It Happened one sunny afternoon : Part 3.

(Part 1 from 1)

One morning at the breakfast table Jackie and Tom were discussing their sex life.
Well said Tom, Still no sign of my extra lady?
No we still have not hooked up on the same shifts said Jackie.
Been waiting a while now said Tom.

Yes I know replied Jackie. But I have been having some thoughts about it, and as I am anxious for a return bout with George I have an Idea.
Go on said Tom.
Well you know Mary next door?
Yes said Tom a little anxious.

Well I know you fancy her I see the way you look at her when she is in the garden and the way she looks at you I think she has the hoots for you too.
Well said Tom, I admit she is a bit of alright but donít you think she lives a bit close.
No, not really that could work to our advantage, let me tell you what is in my head and then see from there.

Her mum and dad are going away this weekend, today as a matter of fact, and the girls will be alone and Mary has already told me Jill is planning going with her boyfriend which leaves her all alone. I thought to invite her to stop her on our couch so she will not be alone.
With you so far said tom.
So if she agrees and I can get her lined up for you what say next weekend I can have George.
Deal, said Tom but donít build up your hopes, I cant see her Mum and Dad going for it,
Thatís where you might be wrong see clever dick, I have suggested it to them and it is left to Mary to decide.

Great said Tom, And if she comes how are you going to get her for me, will you just say come fuck my husband Tom laughed.
Of course not she said, but I can do it, a couple of drinks and suggestive talk, leave it to me, I will give it a good try.
OK said tom, I leave it to you then.

I will go round there now said Jackie, you go to the shops and pick up the shopping for the weekend and I will start the ball rolling.
Tom knew he had a great chance but it depended how Mary saw the suggestion.

Just then he saw her in the garden, picked up the trash and took it to the bin. From there he said to Mary, Jackie is going to seduce you, Let her, You will not regret it, I will explain when I can, she does not know about us so keep stump, just go along with her suggestions.
OK Tom she said, see you later maybe.

Tom went in and Put on his coat said cheerio and went to the shops, for the next couple of hours he could think of nothing else. He finished shopping and returned home.
Hi Jackie, I'm home he shouted, Any luck?

Itís all sorted Jackie said she will be here very soon now so leave us alone while I get her ready for you.
I never thought you would do it said Tom, But then in the house but not my bed yet he laughed.
Have faith husband she said, I want George so I will get her.
Right Said Tom she is coming up the path now so get to it.
OK give me some elbow room go mow the lawn and by the time is done I will have her she giggled.

Tom went out the garden and as he did he heard Jackie say
Welcome Mary, Tea or wine.
And he heard Mary say
Wine will be nice.

I wonder if there will be a vodka in there he thought, and went on with mowing the lawn. Soon he was finished. He raked up the clippings and put away the tools and went in.
He washed his hands and went into the kitchen, the girls were in the laughing and giggling.

whatís funny he asked.
Nothing giggled Mary.
We are just happy.
That's good I said, Whatís for eating.
Pizza said Jill, just at the door now, I will fetch it.
As soon as she went to the door Tom said, Everything OK?
Yes said Mary, donít tell anyone but me and you are going to fuck later.
Whoopee said Tom Cant wait.

Mary came in put the pizzaís on the table, get stuck in she said, after tea we will play a game or something, we want this to be a fun weekend, donít we Mary?
We sure do said Mary.
So we ate and tidied away and while the girls went into our Bed sitting room, Tom headed for the bath.
Unknown to him, Jackie Knew Tom would do this and she and Mary were peeping on Tom. They must have had a good view of his prick, since it was erect while he washed it.
So Tom Dried and just put on a toweling robe and slippers and went to the sitting room. And said next!

They both went to the shower together and this time it was Toms turn to peep, wow he thought that Mary has developed nicely since I saw her last, itís going to be a good night.
They came back giggling and without dressing gowns, Mary walked right up to Tom and said.
Your wife said I can fuck you any time I like she does not mind because I am her special friend, and she will help me enjoy it the best.

Thatís good said Tom, Lets go to the bed.
They went to the bed and Mary lay down, Tom got up along side her. Fished under the pillow and brought out a blindfold and put it on her, next he fished out some cuffs and tied her to the headboard with them. He kissed her hard and said.
Donít be frightened I will not hurt you just lay back and enjoy it.
Yes master giggled Mary.
How much drink has she had I asked Jackie,
Only two Vodka and wines she replied.
Better make it only one in future said Tom, don't want her being sick.
Donít fuck her too hard then she said, enjoy your present I am looking foreword to mine.

OK said Tom A deal is a deal, I got my Mary you got your George, I still want your friend though whatever her name is.
Tom turned his attention to Mary, Thinking how lucky he was that things panned out the way they had, he could fuck Mary anytime now without the worry of getting caught.

He started at Maryís eyes kissing them gently then moved down to her lips and flutter' d his eye lashes against them, this tickles a lot, then he kissed her passionately as he had wanted to do for a while, he really did have feelings for the girl, she was young beautiful and over the age of consent so he was going to enjoy her to the full

After kissing her and darting his tongue into her mouth, he moved down to those beautiful breasts which were even more beautiful than the last time he saw them. He nibbled the nipples and licked and sucked on them.
Mary was making all the right noises, for sure she was enjoying it.

Now he moved on down, paying some attention to her navel as he passed on to her mound. This was bald as a babyís and smooth he licked all around it and was amazed to watch the flaps open and show the pink flesh and her entrance.
His prick was as hard as it had ever been and was dripping pre cum too.

He put one finger in her entrance, she shuddered with pleasure, he felt for and found her g spot and traced circles around it giving her the first orgasm of the night.
Next he added a second and then a third finger and finger fucked her for a short while till she reached her second orgasm this one a bit more intense than the first.
Then he withdrew his fingers and said
Are you ready for this young lady?
Oh yes please she replies fuck me good please.

He took his cock in hand and rubbed his knob up and down her slit to lube it then eased foreword till the knob plopped into her hole, it was a tight fit, made him think of being knotted like dogs do, it was certainly a tight fit and the feeling was wonderful.
Mary sucked in a sharp breath and tensed up.
Tom stopped and waited till she relaxed then pushed in again, waited and pushed until he was All in.

Then he placed his hands behind her and took a bum cheek in each hand, then he pulled her back with his hands and rammed his hips foreword so his knob was in the entrance to her womb.
This gave Mary her third orgasm, again more intense than the last.

Tom waited till she came down from that orgasm, before gently stroking out and in. He did this for some time building up to almost cumming then stopping while he regained control, she was a tight fit and he wanted her as well as himself to have maximum pleasure.
When he had done this several times and Maryís orgasms were causing her vagina walls to spasm gripping his cock then releasing it again, almost like being wanked. This time he could not hold back, so he speeded up his prick flying in and out like a steam piston, until his balls let loose and fired rope after rope of hot spunk into Maryís Womb. They both reached their peak together and convulsed on the bed until they were spent and laid in a heap together.

There you are young lady said Tom, consider yourself fucked.}
Yes master she said well and truly fucked, cant wait for round two.

While all this had been going on, Jackie was quietly watching the show and had her fingers working in her pussy, in fact all three of us came together..
So after we regained some strength and composure we poured drinks and sat down to chat.

Jackie was full of praise for herself and reminding Tom he owed her big time.
So when can I have George she asked.
Maybe tomorrow night if he is free Tom replied.
Oh good said Mary I will be able to watch.

So thatís settled then subject to George being free.
I will ring him now and see said Tom.

This he did, George said Whoopee I will be delighted, and They settled down in the bed together all three of them Tom in the middle and before long they were all asleep.

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