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A Surprising Day Indeed

(Part 1 from 1)

***This story is a work of fiction.

My name is Sam. I’m 24 y/o and have a pretty athletic body. I’m 6’3” and have shaggy black hair. I’ve got a pretty nice cock, not quite 7” and fairly thick. I’ve never gotten any complaints. On the weekdays I drive medical supplies to various hospitals. My girlfriend’s name is Andrea and we’ve been dating for a few months. I’ve had my share of ladies and sexual encounters, but nothing serious.

With Andrea, however, I think I’d really like to stay with her. The only thing is that she isn’t that sexually experienced. We have yet to have sex, but I think it’s pretty close to happening. She told me she’s had a few boyfriends but they treated her like shit. They only wanted sex and never even let her cum before. She’s 22 y/o, 5’7”, 145lbs, has long brunette hair, a great ass and 34C breasts. In other words: a total fox.

When Saturday rolled around, I went to her house early to pick her up as we were headed downtown for lunch and a stroll along the beach. She came downstairs dressed in a powder blue tank top and tight cutoff jean shorts that just made her ass stand out. She gave me a kiss and said how excited she was about today.

“Hey, before we leave, I want you to come up to my room and see something,” and she gave me a come-and-get-me look. Andrea and I went to her room and she closed the door behind me. “Ok. We’ve been goin’ out for a while now…I think I’m finally ready to try this again. You don’t treat me like those other guys,” she smiled.
“I love you, you know that. You’re fantastic to be around,” I said.

With that she pushed me back onto her bed and pulled my shorts and boxers down. “Wow babe. You’re sure you’re ready?” I asked, even though I wanted this to happen so badly. Instead of answering me, in one gulp she took my hardening cock in her mouth.
“Oh my god Andrea. That’s great,” I said as my head eased back to the bed. As she continued, however, the inexperience caught up with her and I could tell she must have not given a lot of blowjobs. Her teeth were scraping my shaft too much and she needed more saliva to make it slide easier.

I was just about to give her that advice when the door to her room opened and her mom walked in. “Andrea, I finished all your laun…” She stopped dead in the doorway as her daughter was caught, cock in mouth, and this was obviously something her mother never expected.

We all sat frozen for what seemed like minutes, but in reality had to be only seconds. “O-o-o-oh my…I’m so sorry. I should have…Andrea, what are you doing to this poor boy’s cock?” her mother looked on concerned. Fear and embarrassment seemed to leave Andrea and now she looked puzzled. Her mother set down the laundry she had been carrying, walked over to us and knelt down next to Andrea.

“Mom! What are you doing?!” exclaimed her very confused daughter. While all this was happening I was just a spectator as I had no idea what could possibly happen.

“Honey, look at your poor boyfriend’s cock. It’s all red. It doesn’t do that just because. You need to be more gentle.” She then looked at me, “Doesn’t that hurt Sam? Why didn’t you tell her she’s being too rough?” her mother asked me.

As I finally found words, I was able to get out “J-j-just before you c-c-came in I was about to t-t-tell her to use less teeth. Yea, it was definitely starting to hurt a bit.” Her mom said “yea, you see dear, if you want your man to be happy to have to make his cock happy. I’m just going to show you how to give a real blowjob…if you don’t mind?” as she looked at me.

I was now spinning in a world of disbelief. Here I had my gorgeous girlfriend AND her mother who would be described no less than a MILF, kneeling in front of me with my cock hanging out. Her mother’s name was Kristin and she was in her mid 40’s. She was about 5’6” and 170 lbs. She had dirty blond hair and seemed like she knew her way around the bedroom.

“Uhh, no…ummm, not at all, I mean, Andrea…” I tried uttering but her mom obviously had her answer as she took my entire cock in her mouth down to my balls. “Holy fuck! Mmmmm. Ohh, yea, that’s it,” I moaned.

Andrea just stared on. She seemed to get over that her mother caught her with her boyfriend being intimate and seemed intent on learning how to be better at sex. Her mother worked my cock magnificently. She would go quickly from the tip to the middle of the shaft then spit on it and take it all the way down again. After a couple minutes my balls were soaking wet with Kristin’s saliva.

She would then take my cock out of her mouth, lick down my shaft, nibble at my balls, lick them, and back to sucking. She was amazing. If Andrea could learn how to suck me off like this, I would never leave her.

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Kristin removed my cock from her mouth and told her daughter to try for a minute. Andrea, seemingly adoring what her mother just did, graciously took me back in her mouth. As she did so, her mother stood up and removed the pink robe she was wearing to reveal an aged, but yet attractive body. “Before I walked in on you two, I was going to take a shower, but I guess that won’t happen for a while.

It looks like I’ve got to teach this girl about how to act properly in a bedroom,” Kristin said. “Do you like how his cock tastes?” she asked Andrea. Out came a muffled “mmmhhmmmm.” “Good. I’m going to give you a full lesson how to suck and fuck properly. The first lesson is while you’ve got his fat prick in your mouth, you take it out and tell him how good it tastes and how big he is, ok?” She looked up at her mother and ever so slightly shook her head as she kept sucking. Andrea took me out and as she licked down my shaft said “Mmmm baby, your cock tastes sooo good. You feel great in my mouth and I want you to go as deep as you can.”

