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Tales of coach driver

(Part 1 from 1)

I spent part of my life as a coach driver of an executive coach run by a local coach firm I drove all over Europe on all sorts of trips including groups from around the world flying into London.

The best ones are groups of women on there own for a period of time this trip I had a group of thirty women from youngest about twenty five to oldest about sixty they had booked to come to the U.K. on a tour of country wide hotels as they all worked in the hotel trade in the USA.

The super luxury coach collected them from London Heathrow and toured the whole UK staying a different night at new hotels so it was hard work moving cases every day.. On the fourth day I had left them to be shown a hotel in the North West and after my dinner sat down in the bar for a soft drink due to driving next day and a catch up on e mails. It was about ten thirty and I was just about to go to my room when I heard the crowd moving through the lobby and in most cases to their rooms when two came into the bar and order drinks I guessed they had a few wines at dinner and they moved to the table next to mine when they noticed me and moved the chairs to talk about things. I discovered that the two had husbands back home both coming from towns in the mid west.

I also cast my eyes over them and they were both fit women in that they had good bodies and friendly attitudes I lost track the time when one said to me did my wife mind me being away so much I said know we excepted it was the job. Then the younger one who by now was giving me a good view up her mini skirt said did I not miss sex and I blushed but replied I took it when I needed it. She smiled and said was that with passengers I just smiled. She then said to her mate he must help us as we both have not been fucked for days. She took my hand and said we are sharing a room please be a good host and show us our room as we are slightly drunk. I stood and off we went to the elevator and up to the sixth floor as i knew all the rooms were there.

I ushered them down the corridor and of course they said come on in be a sport. I was feeling aroused by this point so thought why not and went in with them. They sat me on a chair and proceeded to do a slow strip helping each other remove clothes until they had nothing left my cock was now fully hard as they started to remove my kit before expressing glee that my eight inch cock was bigger than their husbands. I was pushed flat on the bed and then one positioned her clit over my mouth whilst the other took my dick in her mouth giving me a good blow job.

My tongue had been working the soft clit of the the woman for about ten minutes when I felt her shake as she came her juices flowing onto my face and at the same time my cock was bursting and shot a load down the throat of the other. They then swapped over and repeated the process with me holding on to my cum shot before turning them onto their backs and placing my dick inside them in turns.

Each night they would come into the bar late on but just smile and i was requested to go to a room number it was one of the best trips ever and I was shagged out by the time I took them back to London and flight home.

*** More stories to come.

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