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My wife's mom and more

(Part 1 from 1)

My wife and I visited her mother a few times a year. My wife did not get along with her mother, but still felt obligated to visit once in a while. I hated going too because it was sooo boring. Expecting another boring visit, I got in the car and we made the 5 hour drive.

The visit started out the same as usual. We arrived there just before dinner. We chatted what we all had been doing the past few monthes since our last visit and then we sat down to dinner. Of course, it wouldnt be a family dinner without alcohol and my wife really pounded it down. I guess she thought it made the visit easier or at least go by faster. And of course I would have to agree.
We finished dinner and continued conversation. However, I noticed somthing different from past visits. Staci, who was my wife's mother, was looking at me differently. She had a hunger in her eyes. I glanced at her 5'5, 140 pound frame. She must have had 36 C breasts or that's what they looked like to me. However, I tried to ignore her looks. Frankly, it made me feel rather uncomfortable. It was around 12 at night and my wife was passed out on the couch. I decided to go upstairs and take a shower and this is where the night became interesting.

I was taking a rather long shower just to relax from the long drive and the unbareable night of boring conversation. When I heard a knock on the door, thinking it was Courtney (my wife) I told her to come in. However, it was Staci. I hid behind the shower curtain. "I'm sorry, but you've been in here soooo long and I really have to pee". I told her to go ahead. I went on with my shower, but after about 5 minutes, I noticed she was still in the bathroom. However, this time she was standing in the middle of the bathroom in her bra and surprisly, thong panties. I never pictured Staci wearing thong panties. So, this unexpectant occurance, turned me on a bit...Staci said, "sorry, but my PJs are in here and I really want to get to bed, we have a busy day tomorrow". I was like 'okay'...However, what happened next truely shocked me. She slid open the shower curtain and licked her lips... "So this is why Courtney married you" she said as she staired at my cock. I blushed and said "what do you think you are doing staci?" Courtney could be up at any minute". She said, "She's out for a while, she drank a lot, you know how she sleeps when she drinks." Unfortunately, I knew this uncomfortable situation wasnt goint to end that easily as I knew she was right.

She proceeded to take off her bra, showing me her 36C titties. "what do you think of these?" I said, "they are very nice, but what do you think you are doing? You need to stop this now" Did she listen? Of course not. She proceeded to take off her panties. Now she was standing in front of me naked. And again, to my surprise, she had a shaved pussy and it looked very tasty. At this point, I had no idea what to do. She was my mother-in-law, but she looked sooo sexy and my cock was rock hard. I closed the shower curtain, hoping she would get discouraged and leave. Of course this did not work. She got into the shower with me. She got on her knees and immediately took my long, thick cock deep into her mouth..."I know Courtney doesnt take your cock this deep! Do you really want me to stop?" I didnt answer....So she keep sucking my cock. It felt soooo good. I grabbed her by her head and pulled her up. I began kissing her. I knew it was wrong, but it felt so good. She kissed me hard and deep. She said "I want you to treat me like a whore. Fuck me however you want. do whatever you want to me. I know my daughter doesnt let you do what you want" By this time, I had given in to her advances and there was no going back.

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We got out of the shower, but I left the shower running to make the rest of the house think I was still in the shower. I forced her up against a wall and began sucking on her tits. Her nipples were huge and hard. She started moaning with pleasure. I moved my way down her wet body. Her pussy was wet and warm. I slide my fingers into it. It felt nice....and she moaned louder with pleasure. I laid down on the floor and told her to sit that pussy on my face.

I slide my tongue deep into her pussy "Oh, please do it faster," she begged. I told her "slide my cock into your mouth ago, and I might". She did what I told her.....We began to 69. As she sucked my cocked I fingered and licked her pussy. Then all of a sudden, she began to quiver and moan louder and all of a sudden a gush came all over my face....She came and she was a squirter. She was nowhere near done yet. I got back up and slammed her against the wall again, this time picking her up and allow her to wrap her legs around me and as her back touched the wall, my cock slammed into her pussy. She screamed loud. I continued to ram her pussy over and over and over. She gushed again, this time all over the floor. It felt so good to make her cum a 2nd time.

I told her I wanted to enter her from behind. SHe thought I meant doggie style, but I had something different in mind. She got on all fours like I asked. At first, I slide my cock into her, I pumped her until she gushed yet again, however, at this time I pulled out and snuck my cock into her ass! She said "FUCK ME!!!!What are you doing?!!!!!!," but her screams of anger turned into screams of pleasure...."i've never had my ass fucked before. fuck me good!!!" HEr ass was perfect for a good fuck. She loved every minutes of it. "I want you to come in my pussy" I after ramming her ass hard for about 5 minutes, a pulled out. She got on her back and spread open her legs. SHe licked her lips and said "I want to cum one more time for you and I want you to cum hard in me" I slide my cock into her and pounded her pussy over and over and over. She came 3 or 4 more times and she came hard. She screamed loud....Finally was I ready to shoot...."I'm gonna cum for you," I told her. She said "fuck me harder cum in me" Finally as I came, she cam 1 last time.

After we finished, she looked at me and said "Finish your shower and get your wife to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow". I finished my shower and went down to get my wife. She was awake and she was rubbing her pussy. She had a short skirt on and had removed her panties. "what are you doing?" I asked her "your mom is upstairs and just going to bed" She said "I'm fucking horny I want your cock now. you better fuck me!" I was a little nervious because I just spend the last 40 mintues fucking and I didnt know if I could get that cock hard quick enough. However, Courntney engulfed my cock in her throat. Something she never had done before. I was sooo turned on my cock grew quickly. "I want you to take me here in the living room" I was sitting in a chair, she pulled up her skirt, stood on the chair and put her pussy right in my face. I immediately started eating her.

She was being so aggressive. She was being the naughty bitch I married again. She came hard while my tongue was in her pussy. "I want to ride your cock hard in this chair." She took her top off and her 34 C titties were bouncing nice and her nipples her big and hard. She rode my cock hard. She came over and over and over. I pushed her off of me and took her into the kitchen, I placed her on the counter and started ramming her some more. She contined to cum over and over...Finally, I was close to cumming. She could tell and said "I want you to cum in me" She let out on last loud scream as I came inside of her. We then went upstairs and went to bed.

I was very tired the rest of the weekend.

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