Richard and Nikki's Humiliation : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

It was only when her husband Richard promised to ensure her anonymity that Nikki agreed to go out with him and dance in wild fashion and wear the party dress he picked out for her. The club in Tribeca was a long ways from where they lived, but it was one of the hotter clubs and everyone there was in their late twenties or early thirties and looked hot. And going there for the third time now, Richard had got them a hotel so they would not be in their own community to satisfy Nikki’s fears of being seen by someone she knew. They were dancing on the main floor and enjoying the night. Nikki was a bit embarrassed over how daring the slits along the side of her blue and black party dress were and how now and then the view might flash too much of her skin, but it was what Richard wanted, to put her on display and enjoy other men wanting her as he caught glimpses of them eyeing her.

“There’s the little bitch, now,” said Wendy, beside Daryl as they looked down at the couple from the landing they stood on above the dance floor.

Daryl looked where Wendy was staring down.

“That little bitch is about to become very famous,” he said to Wendy.

“She’s already too famous for my way of thinking,” said Wendy. “Just look at those tits!”

“Don’t worry,” said Daryl. “We’re going to get a real good look at those tits in just a few minutes. So is everyone else. Wait. There. Her husband has gone to the bar and he’ll be busy for the next couple of minutes from being able to do anything to help Nikki when you deal with her.”

Wendy went down the stairs in quick order. Nikki was standing in the middle of the dance floor, surrounded by couples and guys who had seen her now for a few Saturday nights in that same rig. It fit in, other women thought, but that she was showing off had bothered some of them. They knew their men would want Nikki and had been checking her out too much instead of focusing on themselves. The women at the club weren’t exactly too upset at what happened next.

Wendy was on the main floor in a flash, and made her way up to Nikki, who had no idea what to expect from this woman who had appeared seemingly from out of nowhere. As Wendy checked out Nikki’s dress, for the first time in such a close up manner, she could understand why so many of the women at the club for a few Saturdays now had looked at Nikki with disdain. The dress was held together by light straps and as Nikki had danced, probably to please Richard, she had flashed the edges of her black bra along the sides and occasionally down her front, if a guy got close enough to her when she danced.

“It’s show time, bitch!” shouted Wendy, as she moved her hand to the top of Nikki’s dress, just below the nape of her neck. She grabbed and tugged hard, and in one motion Nikki’s dress had broke its straps, the only real things holding it up and on her body. But that wasn’t enough for Wendy. To ensure her purpose, Wendy continued to tug at it downward, and more than merely be yanked down to her above Nikki’s waste, the dress was pulled past her hips and completely tore off of her and a moment later it hit the floor.

In shock and horror, Nikki looked down at her situation: her standing in the middle of the dance floor in her bra and panties, and her thigh highs and heels, and nothing else.

A few seconds went by, and Wendy, putting her foot on Nikki’s dress, made it clear to her that she would not ever allow Nikki to get at it. The crowd, filled with many emotions, burst into a reaction of total screaming, whistling, applauding and yelling in favor of the result of Wendy’s actions. They didn’t understand it, but a totally hot woman was now in very sexy underwear, and intimate lace matching ones at that. It was a lace bra and panty combo that showed off a lot more than Nikki would have wished, including a slight circle of her areola and that her bush, what there was of it, had to be tightly trimmed.

Nikki immediately recovered from her attempt to pick up her dress and covered her breasts and thighs with her arms and hands.

“I don’t think so,” said Wendy, moving behind her. She yanked on the back strap of Nikki’s bra, pulling it toward her. “Let your arms fall or I yank until the front clip on your bra pulls and unclasps in front of everyone.”

“What? No!!”

“You can walk out of here with your bra broke open and everyone learning just what kind of a big titted bimbo you are, or you can have an ounce of self-respect left to you as you leave.”

Nikki lowered her arms.

By this time, a lot of the men in the club had taken out their phones, and even some women, and were taking pics and video of Nikki in her intimate apparel. Wendy walked her to the door, keeping her promise not to pull her bra strap from behind to the point of causing the front clip on her bra to unclasp. All Nikki could do was live in terror such a thing would happen and her breasts would be on full display to over a hundred people.

Richard dropped the drinks he had got for the two of them and ran from where he had watched his wife get stripped on the dance floor to where this woman, a stranger, was forcing Nikki to move toward the entrance of the club. The security men out front were beside themselves on just what to do. Richard bolted past the mob of people who were all talking about what they had witnessed as the music played on. He ran out the club in time to see his wife being put into a van by a woman, and ran to it. As he turned the corner around the van, a man stood before him and shot a Taser into his chest. He jolted and blacked out.

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