Sports massage neighbour

(Part 1 from 1)

I had a new neighbor move in a few weeks ago and she looked very fit and in a discussion with my wife she had said that she was a sports massage freelancer. My wife took her up on an offer to trial free massage and said it was very good.

A week later and my wife away for a few days she saw me coming home and asked me if I could help her with her door lock which i did about an hour later. She said she was very grateful as her husband would be another month before joining her at the new place. She then said would I like a massage like my wife had experienced. I agreed and she showed me into her treatment room set up in bedroom. She left me to strip down to my boxer shorts and lay down on the shaped bench.

She returned with a tight fitting white coat and started the process on my back the sight of her trim figure and sizeable nipples poking through the fabric stiffened my cock her wonderful hands working away at my joints

She asked me to turn over and I knew she would notice the cock swelling her hands and full on view gave me a right erection which i could not hide when she moved the towel. She smiled and said I was clearly relaxed in all departments, I laughed and said guess so as her hand went under my shorts and touched my car head. I groaned and she said it was a shame to waste such a reaction to her work. She then stood in front of me and let her coat drop to floor revealing a perfect body and no clothing my cock was now red and rock hard.

She climbed onto the bench and lowered her clit onto my tongue whilst she took my cock full into her mouth moving in a way that I knew would blow my load. Her wet clit was flowing into my mouth as I felt her tense and flood my throat with juices. She said sorry but it is a month since I was last fucked. I then moved on top and entered her to fuck her brains out shooting a load deep inside. She climaxed again twice with us both soaked in each others cum. We showered and ordered a take away before spending a night of fucking it was great. When we parted she said her husband would be pleased to know we had good neighbors and would be prepared to swap in the future.

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