Lesley’s fuck away from home part 7

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Lesley’s fuck away from home part 7

Hi every one sorry it’s been so long but a lot of things have happen since I last wrote!
I think I will start where we left off after Pablo left to go back home thing got back to normal , well as normal as could be with Richard at work and me staying at home being the pregnant wife trying to keep the place in order.

About two weeks after Pablo left Karen came over to help me with some shopping and a chat!
Karen was telling me how her and John were having more sex since watching the video’s and how John has started asking if she would like to have two cocks at the same time, I asked her what she had said to him

“I asked if that’s what he would like to see Me with other guys, to which he replied it was a fantasy of his but he didn’t know if he would like it in real life” said Karen
“What did you say to that” I replied
“Well I asked if he would like it if I told him about sexual encounters I have had in the past or make some up and tell him all the sexy details while having sex” she replied
“Well did you” I asked
“Yes and he gets so turned on by it, I started off with a couple of tame stories but he wanted to hear more and more, so I have started making up ones about two guys making love to me now and John’s gets so turned on I can’t believe it” she replied
“And you, is it turning you on as well” I asked
“Yes the more I think a bout it the more I would like it to happen” Karen replied

As I was in the middle of my next sentence I noticed I was getting a wet patch coming through my shirt from my breasts which were oozing out milk,
“God sorry you will have to excuse me? I am oozing milk how embarrassing” I said getting up and running up stairs to the toilet, I knew I should of milked my breasts before Karen had come over as Richard has been milking me every day so I would produce more and more milk as the months pass by and I have been having to milk them during the morning or by the afternoon they are over flowing, I removed my shirt and started to milk them into a glass for Richard as he loves the taste, trying hard not to spill any as I concentrated on this I suddenly felt a hand cupping my right breast from behind me and Karen whispering in my ear.

“Let me do that for you” as she kissed my neck

I let go of my breast and she slowing started milking my right breast into the glass that I was holding, Karen took hold of the glass and turned me around as my legs started to shake and pushed me up against the vanity unit and resumed milking my right breast as she took my left nipple into her mouth and teased my nipple with her tongue,

“I better do what this says” as she read my tattoo, I started to sigh with pleasure, Karen lifted her head and kissed me on the lips and I responded letting my tongue explore her mouth.

Karen was still milking me as are lips parted and lowered her head to my right breast and sucking my nipple as I ran my hands threw her hair
“God that feels wonderful” I moaned as Karen started to kiss me once again, but this time she pasted some of my milk into my mouth I swallowed it as Karen wanted.

Karen put the glass down and took my left breast in her left hand while slowly stroking my swollen tummy with her other hand telling me how horny I looked milk oozing over her hand and down over my tummy.

Karen slowly moved her hand down my leg and up under my skirt slowing rubbing my thigh and kissing my neck, I was soaking longing for her to slide her fingers into my knickers and into my slit
“Do you want me to stop now” she whispered as she bit on my neck
“God don’t you fucking dare” I hissed
“Why honey you get more worked up than John does” as she pushed her hand in to my knickers “God dame it Lesley you so fucking wet honey!” “GOD your Pierced down there as well! You are one horny bitch aren’t you?” 

“Yes God Yes I’m a horny bitch who loves sex” I replied
“I bet you have had more than one guy at any one time haven’t you?” she asked
If only she knew
“Maybe” as I undid my skirt letting it drop to the floor

Karen pulled down my knickers revealing my other tattoo and my pierced pussy 
“God you are a horny bitch aren’t you, so you like being a slut then”

“Yes I do, I love it and so does Richard” I replied as she lowered her self to her knees still milking my left breasted slowing and opening up my pussy lips with her other hand and licking my pierced clit with her tongue, as I held hear head between my legs so I could get the full benefit of her tongue on my clit.
It wasn’t long before I started to orgasm over Karen’s face squirting all over her as she tried lapping up as much as she could
“God Lesley you’ve soaked me you horny bitch……….. I have heard of squirter but never thought it was for real” she said rubbing her face over my pussy
“Well you better believe it, as that was only a small one” I replied laughing 

“You’ve joking right”

“No Karen I’m not! Now stop talking and lick me some more” as I force her head back to my soaking wet pussy.

She carried on licking my clit as she pushed three fingers in to my wet cunt and worked them in and out fucking me as hard as she could for about four minutes until I started to cum again but this time she didn’t stop fucking me with her fingers which sent me over the top
“Yes….Yes God Yes I’mmmm cummm ing Yessssssss” as I squirted as hard as ever soaking Karen’s hair and front 
“Look what you’ve dun you horny bitch! I’m soaking” Karen remarked as she pulled her fingers out of me then pushed four back in “Well do you think you can take my whole hand you dirty bitch”

“Yes I think so” I replied

“Good lets see if you are a real slut then” she hissed as she push her hand slowly as hard as she could, lifting me on to tip toes then suddenly I felt my pussy stretch so wide and my feet fell back to the floor her hand was inside me

“Looks like you are then” as she started to fist fuck me, my head was spinning with excitement and my pussy never felt so full, I was loving it riding Karen’s fist for all it was worth. 

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