Selena and Justin

(Part 1 from 1)

Justin had just back from a meeting, and his wife Selena was passed out on the couch.

"Baby, you said you would watch Emma and Jacob." - Justin
"I'm sorry. I've just been so tired and stressed lately." - Selena
"Emma! Jacob! ,come here!" - Justin
"Yes daddy?" - Emma
" You guys are going to go spend the night at Aunt Samantha's house. - Justin
"Yay! she makes great cookies!" - Jacob

"You guys better start packing. She'll be here to pick you up in an hour." - Justin
[After the kids leave]
"Selena, you said you were feeling stressed?" - Justin
"You. I don't know what to do." - Selena
"Maybe we can have some fun." - Justin
"Ok baby." - Selena

*Removes her top and showers her neck with kisses* - Justin
* Throws his shorts and boxers across the room* - Selena
*Takes of her bra, shoves her right tit in my mouth, and sucks* - Justin
*Moans* "Yes daddy!" - Selena
*Takes off her thong and throws it across the room* - Justin
*Takes off his shirt* - Selena

*Starts thrusting* - Justin
*Moans* " Harder daddy, harder!"- Selena
*Thrusts faster and faster* - Justin
" I'm going to cum!" - Selena
" Me to!" - Justin

*Cums on the carpet* - Selena and Justin
"We should stop it's getting late." - Justin
"K baby." - Selena
"How do you feel now?" - Justin
"Amazing." - Selena

" We should clean the carpet before the kids get back." - Selena
" I am not doing that shit. I'll call the carpenter. " - Justin
" Goodnight baby" - Selena
" Goodnight." - Justin

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