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My wife and six girl friends had a weekend in Amsterdam with one thing in mind who would get the most shags. Three had no experience of being with the other three before just thought it was a girls weekend.

All six are married and from what I knew of them reasonable lookers and certainly three had experience in shagging around.

They checked into a hotel which my wife had found and she knew it had a reputation as being good place as it was a swingers hotel. They had been booked in for the club night which started with a meal and after each course there was entertainment of a sex nature and it included couples performing sex on the stage. She told me that she had made sure they all had a few drinks so the less experienced girls would lighten up at what was to go on.

After the second round of action two of the men performers moved around the audience and my wife started to suck on his already juicy dick which was at least eleven inches two of the girls with her could not believe it as they had not seen anything that size before she gave him a tip and said the girls need action. He picked the first one took her onto the stage slowly removed her kit, she was so taken that she did not resist and allowed him to fuck her and enjoyed every minute.

By the time eating was finished the whole group had become naked and were trying out various sex acts with different combinations of men and women my wife had three cocks working her up in one action and then various women licking her out of all the cum in lesbian action. The sex tension was fantastic with my wife notching up eight full fucks by the end of the night. The best bit was that the friend who had only experienced her husband had taken six fucks from different cocks and could not wait for the next round of action.

Over the three nights this girl was so taken with her achievements that she booked a return weekend but this time with her husband.

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