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Neighbours party goes wild

(Part 1 from 1)

We traveled by taxi to our old neighborhood and arrived early afternoon as requested. There was already some of our old neighbors there along with some we did not know. Within an hour the drink was flowing and the guests had moved around talking some outside as the weather was good.

It was a large house and in the theatre as they called it was a porno movie showing and a few had started to watch it. I then realized it was one made by our hosts and the sight of Sue bouncing on a hard dick made me remember what great body she had. With that she came up behind me and said I should follow her we went into the garage and up a stairs to an office she and Tim used.

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In the room was six screens each with a camera view around the house and garden. She smiled and said Tim has not taken long has he I looked and there in the summer house was Tim my wife spread on the floor and he was spreading his cum all over her tits. She then did as always took his cock into her mouth for a clean up.

I then felt Sue un zip my trousers and start on my cock, her great nipples being rock hard called for me to suck. she cried out for me to insert my dick into her clit and we fucked hard. All the time watching various sex sessions around the house and grounds. She then went back to my wife and Tim who had been joined by a young stud who Sue said was their new neighbors son who was allowed following his eighteenth birthday to come for his first experience.

It was clear he was a big lad and was being shown how to share a double penetration of my wife by Tim. She was enjoying it so much she did not notice two more couples watching the show and the poor lad could not hold out for long before unloading a mass of cum into her he clearly was up for some more.

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