she will hold herself over my cock and slowly lower herself down until the head is at her entrance then let her weight down until the head pops in which always cause her to inhale deeply and tremble all over. Then she starts lowering herself slowly onto it gasping for breath and looking for all intent and purpose like she's in great pain. Her face screwed up and tears start running down her cheeks but she never stops which amazes me.

One time she lost her balance and her pussy my whole cock rammed up in her she leaned forward and it literally took her breath away. She said in a voice that someone would use if they hit their finger with a hammer. Oh god that hurts. I asked her calmly if she wanted me to pull out.She said no if it hurts that bad its going to feel really good In just a minute here .OK whatever I laughed.I watched as she laid there for a few minutes, then said OK Im ready and proceeded to raise and drop herself onto my cock for the next 10 minutes until her legs couldn't take any more.

When she was exhausted .She told me in a trembling shaky voice, fuck me hard . I've never seen a women crying when she came but she does. She loses all control.We kept at it and did get use to each other as men and women do when the first get together. One day she said you know if we ever get off this island I hope you fuck me once in awhile just as long as no one finds out. I assured her I would. She's is a great hot fuck.I thought back on how she was when we started and how she is now and had to laugh.She was always kind of prudish, now she wanted to fuck all the time. There's more to this story but Ill save that for another time.

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