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Our girl Karen

(Part 1 from 7)

Karen had turned 18 in May. Her parents had never let her date until her junior year of high school. She played on the girlís softball team, and on a team my wife played on. They became fast friends as young girls frequently do with older women and a regular feature at our house frequently baby sitting our young boys. I liked to joke and tease with her. And she would frequently ask questions of my wife and I that she would never consider asking her parents. Her parents had been very protective of her, but now that she was 18, she was ready to try her wings a bit. Working at a local fast food restaurant, she had met Eric. From the first time I met him, I didnít like him from the first go around. I knew he was rotten, but like all young love, she wouldnít listen. 

I will give anyone the benefit of doubt, but after years of managing people, you get a sense when some one is no good, and this guy fit the bill. In May Karen came to my wife and began asking what she needed to do to get on the pill. We knew right then that her inexperience was about to get her in trouble. She was "in love" with Eric, and within a few weeks, came to us in tears one afternoon to tell us she was pregnant.

Over the next few days things got really bad between her and her parents, and she left home. No money, no one else to go too, we took her in. Within a week of Eric finding out he was a daddy, he had left the country to move to Florida with an uncle supposedly. Karen wasnít a knock out, but was tom-boy cute with small breasts, mid- back length straight brown hair, dark blue eyes and an athletic figure. She and my wife would run a couple of miles every evening and eventually I started to walk with her when the running got a bit much in her third month. 

Still in High School, she was determined to have the baby and finish school. Like all pregnant women, her breasts began to grow, and by the beginning of her forth month she suddenly had a figure. I had to laugh the first evening her and my wife came back with new bras for her. She had gone from a 34 A to a 34 C cup. She was showing me her new bras. "I canít believer it," she beamed, "I finally have tits big enough to need a bra!" she giggled as she held it up to her chest. Her belly still was starting to show but wasnít big, but some of the boys at school were starting to give her a hard way over her breasts, and she was becoming very self-conscience about her figure.

One evening late a few days later, I was sitting in the family room in the basement after everyone had gone to bed watching a romantic movie on cable. Karen had come down stairs and started watching the movie with me. I suddenly felt a bit nervous watching the actress and actor in their sex roles. Karen was in a long nightshirt without a bra. Over the past several weeks she had become part of the family becoming very comfortable around Ann and I. I had grown to accept her in the house, without really thinking about the fact I had a blossoming woman in the house other than my wife. I was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn in my lap and a comforter over my legs and lap. 

Karen came and sat down beside me. It was late October, and it was getting pretty cool in the evenings. As she sat there I glanced over at her, I donít know if it was the cool basement air or the sex on TV, but her nipples were rocks. While she was not aware of it, when she sat down, her shirt had been pulled tight across her breasts. The backlight from the TV was shadowing her chest even more. I could feel my dick becoming a raging hard on. As we sat there, she suddenly said aloud without meaning too "Man, I really miss that" looking at the couple on TV. Realizing what she had said she slapped her hand to her mouth and looked at me. I had to laugh, and reached out for her to snuggle up. She moved over and snuggled next to me. I moved the blanket to cover her a bit, and offered her some popcorn.

As we sat there, Karen looked at me, "I canít believe I said that." "Itís ok," I said. "Itís normal." "I guess." she said. Sitting watching the movie for a few minutes more, she looked at me again. "Do you and Ann still make love like that?" The question took me off guard, but like I always did with Karen, I answered straightforward. "Not anymore, after the kids her sex drive dropped off. That and I gained weight, and I donít think I turn her on physically much anymore." "Really?" she said "God that would be awful if I lost interest after the baby, and patted her tummy. Iím so horny these days, I think Iím going to bust sometimes." I wasnít really sure what to say at this point. "Ann was insatiable when she was pregnant. We couldnít make love often enough." Karen just sat and looked at me. Suddenly, she leaned up and kissed me. I wasnít sure how to react. "Can I watch you two sometime" she asked, "Well, I never really thought about it. Itís really not just my decision. Have you talked to Ann about any of this?" I asked "Iíve thought about it, but Iím not sure how to bring the subject up." "Arenít you two going shopping for maternity clothes tomorrow evening, maybe then." After a few moments contemplation, "I think I will" she said, and got up to go to bed. Suddenly she turned to me and pulled her nightshirt up over her head and stood there naked in front of me. "Do you think I amÖ, well, is my body pretty?" Stunned, I stared at her beautiful body. 

