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  • Is MAE ready for a gangbang?
    How do I know if my wife MAE would love to be in a gangbang...
    Rate this story, Author : wyocock, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 19-Nov-2013.

  • Africa
    African culture regards the seduction of sexually active women totally ""different than that of the western hemisphere...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Nov-2013.

  • Sarah Learns Teamwork : Part 1
    A wife discovers her husbands interest in in wives becoming interracial sluts...
    Rate this story, Author : Sarahshub, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 01-Nov-2013.

  • Angies" Night Out
    young wife goes out with her friends and loses herself with a younger guy...
    Rate this story, Author : rude, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 23-Oct-2013.

  • My Perfect Wife
    My Perfect Wife has gang bang...
    Rate this story, Author : Lyn, Main category : Group Sex Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Oct-2013.

  • Cousin Simon
    I really fancied my wife"s cousin Simon. One day he called when she was out and I decided to make my move...
    Rate this story, Author : BiMark, Main category : Bisexual Stories.
    Posted at : 09-Oct-2013.

  • My Wife"s unexpected BBC Gangbang
    Wife takes on 4 young BBC Bulls...
    Rate this story, Author : Bill, Main category : Interracial Stories.
    Posted at : 04-Oct-2013.

  • Snow
    A wife in her thirties has been losing interest in sex. Then she finds herself trapped alone in her home by a disastrous snow storm...
    Rate this story, Author : margoslips, Main category : Cheating Wifes.
    Posted at : 27-Sep-2013.

  • The first and the last
    The night she gave everything she had to offer and he became her first, her last, her everything...
    Rate this story, Author : submitter, Main category : First Time Stories.
    Posted at : 26-Sep-2013.

  • My wife"s secret life
    Nelly, the ideal wife running a secret lesbian life...
    Rate this story, Author : riyajohn, Main category : Lesbian Stories.
    Posted at : 13-Sep-2013.

  • It is never too late
    Guy has car accident and is taken to hospital. The nurse who treats him used to live at his parents house as a lodger some 30 years prior...
    Rate this story, Author : KKHansen, Main category : Erotic Fiction.
    Posted at : 13-Sep-2013.

  • Anyone at home?
    An unexpected visit has unexpected consequences...
    Rate this story, Author : grimsbyal, Main category : Voyeur Stories.
    Posted at : 12-Sep-2013.

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