Fishing with Mom

(Part 1 from 1)

100% fiction!

My name is Mike and when I was 38, I returned to my hometown in Tennessee and stayed with my widowed mom. She was 55 but still looked pretty good with a slightly plump ass and nice tits. She had always been attractive to me, even when I was young. When I was boy, I drilled a small hole from my closet through to the bathroom so I could see her. I would watch her take a bath and sometimes she would play with herself. Her tits were very nice with big brown nipples and her pussy was very hairy with big wrinkley, brown lips and you could clearly see her clit. She was a very horny woman but she never seemed interested in dating. The only outside activity she had was going fishing with her married brother Bill on weekends. My uncle Bill had a son named Billy that was my age. As kids we were like brothers and often we spent the night at each others.

One night, I told Billy about the hole in the bathroom and he wanted to spend the night and look at my mom. When she went to take her bath, Billy and I took turns watching her. I let Billy take longer turns because I'd already seen her a lot. While I was watching, mom started rubbing her pussy so I motioned for Billy to look. As he was watching her, I could see he was breathing harder and then he started rubbing himself through his shorts. I was turned on that another guy was getting hard for my mom so I just kept watching Billy. I could see that his dick was making a big tent in his pants and I was so turned on that I put my hand on it. Billy put his hand on mine and started rubbing himself. His cock felt huge and very hot so I started rubbing it like it was my own. Just as I slid my hand inside Billies waistband, he undid his shorts and pulled them down and his big 8" cock sprang straight up. I stroked the full length of his big cock a couple of times and then slid my hand down to cup his balls. As I suspected they were as big and as hot as his wonderful cock. Billy was looking through the peephole intently and turning his lower body toward me so I could rub his cock for him.

I was just staring at his big cock as I rubbed it and the next thing I know, I just dropped to my knees and started sucking him. He was watching my mom as he grabbed my head and started to fuck in and out of my mouth. With in seconds he turned fully toward me and when I looked up, his eyes were closed, he spread his legs and started fucking my mouth really hard. He was very rough about it and then he rammed his cock all the way into my throat and his big cock started shooting hot, salty cum in my throat and mouth. I kept sucking until he was empty and he had to pull my head off his wonderful cock. The next morning, I woke up because he was shoving his spurting cock in my mouth. Again, I swallowed all his hot cum and he had to pull my head away from his beautiful cock. I sucked Billy off regularly after that and we got closer.

When I moved back home, I learned that Billy had gotten married so I left him alone. My mom still went fishing with her brother so I was on my own every weekend. On one of those occasions, I was looking for something sexual in my moms room when I came upon a VCR tape with no lable. I popped it in the VCR and it was obviously shot from a car near a lake in our town. I recognized the area and when the car stopped so did the tape. When it resumed, I saw my mom, my uncle, and a black man named Roy that worked for my uncle walking down to the lake. It was being shot from behind and I had no idea who was usig the camara. They all had fishing rods and picnic stuff and I was getting ready to turn it off when my uncle put his hand on my moms ass and started rubbing it. Mom was hamming it up by reaching over and rubbing her brothers cock through his pants. As she rubbed it, the camara man zoomed in and you could see that my uncles cock was getting hard and then I thought about how big his son Billies cock was and if his was too. It didn't take long to find out as mom unzipped him and pulled it out. It was bigger than Billies and very fat with a huge mushroom head. Mom was now on her knees sucking her brothers cock like there was no tomorrow. In the background I could see the black man Roy pulling his pants off and when he stood back up his cock was very big and very black. As he walked up to my mom, he shook his cock at her and she turned to him and started sucking it and then the film went blank. I forwarded several times but that was all there was. I thought about it for a while and decided to drive out to that spot on the lake. When I got there I saw my uncles van down by the lake and drove on down.