“Now you’re starting to get it dear. Now, another lesson is that the bedroom is different from real life. You can say and do a lot of things in here that you don’t really mean or would do any other time, but it adds to the adventure. Don’t be upset by anything I do or say here, and the same goes for you, ok?” Her daughter again agreed, but didn’t seem to understand. “I’ll show you exactly what I mean dear,” said Kristin. “Take off your clothes, all of them, and you too,” she shot at me.

So here we all were, mother Kristin, daughter Andrea, and me, Sam the boyfriend, naked in the room my girlfriend grew up in. Her mother was obviously the one running things now and it seemed understood that everyone would listen to her. “Ok, we’re going to have some fun now kids. Sam, lay flat on the bed. I’m going to suck your beautiful cock. My wonderfully slutty daughter, you, you are going to learn how to eat your mother’s juicy cunt. Your father hasn’t done it properly in years and I need it bad,” Kristin said. Stunned her mother called her a slut and that she was going to eat out her pussy threw Andrea off.

Kristin saw the somewhat worried look on her face and reassured her “Listen, your dad is gone for the day. He’s out fishing and drinking with his friends. He’ll come home way later drunk and pass out on the couch. He’ll never know. And don’t worry about eating pussy. I’m actually surprised a girl like you hasn’t done it already. You’ve got some good lips and a great tongue for it.”

I laid back and Kristin knelt on the bed with her pussy in the air and took my cock in her mouth again. At the same time Andrea knelt on the floor next to the end of the bed and Kristin shoved her pussy in her daughter’s face. “Lick mommy’s cunt you little slut!” She exclaimed before downing my rock hard cock again. Not needing a second telling, Andrea buried her face in her mom’s pussy.

“That’s it, baby girl. Mmmm. Make momma’s pussy feel young again.” Kristin’s moaning on my cock made it feel unbelievable. This was the best day I had ever had. Kristin fingered herself while her daughter sucked and licked away at the same vagina she came out of. All the while, as she removed my cock to lick my shaft and balls she continued to call her daughter names. “I was wondering when I’d see you acting like the little rug munching, cock sucking whore I knew you were. Oooohh yes, eat my cunt bitch. Yesss, good job.”

When I felt I couldn’t take much more Kristin stopped blowing me and stood up. “Good. Now that we’re all properly wet in all the right places, we’re going to get a lesson in fucking. I’m going to sit doggy-style on the bed, Sam, you’re going to sink that fat cock into my pussy. This little whore is going to lick your balls and asshole.”

A shocked look hit Andrea and she looked disgusted. “Mom! Why would I put my mouth or tongue there!?” “Because you’re a slut in training right now and it will please him. Trust me, men like to have a tongue up their ass. Besides, I’m sure he’s clean. You showered today, right?” she asked me. I nodded in agreement. “Then we’re all ready to go,” and she got into position. “Let’s go baby. Fuck this cunt!”

Without a word from anyone, I got behind her and Andrea underneath. “I wanna feel that fat cock before you give it to my slut of a daughter,” Kristin commanded. As we were both wet as it was, I was able to plunge my cock into my girlfriend’s mother’s pussy. It felt incredible. “Holy fuck! Yes. This is one of the best and wettest pussies I have ever gotten to fuck,” I moaned.

That wasn’t the only thing, though, as her mother’s demands rang true and here was the beautiful 22 year old Andrea watching her boyfriend fuck her mother, all the while she was eating his asshole. After accepting that it was just part of the fun, Andrea really started getting into it, which made it harder for me not to cum. She had licked my ass to where it was dripping wet, and now she had inserted a finger inside of me.

“Yea, you like that don’t you? You like my tongue and fingers in your ass. You’re gonna be my little bitch one day,” Andrea said slyly. “You like fucking my mother? How does that old pussy feel? I came from that pussy and now you’re going to cum in that pussy.”

“Oh my god! I can’t believe this is happening. Ahhh fuck. I’m gonna cum soon. This is too intense,” I was telling them. “YES! I want my daughter’s boyfriend’s hot load inside of me. Give it to me. I want it all!” screamed Kristin.

That was it. Between a mother-daughter fuck session, finger in my ass, and the constant back and forth talking of my girlfriend and her mother, I exploded inside my girlfriend’s mom’s pussy. “AHHHH! YES! FUCK! HERE I CUM! YES! AH-OOOO-MMMMMMMM! FUCK! HOLY FUCK! Mmmmm.” It was the most intense orgasm I had ever encountered and it all lay inside of my girlfriend’s mom.

I shook as I pulled out and fell onto the bed. “SLUT!” Kristin exclaimed, “clean off this cock at once. It is full of my pussy juice and his cum. Lick everything off then I want you to clean out mommy’s pussy like a good little slut.” “Yes ma’am,” as Andrea obeyed. She went to work licking up everything. “That’s right, now don’t swallow any of it. I want you to bring that right here to me.

I want you to spit it all in my mouth so I can have a taste of our little fuck,” her mother insisted. As I laid there I watched as my girlfriend and her mother swapped my cum. It was quite possibly the most erotic thing I ever saw. Their two smiling faces made it even better as their tongues intermingled with each other and the load I had just deposited inside this older woman. I don’t think today can get better.

****This is my first erotic story. I am a writer of other non-sexual works. I would love some feedback on this one. Let me know if you liked it, didn't like it, or want me to write a follow-up. Thanks!

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