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Her breasts were firm, with puffy nipples, her areolas making a large mound raising nearly a inch before her nipples stuck out even further. Her legs were firm, and her dimpled ass taught. "Karen" I said, afraid to standup, "you are a beautiful woman." I reached out and kissed her hand. "You better get dressed before something happens I may not be ready for." She giggled and slipped her shirt back on, gave me a hug, kissed my cheek and smiled. "Sorry about that old man, donít want you to have a heart attack." she teased. "Hey now, Iím not that old." "Thanks, I really needed to hear that. I needed to hear it from someone I trust to tell me the truth." Karen said "Sweetie, you are stunning. Those guys at school really are too young for you, they donít know what they are missing." A moment later, I turned off the movie and followed her upstairs. I went to the bedroom with a raging hard on. I was actually in pain it was so hard. Ann was sleeping soundly. Touching her, I gently reached around and ran my hand under her shirt and caressed my wifeís ample breast for a few moments, she swung her arm at me and told me to leave her alone. I rolled over and lay there thinking about Karen and her body nearly half the night before I could get to sleep. 

Over the next few days, things got more interesting around the house. Karen in the evenings after the kids went to bed starting spending more and more time in mine and Annís presence. A couple of times, she would be wearing her night shirt, and would let it ride up when she pulled her legs under her on the couch or chair at such an angle were I could see her pussy or her ass. Because her breasts were getting sensitive she started wearing some of my old dress shirts without a bra in the evenings and sweat shorts sometimes. It became a nightly event for her to flash me. She would cast sly looks my way and smile. Ann noticed too, but didnít say anything.

One evening, the three of us were having some warmed wine in the basement. Ann was in an amorous mood, which the fire in the fireplace seemed to do for her. Karen was almost 5 months and was starting to get a true mommy tummy when the baby kicked. She jumped, and was stunned. "Wow!" She said, "The baby just kicked." She raced over and without thought pulled her nightshirt up and put Annís hand on her tummy. Then came to me for me to feel. While I was interested in the baby, I was also keenly aware that Karen was not wearing underwear, and she had shaved her pubic hair off since I had last seen her naked. I got instantly hard, a fact that did not escape Ann. Ann got up and looked at Karen and said she was going upstairs for some more wine and to get more comfortable. I sat there with my hand on Karenís stomach waiting for the baby to kick again. After Ann went upstairs I looked up at Karen. "It was getting itchy with my belly pushing against my jeans, so I shaved." "I noticed," I said. Shortly, Ann came back down in a pair of gray cotton gym shorts and one of my flannel shirts on with it partly unbuttoned. She taken her bra off, and looked awesome. Ann is 38; 5í4" weighs 115 pounds, and had 36-D breasts with large nipples. After 3 kids, she still wore clothes from when we married and truly was a MILF. If I wasnít completely hard before I was now.

Ann looked at Karen. Karen said she was going on up to bed and went up the stairs. With that Ann came and sat on my lap. "Did you like that little show?" I played dumb for a moment. Then Ann stood up and started to unbutton my flannel shirt she was wearing. At the same time, she walked over and turned off the basement lights leaving only the firelight to light her. She walked back over and straddled me. Leaning down she kissed me deeply. I instinctively reached for her breasts and started to caress them. Soon we had moved to the floor in front of the fire. I had pulled down a blanket and pillows off the couch and lay on the floor. It didnít take long and our clothes were in a pile on the floor. She had rolled me on my back and was about to mount me when we heard a moan. Startled, I looked up to see Karen on the stairs watching us, and her fingers buried deep in her pussy. Ann continued to mount me. In one move she had plunged down on my shaft and began to ride me. As I looked at her I realized she was watching Karen and as was getting really turned on, which was really putting me over the edge. In just a few minutes Ann came and shortly after so did I. Then she did something I couldnít believe. "Karen, why donít come join us" Karen suddenly shot up the stairs. 

