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Gay mouth and ass fucked

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It was the summer vacation and I was home after my third year at university. I was twenty-one at the time. I went out as I did most days for a ride on my racing bicycle along the narrow farm roads in the countryside. I decided to stop for a drink and so came to a halt at the entrance to a field and leaned my bike against the gate. Soon another guy on a mountain bike pulled up by me. He was about 40. He started chatting to me about the view across the fields. I noticed that he was wearing a wedding ring on his left hand.

To my surprise he started chatting me up. He was telling how attractive he thought I was. I was a surprised but also flattered. Then he put his hand on my bum through my jeans. I felt shocked but it also felt nice. He then grabbed me in his arms and pressed his mouth against mine and slipped his tongue between my lips, plundering my mouth. Both his hands were squeezing my buttocks through my jeans.

My heart was racing and I felt weak at the knees as I had never done anything like this before. He then said that we should climb over the fence and go into the field. I nodded and followed him and we stood behind the hedge.

He begin french kissing me again getting his tongue in as far as he could. His right hand then went down the back of my jeans and inside my boxer shorts. He rubbed his forefinger along the crack of my arse and then gently dipped his finger into my tight anus. He then began to gently work his finger in and out of my tight asshole. I squirmed with pleasure on his finger.

With his other hand he was rubbing my left nipple through my T-shirt. I was trembling and almost fainting as it was so intense having my mouth french kissed and my tight asshole fingered by a guy, neither of which had ever happened to me before. I was enjoying it so much and almost swooning with the pleasure.

Without any warning he suddenly jerked his finger out of my asshole and his hand out of my boxer shorts and pulled his tongue out of my mouth, and stepped back. He shouted 'Enough of this!' and with the palms of both hands pushed me roughly in the chest. I lost my balance and fell backwards, landing on my back on the pasture grass. He was standing in front of me looking down at me. He undid the zipper of his jeans and pulled out his cock. It was stiff and throbbing and about five inches long. The rigid shaft was criss-crossed with dark blue veins, and at the end was a bulging purple mushroom-head.

He walked forwards and then knelt down on top of chest and shoulders, straddling my head with his thighs. He grabbed the back of my head with both is hands and then forced the bell-end of his cock between my lips. He then pulled my head further towards his cock and thrust the shaft of his cock into my mouth, embedding it to the hilt between my lips, and held my head tightly in place so I couldn't move it backwards. I could feel the zipper of his jeans sticking into my chin, and could feel his big balls inside his jeans pushing through the denim against my chin. My nose had gone inside the zipper in his jeans and the slit in his boxer shorts, and was pressed against his hairy groin. The bell-end of his cock was pressing against the back of my throat.

I started gagging and choking. My eyes were watering and I could feel that I was drooling and dribbling out of the corners of my lips. He left his cock embedded to the hilt in my mouth for about thirty seconds, until I felt like I was going to pass out. He then roughly withdrew it so that just the bell-end remained between my lips and I was able to gasp for air. After a few second though he began brutally face-fucking me, thrusting his cock in so that the mushroom-head hit the back of my throat, then pulling it out so that just the bell-end remained in side, and then pulling it out again.

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All the while he kept tight hold of the back of my head. All this time I was gagging and choking. He was face-fucking me like he was fucking his wife's pussy. After a few minutes of this his bell-end just went too far down the back of my throat and I bought up a load of drool. However he just ignored it and kept on fucking my mouth, while I could feel the dribble running down over my chin.

Finally he pulled his cock out of my mouth and clambered off my chest and stood up. His tool was still stiff and throbbing, bobbing around like a policeman's truncheon as he moved, glistening we with my dribble, and some of my dribble running down off it. I was just lying there gasping for air. He undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and pulled my zipper down.

He then rolled me over on my front. Then he pulled down my jeans and boxer shorts to the top of my thighs, exposing my naked bum. He then knelt on top of me, my legs pressed close together as I lay face down on the pasture grass, him straddling my arse with his thighs. He grabbed hold of my wrists and pinioned them roughly behind my back.

I then head and felt him spitting on my tight asshole. Next I felt the blood engorged great bell-end of his stiff penis pushing against the entrance to my tight asshole. I squealed in pain as he brutally thrust his hard cock into my ass, impaling me on his cock, and burying it to the hilt deep inside my bum. I could feel the entrance to my asshole madly contracting, it felt like it had been torn apart.

He then began to brutally thrust his cock in and out of my anus, pulling it so that just the bell-end remained inside, and then pushing it in again to the hilt. Each time he penetrated me I yelled in pain, however he just ignored this, kept tight hold of my wrists, and continued to brutally fuck my bum. Each time he drove his stiff cock I could feel the zipper of his jeans sticking into me. Thank god his cock was well lubricated with my drool, else my tight asshole would have been torn and ripped to shreds. Gradually the pain began to subside a little and I just groaned each time he savagely thrust his weapon deep inside me.

After what seemed like an eternity he started grunting, gave me a couple more savage thrusts, and then buried his cock to the hilt in my asshole and left it there. I could feel his cock jerking inside my asshole and his cum shooting deep inside my unprotected ass. He kept cumming and cumming and I felt like it was never going to stop. All the time he was cumming he was grunting like a wild animal. After he had finished cumming he withdrew his cock from my ass. I heard my asshole let out a long wet obscene farting sound as the air rushed out of my anus. I felt totally destroyed and just lay there prone on the ground panting.

He stood up and I heard him do up the zipper of his jeans. However I also heard him undo the buckle of his belt and take his belt off. I then felt him putting one foot on my back, keeping pressed down on the ground. I yelped in pain as he bought the belt down hard on my bare bum. He belted my arse again and again, making me yelp in pain with each brutal stoke. My buttocks were burning red hot and felt like they were on fire.

Finally he put his belt back on and took his foot off my back. I felt incapable of moving and just lay there on the ground. I heard him walking away, clambering over the gate, getting back on his mountain bike, and cycling off. I gingerly got to my feet, pulled up my shorts and jeans and fastened them. I wiped the drool off my face. I then walked back to my bicycle.

As I walked I could feel his cum dribbling out of my asshole wetting my boxer shorts, especially as I climbed over the gate. My bum hurt like hell as I cycled home. When I got home everyone was out so I cleaned myself up without anyone seeing me. My asshole and buttocks were sore for weeks afterwards, reminding me of what had happened. I did have a STD test a few months later, so luckily I hadn't caught anything.

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