As I got near everybody started scrambling and I saw my cousin Billy walking toward my car. It was a hot day and all he had on was his shorts so I could clearly see he had a hardon. I told him not to point that thing at me unless he intended to use it. He laughed and said, I'm supposed to keep you busy until your mom gets her clothes on. He said he'd found out about her and his dad by following them also. His dad yelled "get out and come down" and Billy said "just follow my lead" as we walked down. When we got there everybody was nervous and my mom couldn't look me in the eye. There was Billy, his dad, Roy and another older black man I didn't know, and my mom. As I was looking around I notice that all the men had some sort of bulge going on. We all talked for a while and finally Billy said "come on Mike lets go get some beer". As we got up to leave, Billy whispered something to his dad. We took my car and as soon as I was back on pavement, Billy told me to go left on a dirt road. We only drove about a quarter of a mile when Billy told me to park. When we got out he said "be quiet and follow me". We crouched down and walked another quarter mile through bushes and we were about 75 ft. up the hill from my uncles van. As we watched, Billy filled me in. He said that my mom and his dad had been fucking since they were kids. He said that his dad also liked sucking Roy's big black cock and that the older black man was hung like a horse and liked to go both ways. Billy said that one time while my mom was sucking his cock and he was watching his dad suck Roy's big cock that he told her how I liked to suck him too. He said she got really turned on and gave him the best blowjob of his life.

As we watched, my uncle walked over to Roy and they talked for a minute and then Roy pulled his pants off and so did my uncle. Roy sat in a lawn chair directly across from my mom and started stroking his big cock. My uncle kneeled down between his legs and started sucking his big cock. Earl walked up to my mom and she just pulled his pants down and took the biggest cock I'd ever seen in her hand and started stroking it. Mom looked around and then started mouthing the head of Earls big cock. Earl had both hands on moms head as he tried to feed her more of it. Mom stood up and started undressing and I heard Earl tell my uncle to come suck his cock because my mom couldn't take it. Roy told my uncle to go ahead that he'd lube her up for Earls horsecock. As my uncle started sucking Earl, I saw my mom lay down on a blanket and spread her legs so Roy had lots of access to her big hairy pussy. As soon as Roy shoved his big black cock all the way in my mom, Billy said, "I'm gonna walk over and sit down in that chair by Roy and your mom". "You sneak around by my dads van and crawl up to me and by the time your mom sees you, you'll have a mouthful of my cock".

Billy took off and so did I and when I got to him and went down on that big cock I heard my mom moaning as she took Roys full, hot load, "oh God, oh God its hot. I can feel it pumping in me, God I love all your cocks". Billy was humping up into my mouth and saying "God I've missed your hot mouth" and "here comes your hot load" as he pulled me all the way onto his hot cock and started pumping his cum in my mouth as I rubbed his big balls hoping it would make him cum more. I heard Earl say "get ready for a big cock woman" and when I looked over he shoved his whole cock in my moms hairy pussy and she just started spasming on it. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her pussy just jerked on his horse cock and I knew she was cumming. Mom passed out and Earl started driving that big cock home in my unconcious mom. I heard my uncle say "turn around here boy" and when I did he was standing right in front of me, jacking his cock. I instantly grabbed his big balls and guided the head of is cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked and massaged his big balls in the hope thats he would give me a lot of cum. He was humping my mouth like crazy as he pulled my head into his crotch and said "you want my hot cum boy" and I just nodded yes and he said "well here it is" and let go of the biggest load of hot cum I've ever gotten out of a mans cock. When it was over I licked him clean thinking about how much I'd always loved him.

My uncle told me to watch Earls horsecock flood your moms pussy and when I looked at Earl, he was looking right at me. He had moms legs wide open and bent backwards over her head and as he looked at me, I saw his big black horsecock slide all the way in her hairy pussy and a moment later his big cock and balls started to flex and as he let out a growl, he started cumming. His cock seemed to shoot cum for a long time and I put three of my fingers on the part that stuck out and felt it pulse. Everytime it moved I could feel its gooey load going into my mom. When he was done, he pulled almost out and told me to milk it into her and I did. Mom was waking up and I couldn"t wait. I got down and started licking her used, slutty, hairy pussy. I had it all cleaned up and mom pulled me up on her and said " I didn't forget you baby" as she reached under and guided my dick into her pussy. I can't lie, it was big, hot, over used and I barely could feel it but when Earl walked up and presented me his big cummy cock and I started sucking it while fucking my slutty mother, I began to cum in her and I was still cumming when Earl let go his load in my mouth. He wouldn't let go of my head as he emptied his balls in my mouth and I passed out too. When I woke up, Earl was slapping me in the face with his big soft cock. I looked around and my mom said "welcome home Mike".

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