Damn, I thought. She has been killing me for two weeks with her teasing, and now she runs off when my wife says itís ok. A few moments later we heard the commode in the bathroom upstairs flush. A couple of moments later we heard her footsteps coming down the stairs. We lay there on the blanket on the floor watching her walk over to us. She knelt down next to us. Ann spoke up "I remember how worked up I used to get when I was pregnant. Sometimes I would have to go to the ladies room at work to masturbate." "I never knew that," I said; startled by this revelation. Ann then asked me to fold out the couch bed. "I donít want Karen to get hurt on the floor." I got up and walked over to the couch and pulled out the bed, then placed the blankets on it and got some extra pillows from the cupboard.

Ann got on the bed. I was about too, when I notice Karen staring at me. "Iím sorry Iím on the heavy side, I guess Iím not that attractive to you" I said. Karen said "No, no you are fine, itís just that I have never seenÖ" she fished for the words, "well, a dick as large as yours. I mean Ericís and one other are the only oneís I have ever seen and were small compared to yours." Ann smiled "He is about 8 inches long or so and about 3 inches across I think." "How do know that?" I asked, "Iím guessing after comparing cucumbers in the store." she said with a devilish grin. I had never measured myself, but I could have cared less at that moment. I reached out and took hold of the bottom of Karenís nightshirt and pulled it off. "You really are beautiful." I said. She was glowing like all pregnant women do as her cheeks blushed. I reached out and pulled her onto the bed. I kissed her gently, thenbegan kissing her nipples and breasts. Ann started to kiss her. I had never dreamed my wife would kiss another woman, even though it is every manís fantasy. I angled around where I could watch. Annís hand began fishing for my shaft, and began pulling me off. Soon she had moved from Karenís mouth to her breasts, I moved to her sopping wet pussy. Her smell was fantastic, a deep musk. She tasted so fresh. As we worked on her I heard her breathing get deep and sharp. I spread her legs more and really started digging with my mouth. I brought my right hand up and began fingering her, tasting her juices as they ran out around my fingers. It was then I was aware of Annís moans. I looked around to see Karen fingering Ann. Ann I could tell was getting close to another orgasm. 

At this point I decided to give Karen something I knew she really wanted. I moved Annís hand from my shaft and scooted to around where my shaft was pointed at Karenís beautiful bare pussy. I lifted her leg so she was partly on her side as to not hurt the baby and began working my way in till I had pushed in to the hilt. She looked up from Annís pussy and said "Oh God Ron that feels sooo good. Iíve needed this for so long. Donít stop." She then began to moan loudly while trying to eat Ann. Ann had now moved around and was licking my balls and shaft, and Karenís pussy. I was fucking her like a teenager with everything I had. After about a minute Karen gritted her teeth and buried her head in a pillow and let out a scream with her first orgasm. Ann grinned and kissed her. "Home Run!" Cooed Karen sweat running down the side of her face. I started pumping away again. Soon Ann was moaning again while licking and fingering Karenís pussy while Karen was attempting to eat Ann again. The sweat was pouring from us now. I wanted to pound that tight pussy with everything I had. After a few minutes Karen was again screaming into the bed. 

This time she moved her leg around, and without intending to, I slipped out, and in one stroke went into her ass. This apparently was not a first for her, but it was for me. Ann stopped and stared at my cock ramming into Karenís ass, for a moment I stopped, Karen had let out a loud guttural "UUUGH" She looked around at me, and in a commanding voice said "FUCK ME, donít stop now!" I immediately started ease into her bit by bit getting used to the sensation I started to pump away at her ass. Lying on her side wasnít getting it though. I rolled up to one knee, and pulled her onto her knees and pulled her ass in the air, and plunged in again. This time I was really able to get leverage and began stroking her. The feeling of being in her ass was amazing. Her anus was clamping down around my dick as I slid in and out. Ann had moved into a true 69 position now and was licking anything she could lick. 

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